The skull
Is sunk in crimson
Brain excavates
A treacherous
The body
Seeks the abode
Of a mystic manna…
Time evolves
In frozen dream….
Eyes hoodwink
The pastures
Of a sensual poem…
Weak and feeble,
The mind shrugs off



The Saxophone….
Blowing gently ….
Touching the
Poetic rhythms of
The heart….
Melodies wake
The soul ….
A pure
Of emotions….
Stir a bubble
Of joy ….
A veil of
Lying deeply
In the stone—
The body ….
A dream
Inside the music …
A poignant thought
Of melancholy

Assorted Drabble

I am seeing a grotto….there are icons of Mary and canonized saints….the candles lit are glowing…. In the center there’s a book table and I saw the Bible with an open page….I was amazingly surprised at this incongruity ….What is surprising is that there is no icon worship in the Holy Scriptures ….

A Nigerian Scam
I got a very strange letter. A person introduced himself as Dominic Richards. He told me that he has read my works and is very impressed and he also said that he was a judge for the Nobel nominating literary clique. However he said I have to pay him 10% as commission in advance. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.


Rain spoke in celestial music….poetry poured over the earth….the skies remained gloomy….a puddle of water lay on the ground like a sleeping baby….shrieking winds battered trees and lampposts…..the rain invited me as a frozen visitor….mutiny lay on the ground like a fearsome shadow….nature is a shadow of embracing the rain…..pour, pour now….a revolution of cats and dogs……

Superstitions From Kerala

Superstitions from Kerala

Every country and culture has many superstitions and here I would like to present some superstitions from Kerala.

If at all you are buying or exchanging a puppy, the receiver has to give some salt and if not there will be a quarrel between the buyer and the giver.

If you are traveling and you find a corpse being carried in the opposite direction, then it’s good luck for you.

When a cat crosses your path while traveling, it’s considered to be a bad omen.

When a house is renovated or built anew, the lady of the house will boil milk till it overflows. This considered to auspicious.