We all know the story of Job in the Old Testament. Job was persecuted by the Devil and faced trials and tribulations in life. Job as an idiom means a period of tribulations and trials. Let 2019 be not a job for me.


Potiphar’s Wife

When Joseph was employed in Potiophar’s household, his wife became enamored with Joseph. Joseph declined her amorous advances on moral grounds. This is a poem about the infatuation of Potiphar’s Wife

Darling Joseph,
Your body is bronze…
Your eyes
Poisonously radiant…
Magnificent is
Your phallus….
My body
The wine
Of Egypt….
My lips are
Pearls of
Of morn ….
My breasts
Are dancing
My orifice
Is a burning
Lake of fire…
Come my Joseph
And bed
Me to
Sweet ecstasy.

Bible Numerology Magic

When I read God’s WORD: The Bible I am humbled. The Bible is a grand design of a Master Architect. The New Testament and the Old Testament are so intricately connected. Every Word in scripture is so intimately connected and The Bible is more fascinating—more than Da Vinci Code. Let me describe the magical numerology which God revealed to me.

The Books of the Bible are 12. So too are the tribes of Old Testament Israel found in the Old Testament. 1+2=3 and 3 symbolizes the Trinity: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Again the 12 tribes of Israel are divided into camps of three and we get the number 4. And we get three groups of 12. It was 12 years when Jesus entered the temple and conducted discourses with the priests. 4 is symbolic for the four points of the cross on which Jesus died. 3 is again symbolic on the day which Jesus resurrected from the dead.


The Hebrew word for God is YHWH meaning the sacred unutterable word of God. YHWH has four letters again pointing to the four points of the cross.


After the long reign of Joseph in Egypt Joseph died; a new Pharaoh came to power; he treated the Israelites very harshly and when saw that they were multiplying, he told the Hebrew midwives to kill Israelite children when they were born. The Hebrew midwives disobeyed the law of the Pharaoh. As an idiom a midwife means disobeying the law. We must become midwives to the unjust laws of the country. People who are midwives are rare in society. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were midwives in their societies.