The Lottery Machine

It was a machine that picked the draws for the Lottery. Someone said that mind can influence matter and others said chanting mantras would be enough. So I tried hocuspockusabracadabra but nothing came out of it. Then I tried the law of attraction and then again it met with misfortune. Then I tried programming my subconscious mind and again it was of no avail. I felt like an ironic bum. Lottery, you burn a hole in my pocket.

The Dispute

It was on the grounds a disputed site. The disputed started in the 15th century when the followers of X—religion build their holy place by reducing to rubble, the shrine of Y. Both X and Y were at loggerheads with each other. Now the Y party ruled the country. They inducted their favorite judges to pass the verdict. The judgment tried to appease both parties, but still it gave greater leverage to party Y to build the religious site that was lost to X. The followers of Y were allocated some land for their site.

Assorted Drabble

The Astrologer
He became very troublesome and used to bombard my email requesting a paid reading. In the letter he sent: my name: gender: date of birth and place were highlighted. So I wrote back to him: why can’t you use your telepathic powers and guess all of it. The bum is so irritable and persistent. He is a fucked up swami!

The Con Man
I have received this strange mail saying that we are from such and such a university in the Gulf and we have seen your profile in a job site and want to employ you. Please contact us; the university name and Gmail is given. At first I thought that they were genuine but when they asked to pay for the visa and travel I realized to my disillusionment that they are fakes.