Two Idioms From the New Testament

Lilies of the Field
Christ said: ‘look at the lilies of the field; they are more beautiful than Solomon’s Robes. They neither sow nor reap; yet your heavenly father takes care of them.’ Lilies of the field as an idiom means, being free from worries. My experience with God is Lilies from the field.

Christ was discussing with Pharisees and Sadducees about his own resurrection. He said: ‘the temple will be thrown apart and it will be rebuilt after the 3rd day.’ Christ died and rose up the third day. The temple as an idiom means a body of disbelief. My views on Christ as Lord, Messiah and Savior are not a temple.

Tenets of Prosperity Theology

I am a staunch follower of Prosperity Theology and here are some Biblical verses which support my statement.

It is said in Isaiah 42:3 ‘I will give you the treasures of darkness and the wealth of secret hidden places so that you will know that I am the Lord God of Israel who has called you by name’.

Again it is said in Psalms 2: ‘I will give you the continents as a present and the nations as a gift.’

Again it is said in Mathew 6:33 ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and then all these things will be added unto you.’

Again it is said in Mathew 7:7-8: Seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened; ask and you shall receive….

Biblical Thoughts

The Bible’s Blessed verse is (Mathew 7: 7&8) Ask and you shall receive: Seek and you shall find: Knock and it will be opened. This verse has a spiritual and materialistic meaning. What is the Spiritual meaning? First of all we need spiritual humility. Secondly we should be souls who thirst for the scriptural word. Thirdly we have to realize that after our life on earth—there’s a heavenly place reserved for us by God. Fourthly we should not be trapped by the snares of Sin as it causes death.

The next level of meaning is a material blessing from God. God our creator knows all our needs and by prayer we can overcome all financial obstructions. God will open his hands and bless you financially.

Next I would like to take up the parable of the seed and try to legitimize its Christian meaning. In the parable, a farmer throws seeds on open ground. It is not able to grow and becomes infertile. A spiritual meaning is we do not pay ears to the word of God. At a materialistic level we are confronted by life’s worries and become hopelessly discouraged. The next seed falls on rock and they also perish. A spiritual meaning is we accept the word but chose to ignore it. In life’s situations we become failures to achieve goals. We feel disappointed with our self. We to have face shame and ignominy. The next bunch of seeds falls on thorns. A spiritual meaning of it is we become God-haters. At a materialistic level we chose to live a life of profligacy. The next bunch of seeds falls on good ground where it flourishes and yields good fruit. A moral implication is that we live a spiritual like tuned to the will of God and by supplication ask God for the nets mercy and blessing. At a materialistic level we are blessed abundantly by God. We can live a life that is hunky dory. We are able to experience a peace that passes all understanding.

From the Bible

The Bible teaches us that WORDS are powerful things and we have to use them with care as words carry a curse or a cure or a blessing. I can quote one example from the Old Testament. When Jacob was leaving Laban (Rebecca was Laban’s Daughter) his uncle along with his wife Rebecca, Laban a pagan accused him of stealing his household Gods. To that Jacob replied that whoever has stolen them will be cursed and die. And when Rebecca was having pregnancy complications she succumbed to death. Another example is from the New Testament. While Jesus was traveling he came across a Fig Tree. He was feeling very hungry and to his irony it had no fruit though it was the fruiting time. Jesus cursed the Fig Tree and it withered. So the lesson is WORDS can generate blessings or curses.

April 10th 2019

I watched the evening sky sinking joyfully. The sky colors, pink, purple and maroon were scattered and the clouds resembled an apron. I listened to the sounds of nature, the marvelous serenading of wind-chimes in poetic incantation. I thank God Jehovah Jesus for his beautiful creation.

I am still reading the Gospel of Luke and I am reading the various miracles of Jesus. I read into the portion where Jesus was tempted by the Devil after fasting in the wilderness for 40 days. The Devil said to Jesus, ‘if you are God cast these stones into bread’. Then Jesus replied ‘man does not live by bread alone but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’ Yes, Christ admonishes gluttony. Secondly the Devil taking Jesus to the top of a mountain said: ‘throw yourself down and angels would come and catch you’. Then Jesus said: ‘though shall not test your God.’ God the great: knows your every desire that comes to your heart and he will satisfy them if it is his will. Thirdly the Devil showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and said: ‘it is all yours if you worship me’. Then Christ replied: ‘you shall worship God alone’. Yes, God is in control of your life and will take care of the needs of your heart. It also shows that God is the greatest Economist and he is the one who appoints rulers and governments and we are safe in his control. Yes ‘Ask and it shall be given’.

I finished reading Orwell’s 1984. The novel is a scathing vitriol on the Communist Government mainly an allegory for Soviet Union. Notable is the character portrayal of Winston. He is an individual who wants to break free from the fetters of communist oppression. The state is in control of the ministry and the ministry of entertainment has very ironic slogans like War is Peace. These slogans are a cute cosmetic showing the bastardization of wanting to control and brainwash the mind of individuals.
While reading the Gospel of Luke, I came across the story John the Baptist. When he was born: his father and his mother were very old. An angel came to his father: Zachariah and said: ‘greetings you will bear a son John and he will become a big preacher.’ Zachariah laughed and so the angel said: you will not be able to speak until the baby was born. When John was born: Zachariah wrote the name John and all were surprised. Zachariah as an idiom means, a person who does not believe. I am sometimes a Zachariah.

John the Baptist thundered the Jewish world with his ministry. He even when to the extent of baptizing Jesus as said in the scripture. King Herod has his head cut for his criticizing Herod’s adultery. John the Baptist as an idiom means a martyr. Due to leading the freedom movement in India: Mahatma Gandhi became John the Baptist.

Parable of the Unjust Judge

This parable is found in the Gospel of Luke where a poor widow approaches a Judge for Justice. He ignores her completely but finally he accedes to her persistence. As an idiom it means something coming true in one’s life after long prayer and strongly wishing. Oh God when will the parable of the Unjust Judge happen in my life. If the parable of the unjust judge happens in my life I will be very happy.


Jews are a race that endured suffering pain and the holocaust. In spite of all the diabolic, they emerged victorious and established a nation. Jew as an idiom means victory after a period of trials and tribulations. Oh God Jesus: when will a Jew happen in life? Jesus grant me the privilege of being a Jew.

Bible Numerology Magic

When I read God’s WORD: The Bible I am humbled. The Bible is a grand design of a Master Architect. The New Testament and the Old Testament are so intricately connected. Every Word in scripture is so intimately connected and The Bible is more fascinating—more than Da Vinci Code. Let me describe the magical numerology which God revealed to me.

The Books of the Bible are 12. So too are the tribes of Old Testament Israel found in the Old Testament. 1+2=3 and 3 symbolizes the Trinity: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Again the 12 tribes of Israel are divided into camps of three and we get the number 4. And we get three groups of 12. It was 12 years when Jesus entered the temple and conducted discourses with the priests. 4 is symbolic for the four points of the cross on which Jesus died. 3 is again symbolic on the day which Jesus resurrected from the dead.


The Hebrew word for God is YHWH meaning the sacred unutterable word of God. YHWH has four letters again pointing to the four points of the cross.