July 7th 2019

The day a slow waltz and I enjoyed the comfort of a holiday by being a couch potato. In the evening I was happy to read the parables of Jesus and I thought that I will write something about it.
Parable of the Seed
In this parable, the farmer sowed seeds on the road and the birds came and ate it up. There’s a spiritual and secular meaning to this parable. Now what it is? In a secular sense it means being very lazy. In a religious sense it is not being able to understand the work of God’s Kingdom. Again the parable says that the farmer sowed the seeds on gravel. It refers to people who accept the word but choose to ignore it. In a secular sense these are people who are plunged with self-pity and blame others as scapegoats. Then again the parable goes as the farmer planting the seed on weeds. The weeds choke up the seeds and they don’t flourish. These are people who rubbish off God’s Word. Such people are prone to profligacy and negate God’s Word. As a secular meaning, it means those type of people are wicked, corrupt and immoral. Then the farmer sows the seed on good ground and there it grows very well. These are people who listen to God’s Word and obey it. As a secular meaning, it refers to those who work hard and are successful.
Again Jesus goes on with another parable. In this parable a master has got farm hands who plant seeds. Later on in the night, the enemy comes and sows thistles. When the farm hands got to know of this, they asked the farmer what should be done. He replied that when the harvest comes, the thistles can be pulled out and the grain be harvested. The spiritual meaning is this: only those who are chosen will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. In a secular sense it means facing all obstacles bravely.

Ode For Jehovah Jesus

Master of the
Your limitless
Love knows
No bounds…
How you
Have sculpted
Me from
Clay unknown
To me ….
How you
Have sealed
Me from danger
By your
You are Master
You alone,
I give all
I invoke
You with
Praise …
Teach me
Your ways….
Help me live
As the person
You want ….
I love thee

From The Bible

I would like to do an exegesis of the temptations of Jesus and the Sermon on the Mountain. The version of the Bible I am taking is the Message, a post modern Bible written in contemporary idioms.

Temptations of Jesus
When Jesus finished fasting in the wilderness for 40 days, the fiendish Lucifer came to test him. He knew that Jesus was hungry and asked him to turn stones into bread. And Jesus quoted the scripture and said: ‘Man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. What is the spiritual meaning of this? We should not be self-gratifying beasts, carnal, lecherous and gluttonous. In the Second Temptation, Satan took God atop a mountain and said to him to jump and said that the angels would come down and rescue him. Then Jesus replied: ‘We should not tempt God’. The meaning is we should not be reliant on the satisfaction of our own desires. We should yield our will to the almighty. For the third temptation Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world with fame and splendor and said: ‘if you worship me, all these are yours’ Jesus said not to worship any other but only God. In our narcissistic search for fame, money and prestige we should not lose the sight of God and the banquet he has prepared us for eternity. It is God the maker and his will that should prevail in us.

Sermon on the Mountain
The Sermon on the Mountain is the profound speech of Jesus and is the most vibrant literature, more meaningful than all those who have won the literary accolades. I am taking a New Version of the Bible called the Message.
a) ‘Blessed are you when you are at the end of your rope and then you will have more of God and Less of you’. What is the meaning of this saying? End of the rope is a point in your life when you are feeling frustrated, hopeless and then the writer is advocating you to turn to God.
b) ‘You are blessed when you have lost most dear to you and then you can gain what is most precious for you’. Devotion, Faithfulness, and Hope are the ways in which we signify God. All our possessions on earth are fleeting.
c) ‘Blessed you are when you are contented and then you can buy the things which cannot be bought.’ The grace and peace of God are heavenly and not earthly. They cannot be bought but they have the heavenly splendor of love.
d) ‘Blessed are you when you have worked a good appetite for God and then you can taste the best meal that you have ever had.’ Appetite is spiritual hunger and its satisfaction is God’s words and the miracle of simple life and well –living.
e) ‘You are blessed when you care and at the moment of caring, you will find yourself cared for.’ Jesus is advocating us to compassionate. Jesus also wants to remind is that he is the provident provision of all our monetary needs.
f) ‘You are blessed when you put your inside World—your mind and soul in good order and then you can see the World that is manifest in God.’ God Jesus is advocating a world of spiritual purity. God wants us to edify our hearts and be divine like him.
g) ‘You are blessed when you can show people to cooperate instead of competing and fighting. That’s when you find yourself being a part of God’s Family.’ The choice to be Christian is a personal one and in it there’s no place for hate, envy, maliciousness and covetousness.
h) ‘Blessed are you when you are persecuted for God and then only will you find a place for yourself in God’s kingdom.’ It’s a tough injunction to spread the word of God to the nook and corner of the World. The reward is God’s Heavenly Eternity.

April 11th 2019

I watched the morning Sunrise. Clouds smiled in mirth and I watched the sun bloom. All is serene and calm.
I am having Holidays and I spent my time reading and writing.
I am reading the Gospel of Luke and I am surprised by the Fact that Jesus spent a long time in frequent prayer. The trinity being one and the same is an esoteric mystery. The Bible is such an enriching book and soul winner.
I am remembering my past sins and I am asking God for forgiveness.
The ritual that Jesus showed that is breaking the bread and drinking the wine and that being the body and blood of Christ is enactment of an allegory. It is profound and magnificent.
Is there a clear demarcation between pulp fiction and literary fiction? Yes, there is! Pulp fiction is an entertainment one and seeks to titillate the reader. Literary fiction is a work of art. Literary fiction is an art novel and created the newness of life.


April 5th 2019

The day was a passing Epiphany, a poem being unrolled. I am enjoying the easy-go-lucky -time of Summer Holidays.

Morning was a mystic poem—a sonata of celestial colors. Monks rowed across the sky in sparkling splendor. I thank God Jesus for all the blessings given. The son rose as a poet reciting a verse.

I have started reading the Gospel of Mark and I came across the incident where a woman who had an issue of blood touched the garments of Jesus and was healed. Jesus on realizing some energy had gone out of him asked who had touched him. The woman replied it is she. Then Jesus blessed her.

My writing has led to the discovery of the self and I want to harmonize my fictional self with the real self.

I recall the words of Christ—if you honor me: the Father in heaven will honor you.
Lord Jehovah Jesus: Yes what I yes on earth in Heaven.
I rejoice as the Prodigal Son who has returned to the Father and whom the Father Forgave and accepted without any conditions.
Lord Jehovah Jesus: windfall my purse with a gain of 20000 Rupees today. My wallet has become dry. Water it with a good some of money.

My thoughts are drifting to two art movements in History: Romanticism and Imagism.

Romanticism according to William Wordsworth is the spontaneous overflow of feeling. Sight, Smell, taste and touch become tropoligized into aesthetic artifacts. Romanticism is a poetic sensibility, the art of transforming into a ritual of poetic beauty. Has romanticism become decadent? Romanticism is an art to appreciate nature. Here is a romantic epiphany. Dawn Started Moving with the lovers communing; colors nuzzling fawns, surging tourbillion glowing passion; eternity flies as Sadhus (birds) in white, unveiling time on mystic flight; brook of beauty running through gurgling moksha (salvation) all the way through; swaying pebbles glistening karmic odes, samsara (cycle of rebirth) meanders pilgrimage blues; beyond mundane life of aching pain and deadly strife, Heraclitus is moving from flux to feeling.

Another art movement that fascinated me is Imagism founded by Eliot. He defined imagism as an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time. Words in imagism become poetic ornaments. Some examples of Imagism are: The eye of the night shone in mystic glory. Poems gently float across the sky. I played the guitar on her body. Psyche, you beautiful ornament, you are an epiphany in rendition. Rain in Kerala is the heart of monsoon. I poured ecstasy into her body. Memory is a photograph in the album of the mind. Waves in the sky rolled like a hyperbole. I submerged in her lake of passion. The unconscious is an odyssey of the mind. Beauty blooms in a color. Echo is music of the earth. Art is the music of making love.

March 29th 2019

Evening rattled in the sky like a surreal panting. Lyrics were floating in the sky. Light became sensuous as a passionate poetry. The tree was full of chirps and tweets. The sky became a cuisine and exotic landscape. I thank God for giving me the soul to appreciate the beauty of nature…..
Night crept in slowly like vampire’s teeth. Nature’s emerald was in full bloom. Nature you are a bonanza for the heart. Gems twinkled with Eros. Nature was talking to me in ghostly whispers. Yes, nature is a passionate poem

Morning woke up like a bird on wings. Light surfaced on the sky like an erotic dream. Light was scattered in the sky like fairy’s wand. Slowly the sun rose in eloquent music. I thank God for all the blessings given.
Day was slow as taking dope. I went to a strange place which showed exchange rates. The $ is 69 Rupees more than the Indian Rupee. I read them with poetic interest. A machine cackled: trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and out came money. I felt sad as I have nothing in my pocket. Then to my surprise I saw the following: Senior Citizens 8% 550 days 7.50$. I asked Jesus to open an account for me and fill it the brim.

I read into the Gospel of ST Mathew. There was parable of Jesus and it said: A man gave a Servant 5000 Bucks and a second Servant 2000 Bucks and the Third Servant 1000 Bucks; on coming back, the first and the second multiplied it but the third one hid it in the ground. What is the meaning of this parable? We should be like the first and the second person doubling our inheritance of the word. We must grow strong in faith and get ready to live with Christ in eternity.

Jesus Walking On Water

It is said in the New Testament, when the storm was raging and the disciples were in a boat, Jesus walked on water and reached up to them. As an idiom, Jesus walking on water means an extraordinary event, act or thing. The survival of a head injury that I had was Jesus walking on water. Mahatma Gandhi’s victory of the British and the gaining of India’s freedom was Jesus walking on water. Nelson Mandela’s victory over apartheid was Jesus walking on water.

Three Prophetic Dreams

rahul gandhi

The Lord God Jesus Jehovah put me to light sleep and in the sleep he gave me visions: the first was the fate of India: in the vision I saw the Pharaoh of Egypt (the Indian electorate) anointing Rahul Gandhi with fine robes and ornaments. Yes said the Lord: he will become India’s Prime Minister in 2019. He will break the Guinness record of becoming the world’s youngest Prime Minister. The Lord told me that he should trust no one and should be extra cautious about his security.

The second was a song I composed. The Lord told it to teach the children in the school.

The third was a Tom Dick Harry Porter asking me to sell the school. I tell him in crude language to get lost. This is my ancestral land, my inheritance (Abraham’s bequeathed land) which the Lord has given.