Idioms out of Joseph

What I am referring to here is the Old Testament Joseph. Joseph’s phase of life was three fold and they are: Misfortune, Dream Interpretation, Prosperity and Reconciliation.

The brothers of Joseph hated him as he was the Father Jacob’s pet and to make matters worse Joseph said that he had a dream and in it he could see all brothers on their knees and worshiping him. The brothers planned to kill him but at the last moment they sold Jacob to the Egyptians. In Egypt Joseph was the master of Potiphar’s household. Potiphar’s wife became enamored with him and forced him to go to bed with her. Joseph would not relent and Potiophar’s wife said to Potiphar that she was molested and had Jacob put in jail. This is a period of Joseph’s misfortune. I don’t want a Joseph to happen to me. In prison he was able to interpret the dreams of the cupbearer and the baker. The cupbearer and baker were released from prison. Then all of a sudden the Pharaoh had a strange dream which no one could interpret. It was like this: seven stout cows came and then seven famished ones came next and ate up the fat cows. Seven strands of fattened grain came and then seven emaciated grain came next and ate the obese strands of grain. The cupbearer told to the Pharaoh of Joseph. Joseph was ushered to the Pharaoh and Joseph said: this is what the dream is: there will be seven years of plenty and after that there will be seven years of famine. The Pharaoh was impressed with his interpretation and made him the minister of Egypt and asked him to collect all the abundance and store in big God Downs. This is a period of Joseph’s prosperity. As Idioms Joseph, means a dream interpreter and also fortune. Then comes Joseph’s period of reconciliation with his brothers. In the beginning he was bit curt with them but later he wept in the privacy of his room and then welcomed the brothers and invited them to come and live in Egypt.

Dream Journal

I did not have sleeping pills yesterday as they were over. When I do not have them, I go into a dream state without sleeping. Last night I had two strange dreams, a series of recurring symbols which no dream dictionary can interpret. Let me recall those dreams. In one dream, I am with my director and his wife of my former school. I attend a prayer. Then the director bugs my phone and my wife’s phone and also my daughter’s. He gets a strange sort of pleasure in hearing the conversations. Then I get a vision of him appointing me in a prominent position in the school. I interpret the dream as follows. Job interviews have been having rough weather. So the dream carries a prophetic hope that I might succeed after a bout of defeats. My daughter preparing for her medical exams is highly stressed and she throws tantrums at my wife. My wife in turn blames me for being Godless and immoral. I call this dream in a new term—amalgamated synthesis. The dream defies Freudian concepts of displacement and condensation. The second dream that I had was a room with wire-mesh. On one side of the room was UK and on other side India. The door was open and people were walking in and out. I saw Valerie an exchange teacher from UK who had a crush on me. To my surprise, a young woman holding a child came from UK and held my hand. Then I saw the doors being closed and bolted. The young woman with the child is a mystery to me. UK is a country which has denied me Visa for being an Indian and for being brown. Does the dream symbolize an opportunity that I will travel abroad? Will the woman with the child enter my life? I don’t know. Such types of dreams with recurring motifs are examples of amalgamated synthesis.