Erotic Melody

A Poem wakes
When our lips
Entwine ……
When our
Urns play
There’s a surge
Of love……..


Love’s sweet
Nature calls you
From the depths
Of my heart….
let me petal
Your lips with a
Garden of flowers…
Let me embrace
You with the beauty
Of music ……
Let me kiss
You with
Love’s nectar
Of passion….
Linger your
Arms on to mine …
Let’s soak in the
Beauty of love….

Ontological Meanings

Ontology: the study of being has the following categories of Truth. They are Reason, Passion, Emotion and Belief.

How can reason be a category of truth? Reason is the application of the mind to an experience of knowing. In other words it contains what is fathomable to the mind. All of scientific laws, mathematical axioms, and literary theories form the content of reason. Philosophers of the past have bifurcated reason into deductive (reasoning from the general to the particular [example: All men are mortal: Socrates is a Man and there Socrates is mortal]) and inductive truths (reasoning the particular to the general (Sugar dissolves in water). The form of the law exists eternally and belongs to the sensate world and the meaning of the law belongs to sensible world. I have introduced a new term to merge the deductive and the inductive and it is called as the Coigna

Passion is a state of the mind where the body’s needs are gratified. It can also be a figurative one Passion is catharsis for the soul.

Emotion is also another state of knowing. Emotion is a way on which we share the world through our inner experience. Through emotion—we experience a catharsis. Emotion is a state of being, valuable state for the purpose of knowing.

Belief is another state of knowing. Belief belongs to the sensible world and the transcendental world. We know Christ as messiah as a historic figure and that’s a sensible world of belief. Knowing him as God the creator is transcendental belief.

Ode to Sabrina


You erotic river,
You nymph of
Let me pour
Lips with
Poetic passion,
Let me undress….
You and see you
Nude ….you nymph…..
Let me squeeze
Your breasts
And suckle
Your nipples
With vigor
Of passion…..
Let me dabble
My tongue in
Your sweet orifice
And cradle you
To the peaks
Of ecstasy…..
Let me mount
You and soak
You with the
River of love…..

Ode to Grace

Darling Grace ……..
Love awakens in me….
for you
with poetic fervor……
I admire your
beauty with a
poet’s heart…..
I long for you
darling …..
embrace you
with the whispers
of poetry …..
My heart is settled
on the ocean of love….
Let chant kisses
on your lips…..
Let me kiss
you with mystic
delight …..
Let me make
love to you with
song of songs …..

Ode to a Lover

Love’s sweet name,
echoes in the heart….
It’s a song
that brings
hearts together…..
a beautiful song,
that glitters
like the stars …
In it is an
ocean of love ….
a sea of bliss
a garden
of friendship ….
a hymn of love….

Ode to a lover

Let me embrace
You as pearls
Scattered on
The meadow…
Open your lips
To me ….
Let me nuzzle
On them in
Of lyrical
poetry …
Sweet caresses
And tender hugs…
I am hot and
Hungry for you….
Let me look
At you,
Like the
Strings of
A guitar
When you
Let me fondle
Your breasts
And suck your
Nipples in
Adoring passion..
Honey …
Yes my love…
Show me your lips…
Let me sway
My tongue
On to them
And inside
And dance
You to a chant
Of Ecstasy……..