Biblical Thoughts

The Bible’s Blessed verse is (Mathew 7: 7&8) Ask and you shall receive: Seek and you shall find: Knock and it will be opened. This verse has a spiritual and materialistic meaning. What is the Spiritual meaning? First of all we need spiritual humility. Secondly we should be souls who thirst for the scriptural word. Thirdly we have to realize that after our life on earth—there’s a heavenly place reserved for us by God. Fourthly we should not be trapped by the snares of Sin as it causes death.

The next level of meaning is a material blessing from God. God our creator knows all our needs and by prayer we can overcome all financial obstructions. God will open his hands and bless you financially.

Next I would like to take up the parable of the seed and try to legitimize its Christian meaning. In the parable, a farmer throws seeds on open ground. It is not able to grow and becomes infertile. A spiritual meaning is we do not pay ears to the word of God. At a materialistic level we are confronted by life’s worries and become hopelessly discouraged. The next seed falls on rock and they also perish. A spiritual meaning is we accept the word but chose to ignore it. In life’s situations we become failures to achieve goals. We feel disappointed with our self. We to have face shame and ignominy. The next bunch of seeds falls on thorns. A spiritual meaning of it is we become God-haters. At a materialistic level we chose to live a life of profligacy. The next bunch of seeds falls on good ground where it flourishes and yields good fruit. A moral implication is that we live a spiritual like tuned to the will of God and by supplication ask God for the nets mercy and blessing. At a materialistic level we are blessed abundantly by God. We can live a life that is hunky dory. We are able to experience a peace that passes all understanding.


April 24th 2019

April 24th 2019
Poets of morning sang epiphanies of colors. Muses chirped happily in the sky. I thank God Jehovah Jesus for making me blessed

I have completed the Gospel of John and I have embarked on Acts.
I came across a Blessing verse: ‘Ask in my name according to my will and he will give it to you. Your Joy will be a river overflowing the banks’.

It is said in Bible that the ‘Young Will see visions and the Old will see dreams’. How can we interpret this? The etymology of Vision is to see. The etymology of dream is sensations passing through the mind while asleep. In an interpretation of this: the young are more active and receptive to a dream’s contents. For the Old, a dream suggests a spiritual maturity.

I came across a verse: ‘I am a joy full of answered prayer.’
In the Name of Jesus Christ is an idiom for the proclamation of rebuking something that is disparaging. In the name of Jesus Christ get lost. Demons were expelled by saying the Name of Jesus Christ.


Covenant in the Old Testament was 10 Commandments given to Moses. In the New Testament it became Christ God who will redeem people from their sins. Covenant as an idiom means gifting someone with praise for their character. God is a covenant of Goodness. My wife is a covenant of goodness. God’s covenant for humanity is grace.

Feast of the Pentecost
The Feast of the Pentecost occurred in the New Testament when the Disciples of Christ and devotees gathered in a house. A wind blew into the house and people started speaking in tongues. The Feast of the Pentecost means an extraordinary, wonderful happening. Oh God Jehovah Jesus: let the feast of the Pentecost happen in my life.

What I have Written I have Written
When Jesus was being crucified: the high priests asked Pilate to nail him as INRI (meaning Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews). Later they told Pilate to change it. Then Pilate says: What I have Written I Have written. What I have written I have written as an idiom means being firm on a decision be taken. My loyalty for Christ is what I have Written is what I have written.

Joseph of Arimathea

Joseph of Armathea was a devoted follower of Jesus who asked Pilate to take the body of Jesus and bury it. He anointed Jesus with softest of balms and buried him in a cave. As an Idiom Joseph of Aremathea means, a gentle and kind soul eager to help the poor and the needy. Mother Teresa is a Joseph of Arimathea.

Cast the Net on the Other Side
Jesus after resurrecting appeared to the disciples. They were busy with fishing and to their ill luck caught no fish. Jesus told them to cast their nets on to the other side. And when they did, they got a sumptuous catch. Cast the net on the other side means getting something done in prosperous manner with divine help. Oh Lord Jehovah Jesus cast my nets on to the other side.

We all know that Christ has resurrected. Resurrection as an idiom means well being and prosperity. Oh God Christ: resurrect my life.