I am a subscriber of Idea phone. Recently those bastards passed a Draconian decree that you have to recharge every month regardless of the amount you have put. This highfalutin manner is curse on customers. It questions the ethics of a company’s rights on customer freedom.


Paradise Papers

It was full-blown news drifting in the shores of the media about clandestine funds settling down offshore areas. As an idiom it means the travel of illegal money into offshore areas.

Example: Many high and mighty people are involved in the paradise papers.

The governments need to catch the paradise paper people.

Emoji Burger

Emoji refers to smileys or emoticons and burgers is the short form for Hamburger. Twitter became a bazaar of shouts with the tweet: why does Google put the cheese of the emoji burger beneath and why apple puts it on top. To my bloody surprise this tweet was re-tweeted and received more than 10000 likes. Why are people obsessed with pseudo cultural avalanches? As an idiom it means satanic deification of the media by a gullible public. Who benefited out of the emoji burger debate: Google (666 Mark of the Beast) and Apple (sinful eating of the fruit)

Example: Emoji Burger a Satanic deification of the media cult by gullible lambs reveals a false entity of individualism caught in the frenzy of media worship.

Emoji Burgers make people cultural misanthropes.

Google and Apple tycoons chuckle and gleam with Satanic relish at emoji bugger syndrome of the sycophantic hoi polloi.


Trump’s Enigmatic Hand Symbolism

I am not a conspiracy buff. As I was randomly searching links on Trunk’s links to secret societies, I could come up with no conclusive evidence. However as I go through his hand gestures, I am convinced to think that they are merely outward projections of a power complex. Are they? Or are they done deliberately? I love the catharsis of conspiracy in speculative mania. There’s secretive aura of an eerie halo. Does it portray something as evil or sinister? Or are they random acts of a subconscious expression of super-confidence.


Let’s analyze the first of these hand symbols. Is it a cunning manipulation of the mark of the beast 666, like the one of Google Chrome (so innocently deceptive) or it is merely an ostentatious display of an ego boost? Even I have used it unknowingly to show that something is excellent. I think Trump is a practicing Christian and he though no Saint (ha ha ha) has appointed Christians (Mike Pence conducts Christian classes for all White House and CIA Staff) mostly in his cabinet. I honestly think that he deserves a fair share of innocence as that being Biblical: to be cunning as the Serpent and to be Innocent as the Dove. Is he or is he a maverick with the occult deification of the Illuminati and Satanism.


The second of his hand gestures with Vladimir Putin clearly on the down side shows the Pyramid (an inverted triangle which is also Satanic). I would like to use the Jews who were in Egyptian captivity who learned the mastery of skills especially architecture from them. Israel is a nation, all of Abraham’s real descendents born out of womb of Sarah and who are the most traumatized people. But their exile made them assimilate the best and translate that into a modern Israel all flowing with milk and honey. Is Trump trying to depict the pyramid as the completion of the unfinished one on the 1$ Bill. The black (bit of his pant seen through the pyramid) behind the pyramid can be taken as the all Seeing Eye. Christ was cleverer than the Masons and wiser when he asked his disciple to take the coin from the fish mouth and pay taxes to Caesar. Is Trump trying to tell Putin: Give unto Caesar what is his and give unto me (Christ) what is mine?

God Bless America


Today I was reading the Sunday Newspaper which carried an article on Musli Power an Indian aurvedic medicine the equivalent of Viagra manufactured by Kunnath Pharmaceuticals. The newspaper was keen on propagating the product. It was then I got the neologism, ADVERMOCIAL advertisement carrying information. I suspect that the newspaper would have got a huge some from the producers. Is the ethics of fair journalism being violated?