Bash and Burst Open (Adi Poli)

Bash and burst open or (Adi Poli) is an idiom in Malayalam and it means to have a whale of a time. When will I bash and burst open?


Price of Grass

Price of Grass is an idiom in Malayalam language and it means giving two hoots for someone’s opinion or request. It also means a don’t care attitude.

Example: Sometimes, my life is a price of grass. I pay a price of grass for my wife’s opinion.

Resurrection of Babel

Babel meaning an idiom of confused noises came from the Biblical Old Testament when people tried to build a tower reaching out to skies, God scattered them as nations and different tongues. Resurrection of Babel is an idiom meaning globalization of the English language with the spread of the internet and social media. As an example: resurrection of Babel is synonymous with the coming of the New World Order the Illuminatium, the World of Abundance and Light for all as prophesied by the Illuminati.