September 26th 2019

September 26, 2019
Today was also an idle day as I did not have to do any work. I coined an imaginary word and here it is: ORIGINARYBINARYKINEMATORICORGANRY.

I thought deeply about irony as a figure of speech. Irony is a hint to show that nothing is perfectly alright in this world.
I was also able to coin some new Metonymies.


He poured a fountain. Birds chirped musically. The lilies of the field are Solomon’s Robes. The press is reading the Newspaper every day. Anthems floated in the air. While her brook overflowed, she whimpered in ecstasy. I am collecting bank notes. The river swam to the other side of the pool. He has a thick scalp of emotion. His mind is a burning ring of fire. While talking: he shot missiles at the opponent. He licked the poetry of words as a loving gesture. When will the winds of fortune blow favorably to my side? Luck is providence giving a gift. The cleaner broomed the wall. Reading of stars is often inaccurate. The singing lizard is a sign of good luck. Money, travel to me as a grasshopper. The gown was dark without light. A round face glistened in the night sky. Pick-up-women serenaded Jakarta’s night sky. Mother Teresa is an icon of charity. The needles are moving forward as musical rhythms. When will the bank of mine improve? Is the fortune that I seek found in a pen? Democracy elected him as the president. India won the match by 10 Wickets. To live life as poetry and art is beautiful. Words are ants in the giant of prose. Love life: throw caution to the winds. Fireworks of pleasure burst in my heart. Is the love for a woman an oedipal desire? Romance is the garden of flowers. The mouth paints kisses of petals. Lord, make the earth of desire come true. Pearls twinkled in the sky. Democracy you lose out on good candidates. Rainbow smiled at me. My thirst for knowledge and wisdom is extreme. He told a book of lies. I am going to get the feathers of fortune. Parrots gossiped in the cage. The pastry was celestial to taste. The clove cigarettes of Jakarta remind me of an aromatic metaphor.


PresenceUation is a new word I coined from presence and affirmation and it belongs to the realm of processual (being is a part of being processed) ontology (being). Presenceuation or Presensuality is another emotion apart from catharsis, angstuality and ecstasy which is boasted loud by existential philosophers. It is a joy which is experienced when one in Christ, all consuming joy and peace which the world can’t give. May all of you be filled with Presenceuation this Christmas and New Year 2019.


Christilation formed from Christ and Distillation is a neologism and is a state of being liberated and free, yet being paradoxically bound with Christ. You are neither free nor bound. It’s a state which I call Freeatharis coined from Freedom and Catharsis. It can also be called as being Freak-Free-Zotic another neologism I coined from Freak, Freedom and the Quixotic.


Demoid is a neologism/idiom coined from Democracy and Schizoid. The afflatus for this creation comes from Catalonia who wants to become an independent nation, freely unfettered from Spain. Spain has taken blustering steps to prevent their dissent and disassociation. Demoid as an idiom and a neologism refers to authoritarianism bequeathed in manacles by a Democracy to prevent secession of its territory, province or state.

Example: Spain’s attempt to sully and ditch Catalonia’s secession of becoming a free democratic country is a Demoid.