Freshly Baked Idioms

Watering the Garden
Watering the garden as an idiom means make use of given abilities to achieve success. I am watering the Garden.

Sunrise Industry
Sunrise industry means a whooping profit gathering industry. Reliance is a sunrise industry.

Bitter Tooth
Bitter tooth as an idiom means an unpleasant incident. Many a time I have experienced a bitter tooth.

The Cross
The Cross as an idiom means high optimism. I always wear the cross on my head.

Hill and Valley

Hill and Valley as an idiom means good and bad times in one’s life. Many a time I have gone through hills and valleys.

Rain Clouds
Rain Clouds as an idiom means good fortune coming one’s life. Yes rain clouds will occur in my life soon.

Picasso as an idiom means having a stuck-up attitude. The student was Picasso.

Grasshopper as an idiom means getting a large windfall. When will the grasshopper come into my life? When it comes I will welcome it.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights as an idiom means making love cozily. I have indulged in the Arabian Nights.

Drama of Life
Drama of Life signifies the death of a bad patch in one’s life and the beginning of prosperity, fortune and success. Yes, the drama of life is occurring to me.

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden means living a happy and contented life. I hope to live a life in the Garden of Eden.


Knife as an idiom means strong criticism. The boss used a knife to speak to me.

Sea and Waves

Sea and Waves as an idiom means great happiness. My life is journey of sea and waves.


Locomotive as an idiom means having a strong libido. The brawny man was a locomotive.

Tambourine Man

Tambourine Man as an idiom means a folk singer. Bob Dylan is a tambourine man.

Submarine as an idiom means being pregnant. She is a submarine now.

Sunny Skies
Sunny Skies as an idiom means achieving great success. When will sunny skies come to me?

Police Dog
Police Dog as an idiom means solving a crime. Finally the police were able to have a police dog.

Begging Bowl
Begging Bowl as an idiom means having a precarious financial condition. I don’t wish to a have a begging bowl.

Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean as an idiom means being an intellectual. The French Philosopher Jacques Derrida was a pacific ocean.

Cornucopia as an idiom is having abundance in the wallet. I wish my wallet to be a cornucopia.

Fairy as an idiom means living in a fantasy world. Sometimes I am like a fairy.

Angel as an idiom means a miracle granted from God. God Jehovah Jesus will bequeath an angel for me.

Pen as an idiom means a struggling writer. I am a pen now.

The Unfinished Pyramid And the All seeing eye
The Unfinished Pyramid and the All Seeing Eye stands for the symbolism of conspiracy. I am great fan of the Unfinished Pyramid and the All Seeing Eye.

Interpretations of famous Paintings

I have developed ideas on interpreting art and they are surface level meanings, aesthetic appreciation and literary, cultural and Philosophical Interpretation.
I take paintings of Belgian Surrealist Paul Delvaux, Picasso and the paintings of Gauguin and Van Gogh.

YW4-2780946 - © - Bjanka Kadic

Paul Delvaux Call of the Night

On the surface level, there is barren land, nude female bodies having hair of vegetation, hills and trees without branches.
To appreciate it from an aesthetic angle as a pure work of art, it is an elegant craft of displaying the contours of the naked feminine. The tone of color used is a rich nuance, producing an aesthetic effect. Everything is serenely placed as rhythm of light and color.
Let’s look at the painting from a literary, cultural and philosophical point of view. The painting depicts dream and reality juxtaposed together. Is barrenness of the terrain showing contrast with the sexual awakenings of the woman (the woman are veiled with hair)? Does the woman covered with veil, initiating others into the realm of sexuality. Is the light held the buxom woman an invitation to do the poetry of the bed?

Dead Watching

Gauguin’s Spirit of the Dead Watching
On the surface level, there is a nude young girl and man hooded in black.
An aesthetic appreciation we understand how vividly is the brilliant use of color, the dark and light shades forming an ambient tapestry of a picture of art.
From a cultural point of view, we find Gauguin celebrating the culture of Tahiti. As a philosophical art, Gauguin ponders on the questions of immortality, life after death and the soul. From a psychoanalytic point of view we find that the man is obsessed with a younger woman.


Van Gogh’s Cultivator
On the surface level it is a painting in agrarian settings were a farmer is sowing the field.
As an aesthetic appreciation we understand the brilliant exposition of color, light and shade forming metaphors of a painting of art.
From a cultural point of view we can understand that Van Gogh was influenced by the Parable of the Seed in the Bible. Philosophically speaking there’s harmony of man with nature both being metaphoric as friends.


Picasso’s Guernica
From a surface level of meaning we can see a distortion of animal and human figures embedded in the canvas.
As aesthetic appreciation, we can follow the ingenuity of Picasso to create a new school of painting called Cubism. Art is shown to create an aversion in the mind. Looking at it we are overcome with a feeling of catharsis.
From a Cultural Point of View we can understand Guernica to show the bombing of a town called Basque and the horrors.

March 31st 2019

Morn was a sweet lullaby of colors—the sky became an art of painting—petals danced in the sky singing Beethoven’s Sonata. I thank God for this beautiful morn and I feel so wonderfully blessed.
I was reading into the Gospel of Mathew and I was able to finish reading. The Crucifixion made me said. He came to his own and his own did not recognize him. I quote Christ’s words: ELOI ELOI LAMA SABCHITNAI: why Oh God have you forsaken me?

For many years I have lived like the Prodigal Son and I returned back to the father and he has embraced me with joy.

I am recollecting my days when I lived in a Catholic asylum. I was into heavy boozing. Then I got drunk at the airport and I got arrested by the Police. They pulled my finger so hard that the steel implant in it displaced. I was in great pain. Next morning they released me and I called up my wife and she took me hospital and I had no clue as to what was happening. I was given an injection and I passed out. It is only when morning came, I realized that I was in an asylum. The male nurses there were brutal and used to beat me and used foul language. Catholics are cruel bastards.


Narratives about Art
I would like to analyze Dali’s painting: The Persistence of Memory. In it clocks are melting and are placed on embryos. Surrealism is an art that mingles fantasy with reality. The embryo is symbolic of Oedipal Narcissism. The melting clocks are symbolic are symbols of consciousness. They are also the symbolic of individuals who want to live cozily and comfortably.


Next I would like to take Gauguin’s Painting watching the dead. The girl is sexually fecund and the ghost is symbolic of sexual seduction.

YW4-2780946 - © - Bjanka Kadic

There’s a painting of Delvaux called the Call of the Night. Dried up leaves are Symbolic of sexual bareness. There’s a woman who’s face and head are covered. Then there’s a woman standing outside a cave. This could possibly represent sexual initiation.

Next I would like to introduce Picasso’s paintings the Guernica and the Whores of Avignon. The whores of Avignon reveal that Picasso is a child of oedipal narcissism. The violent distortion of the bodies may be a representation of male chauvinism. Do you notice that Guernica is laden with animal figures bearing incongruous faces and this possibly shows the violence of the terror that was used.


Next I would like to show Rodin’s Thinker a celebrated piece of sculpture. Rodin’s sculpture: The Thinker is a symbol of aggressive masculinity. The Thinker is viciously analytical. Notice how the body is stiff.


Next I would like interpret Van Gogh’s painting the Sower. The sower has its origins in the New Testament. The bright smudges of colors are reminiscent of mind that wants to paint the unconventional.