God And ART

God and Art
When we start to think of the meaning: what is art: we might end up in ambiguity. Here I would be specific and use the term of art to visual things or paintings. In this article I would like to fuse the various schools of art and relate it all to the most supreme God Jehovah Jesus.

God is the most magnificent realist. With the ethos of skill and with talent of art, he has crafted the universe with the billions of galaxies, the stars and the cosmic black holes. He has created the Heavens and the Earth. He has also created all that flies and all that swims, also all that walk on land and also the depths of the oceans. He has also as an artist he has made man and woman in his own image. After the fall when man became sexually aware of sin, he gave them the beauty of sex to make man and woman united as one fruit. Sex is the most beautiful form of art to be conjugally procreated. In spite of the fallen Adam and Eve, he blessed them with the blessedness of being united as one fruit.

What is impressionism? In art it’s the hazy scattering of colors on the canvas. Where is God standing as an impressionistic artist? The dawn of dawn and dusk with a brilliant display of colors is classic example of heavenly impressionism. The artists have merely copied this from the sky. Yes, Van Gogh’s painting: the scattering of seeds by a farmer comes from the parables told by Jesus. Even Gauguin’s painting where do we come from and where do we go bears the story of the cosmic literature of creation and destiny.

Cubism is associated with the art maestro Picasso. Notable is his Guernica. How can we field God as Cubist. The shapes that the clouds take are abstract and relate to the extravagance of God being a Cubist. God has brilliantly portrayed the sky with fantasy of cubist art.

Surrealism is related to Dali. God has populated the night sky with an adornment of stars that twinkle in the gossip of mirth and that forms a classical example of surrealism. Watching the flowing brook is another example of being in tune with nature. So too we feel a cathartic joy when we see mist rising up from the Hills.

Yes, God Jehovah Jesus is an artist par excellence.


More than anything on this earth: I value my name being written in the book of life. Write it boldly and with capital fonts. Oh God, make it a pleasant writing.


God! Do you have to be virtuous and so pious? Why make me feel ashamed with the concept of sin? What good is life if life on earth is a misery? I become repentant, yet you are not kind to me. Why mock at me with goodness? Why can’t you tolerate my inequities? Why can’t you grace my fortunes? I am not the nails that have crucified you. I am not the hands that have been washed in public proclaiming that you are innocent. I did not betray you with thirty pieces of silver. I have not liked the wife you adorned me with. When you say that: I am the way: truth and the life: it makes no sense. I have searched my within and found an abyss of angst. David committed adultery and yet you forgave him. Since 2013, I have been living with a bitch of a wife in a rut. Lord why don’t you feel pity for me? Is there room in your heart for the fruit tender kindness? Have you forsaken me forever to live in my misery? God, I am heartbroken, weary and tired with the ways of men and with you. Solace is an existential worm.

The Young shall Vision and the Old Dream

God Christ said: ‘in the last days, I will pour out my Spirit and the old shall see dreams and the young will see visions’. For days, I have been contemplating and asking God to give me greater insight. I still haven’t got an appropriate answer but I am prodded to write this piece. First of all I would like to go into the etymology of the words: Vision and Dream. In old English dream meant merriment and enjoyment. Linguists are not clear as to when the meaning changed to that of receiving images in sleep. Vision in its etymological sense refers to the appearance of the supernatural. I am wondering why God used dream for the old and vision for the young. Let’s look at an interpretation in an existential sense. For the old experience is no longer new. For the young experiences are in full bloom as a new born flower. For the old dreams have a generative capacity and for the young visions have a trans-formative capacity. As a generative capacity it means changing the old to the new. As trans-formative capacity it means evolving the new into something better. This is my humble libation for God, Christ, the one Who is, Who was and Who will be the Alpha and the Omega.


The Dark Side of Astrology

Truth is stranger than fiction. Yes it is. This happened to me. I used to read astrology columns for sheer sport and fun. Personally I believed it to be crap, a lot of mumbo jumbo, mystic nonsense. The astrology column that I read was Eastern Astrology written in my native language Malayalam. According to Eastern mythology my star is Rohini which is the star of Krishna who is supposed to be a god in India though ironically it brings no talismans for me. I was desperately looking for a job in South East Asia where the East and the West merge incongruously where the unrighteous can celebrate their vices. And that week he predicted that I will land up a job in a place of my desire and all my cravings will be soothed. To my surprise on Tuesday I got an email from a school in Cambodia and soon received a telephonic call in broken English almost gibberish. They told me they will offer 1000$ and airfare and visa have to be managed by me. I have to join by next week. Now how the hell am I going to manage the funds having not a single penny with me? I live on a meager 3$ a day which is more than enough to meet my daily needs. I thought of taking lotteries and took them each day. Having no luck I kept postponing by telling them I am getting delayed by lack of ticket availability. The next week came and the same astrologer said I will lose my job due to lack of fulfilling the desired stipulations. That was on a Sunday as it is a weekly column. I had sent a query to them as to when I should book my tickets? Monday morning I eagerly opened my email at 6:30 AM as Cambodian time is 1 and half hours ahead of Indian time. I was devastated when the HR informed me in a sentence all laden with grammatical errors that his boss had rejected my appointment and I need not book air tickets. Actually I was planning to beg my rich Middle East neighbor as the last option. Is there a demon, an ugly fiendish, brute of beast lurking in astrology or is it merely coincidence. I really don’t know. I learnt my lesson not to dabble in the occult.

Crossing the Red Sea

Crossing the Red Sea comes from the Old Testament Bible where God parted the Red Sea so that the Israelites can escape the Pharaoh’s army.

As an idiom it can refer to the providence of God during difficult times.

Example: When my son was near to death due to Pancreatitis, I to my surprise experienced crossing the Dead Sea.

The provision of Grace and Mercy of God is crossing the Red Sea.

When there were debts in the family, grandfather’s timely help was crossing the Red Sea.