Puigdemont is the expelled leader of Catalonia now residing in Belgium. Puigdemont as an idiom means an asylum seeker who is facing political tribulation.

Example: Many West Asians due to IS terrorism are the Puigdemonts to Europe.

The Rohingya Muslims are the Puigdemonts in Bangladesh and India.


Demoid is a neologism/idiom coined from Democracy and Schizoid. The afflatus for this creation comes from Catalonia who wants to become an independent nation, freely unfettered from Spain. Spain has taken blustering steps to prevent their dissent and disassociation. Demoid as an idiom and a neologism refers to authoritarianism bequeathed in manacles by a Democracy to prevent secession of its territory, province or state.

Example: Spain’s attempt to sully and ditch Catalonia’s secession of becoming a free democratic country is a Demoid.