In Fond Memory of My late Grandfather T.P.Chandy

Recently I happened to visit a remote village and there a Lepers colony. The lepers are given free housing and food as they have been abandoned by their families. I was really moved by their gratitude and mirth. What surprised me most was that their housing was donated by my late grandfather T P Chandy in loving memory of his wife, late Alyeamma Chandy. I reflect on his philanthropic spirit and fondly reminisce his concern for the sick, poor and down trodden. Dear Appachan (Granddad), I am filled with awe, respect and love for you.

The Lepers at Shanti Gramam

I was so fortunate to visit a leprosy rehabilitation center. The center housed people who were lepers and who were discarded by their families, free of cost. It was night time and many had eaten their food. Some were blind and had no fingers. I have never seen people who were so contented. I found real human happiness in them. I hugged a blind woman and she started crying and sang a song for me. The doctor in charge said the small quarters in which they were staying was donated by my grandfather late T. P. Chandy in loving memory of my late grandmother Alemya Chandy. I have spent my childhood with him and flood of emotions surged in me. I feel so proud of him and his philanthropic zeal. I found in those people a ‘happiness which was a peace that passeth all understanding.’