Cock Crows three times

This is an idiom and it has come from the New Testament in the Bible. Peter the disciple of Jesus betrayed him when the cock crowed three times.

Example: It’s not good to make the cock crow three times.

England has made the cock crow three times by signing the treaty to extradite Vijay Mallya to India.


Two Idioms

Santa is Early
Santa is early, is an idiom and it means something good happening at an unexpected time. I hope Santa is early for me.

An occasion is an idiom from Malayalam language and quite unlike the other word: it means a troublesome or a problematic entangle. Going abroad has been an occasion for me.

Resurrection of Babel

Babel meaning an idiom of confused noises came from the Biblical Old Testament when people tried to build a tower reaching out to skies, God scattered them as nations and different tongues. Resurrection of Babel is an idiom meaning globalization of the English language with the spread of the internet and social media. As an example: resurrection of Babel is synonymous with the coming of the New World Order the Illuminatium, the World of Abundance and Light for all as prophesied by the Illuminati.