This evening I was riding my scooter and while I was going, the cops stopped me. The cop bore a look triumphant expectation and asked me to breathe into the breath-analyzer. When I breathed into it, he realized that I was clean. Disgust and Disappointment was written on his face.


Assorted Drabble

The Bull
My uncle was a priest and exorcist now deceased. When I went to his house I saw a bell with a bull in it. I thought it was a good talisman. But things became bad to worse and I was forced to resign. Now I understand it as being a pagan symbol and I have rebuked its influence on me by the blood of Jesus

The Abracadabra Country
In this country there are three types of followers of religion. One is those who worship idols, another is the followers of the prophet and third, last but not the least the followers of the book. The idolaters have had a massive victory in the elections and slowly they have started persecuting the followers of other religions. They have plans to make the Country Abracadabra into a religious country.

Bangalore Cops
Bangalore cops are tyrannical bastards. While on my flight to Singapore, I reached early and those bastards would not allow me inside. By the time I checked in it was three hours before the flight departs. I consumed too much of Booze. I don’t remember what happened. I assume that they must have pulled my hands with force and as a result the steel in it got displaced. I was in a great deal of pain. They also canceled my departure. It’s a shame that they do not have any concern for humanity. Compared to Singapore Changi airport, Bangalore airport is a stinker. One can drink, smoke without no one coming to trouble you. As a result of their actions, I lost a lucrative job in Indonesia.

A Psychic Story

I was an avid follower of the theories of Carl Gustav Jung the Swizz psychiatrist. Notable are his contributions especially the theory of the Collective Unconscious, a world that is shared by all humanity. He is also noted for the theory of archetypes and he has created (drawn) the wise seer Philemon.

While I was reading his Memories Dreams and Reflections, a strange thing happened. The lit candle fell by its own accord on to the book decimating a large portion of it. I was reading about the collective unconscious.
I wonder why this memory which happened years back is now coming to prominence in my mind. Yes, Jung can be part of my collective unconscious and I welcome him to be a part of me.

Tale of the Greedy Loan Shark

In our village there lived a loan shark who charged exorbitant rates of interest. The interest ranged to 10% Per Month. Many a farmer had to suicide due to the atrocious rate of interest. Once a farmer’s father expired and then he sat on the corpse never letting it be buried in the church. Then the farmer cursed him that he will have a terrible death. When many could not pay the atrocious interest, the loan shark committed suicide. His cadaver was placed in the morgue. And then the morgue started malfunctioning. When the relatives came to claim the corpse, it was rotten and smelling foul. The hospital authorities burned the corpse with petrol. And that was his tragic end

Letter of Distraught Lover

I met her in college when I was doing my graduation. At first we went on days and months smiling at each other. Finally I mustered the courage to speak. She came from a remote island in India and her name was Sheeba. We fell in love with each other. She was the most beautiful girl in college. One week-end she suggested that we go out and I was thrilled. We stood near the door while we were traveling. We sweet-talked with each other. After the train came to a halt, she suggested that we go for a movie. I replied yes. While the movie was going on, she offered me her hands and I fondled her palms. Her skin was so soft and smooth. I felt a passionate awakening. After that we used to go out every week end. Kissing her was as beautiful as honey. I got to fondle her shapely breasts. How I loved her. When the college got over she went back. And then I said, I will meet her there. But by the time she came to Kerala and told me to cancel the ticket. I did not! When she came back, she refused to talk to me. I felt sad and pained at her silence. She could have said to me that she was not interested. Disappointed and wearied I caught the next flight to home. I have tried searching for her on the internet, especially at Face book. But my search came to no avail. Then someone told me that she died in an accident. I feel sad and I hope I will be able to meet her in heaven. I wonder why she treated me so cruelly. What have I done to deserve her hatred? I wonder why the world as so unkind to me. I even took her to my parents and they willingly accepted her. Sometimes she visits me in her dreams. Where ever you are, may your soul rest in peace.


She invited me to make love. I went (that was of the past) before I became saved. I felt too nervous and ashamed and failed to get an ecstasy. Twice she invited me and I traveled half away and came back. Now she invited me again. She was fascinated by me the poet. I did not bother to communicate. There stands my adultery as coming to an end. I praise God for making me flee from temptations.

Assorted Drabble

I was traveling by car and then I was able to watch a gigantic cut-out about a newspaper and it said: ‘we have increased our readership to millions—we are Kerala’s most trusted newspaper. I wondered amused and thought that the 4th estate is a manufacturing industry giving cud to chew for the masses.

I have wandered across the archipelago of South East Asia. Among the course of wandering I fell in love with many exotic women. I love the clove cigarettes, duck roast, grill fish and sambal (a mixture made from chilies, shallot and lime). I miss these islands very much. Yes, if time and money perch in my pockets and then it would be fine.