The Story of Poop

Elephant Poop: ‘I am large enough to cover the earth. I am the biggest mammal in poop-history. I have won poop-accolades in the history of poop’.

Ant Poop: ‘My poop is as small as dust and I cover only a tiny fraction of the earth. So what if you are the largest: mine is the smallest.’

Now it’s poop time: let’s share our poop…. Ant poop ejected poop fragments of poop on elephant poop.


I and my wife went to the ATM counter and there was no cash in it. The officer at the bank said that she will put money in it. Watching her put the money bundle in a large bag, I got the temptation of running and snatching the bag from her. I almost got to doing it. Then with two thoughts in my mind I refrained from doing it. I don’t want to have any trouble with the law. I buried the temptation in the grave.


Reddy is an upper caste name for a person from Hyderabad. This Reddy I encountered was a recruitment agent and he was recruiting teachers to Maldives. He sent me an invitation letter to attend the face to face interview. When I asked him if there are charges: he said yes: ‘one month’s salary and 18% taxes’. I felt sad and staggered. Isn’t he a cheat making money by doing nothing? Are all Reddys like him? I don’t know.

The Lottery Machine

It was a machine that picked the draws for the Lottery. Someone said that mind can influence matter and others said chanting mantras would be enough. So I tried hocuspockusabracadabra but nothing came out of it. Then I tried the law of attraction and then again it met with misfortune. Then I tried programming my subconscious mind and again it was of no avail. I felt like an ironic bum. Lottery, you burn a hole in my pocket.

The Dispute

It was on the grounds a disputed site. The disputed started in the 15th century when the followers of X—religion build their holy place by reducing to rubble, the shrine of Y. Both X and Y were at loggerheads with each other. Now the Y party ruled the country. They inducted their favorite judges to pass the verdict. The judgment tried to appease both parties, but still it gave greater leverage to party Y to build the religious site that was lost to X. The followers of Y were allocated some land for their site.

Assorted Drabble

The Astrologer
He became very troublesome and used to bombard my email requesting a paid reading. In the letter he sent: my name: gender: date of birth and place were highlighted. So I wrote back to him: why can’t you use your telepathic powers and guess all of it. The bum is so irritable and persistent. He is a fucked up swami!

The Con Man
I have received this strange mail saying that we are from such and such a university in the Gulf and we have seen your profile in a job site and want to employ you. Please contact us; the university name and Gmail is given. At first I thought that they were genuine but when they asked to pay for the visa and travel I realized to my disillusionment that they are fakes.