Masonic Symbolism

Masonic emblem

Though art a giver
Of all Mastery
As Art and Craft—
A legacy so
Beautifully enshrined
In the ruler and the compass—
The G an opera
For God and Geometry—
Give me fortune’s
Nourish in me
Your art and craft
And perfect my
Ways to a sublime

Nov 15th 2019

I savored the beauty of the sunrise with a mystic passion. I heard the chirps and tweets of birds singing a fond lullaby.

I took an English Class for the 8th graders, the story being 6 Napoleons by Sherlock Holmes. I am not a big fan of pulp fiction, but I enjoyed the plotting of the story. Conan Doyle is a master of storytelling. In the story we find the busts of Napoleons being broken to rubble. Then we come to understand that it is the work of an escaped convict who had placed a priceless pearl in one of those busts. Sherlock Holmes discovers that the 6th Napoleon is to be burgled and makes a plan to catch the intruder. The robber is caught and Holmes smashes the head of the bust to recover the valuable pearl.

I read the Bible and in it the Story of Moses. Moses was born at a time when the Pharaoh persecuted the Jews and ordered that all the male children be beheaded. When Moses was a baby, his mother put him in a reed basket and placed him in the Nile. When the Pharaoh’s daughter saw the basket, she asked her maid to fetch it. She adopted the baby as her own son. The mother of Moses was called to look after her own son. When Moses was a young man, he saw an Egyptian hitting a Jew and then in a fit of anger, he killed him. When the Pharaoh found it out, Moses had to flee to Midian. There he married a Priest’s Daughter.

Nov 7th 2019

Morning wriggled like a clown showing off. I had to take literature for 8th graders. The story revolved around an elder boy and his brother leading a hostel life. The author of the story was Premchand. The story had no punch line and spoke only at a mundane level of cognizing personality. The elder brother is domineering and he uses caustic remarks to rub shoulders with his younger brother. The younger brother is brilliant and gets a very high grade but the eldest brother fails in the exam. There is no denouement for the play. In the last section of the story we find the younger brother playing with street urchins and the elder brother chiding him for it. He also comments that knowledge alone won’t make character. It is quite a lack luster story. I used some jokes to make the class lively.

Assorted Poetry

Poetic Nuances

The Rhythm
Of epic poetry
Being sung
By the Blind
Bard Homer…..
Loud he speaks
Of epic battles ….
Of Gods and Goddesses…
With all humane vices…..
The romantic
Poets ……
Shelly Byron
And Keats
Crafting nature’s
Opulence in the
Garden of art…..
Then came the
Imagists …..
Pound and Eliot
With precision
Of imagery ….
Leaving the music
Of poetry to
A garden of veils


Your lips
An ode
To joy….
Body is
A passionate
On it
O play
Songs of


Like a
The earth—
My soul
To a

Parchment of thoughts

Let the nets of fortune be cast into the sea of luck. My body is the opium of passion. The soul is deviant art. Novelty is the virtue of liberty. Sovereignty is the collective will of the people. Destiny is the positive projection and optimism of making the future a reality. Karma is the paradox of making choices. Time: listen to the strings of hope. Character and kindness are the twin aims reality. For a democracy to be liberal—the voice of dissent should be permissive. Though I have failed many a time, I am willing to climb the ladder of success. Thought: give me the power to make things into a reality of happening. The parliament is the synagogue of democracy. Oil—you are Semitic in abundance. Free worries from the prison of the soul. The family is the basic unit of a harmonious society. Beauty is the in-thing of life. There is a wind of hope in the storm of desire. Don’t mutilate someone with the poison of words. Archetypes you live in the imagination of the mind. I am an alter-ego of many people. Truth is not a regime of virtue but a character to be lived. The autopsy of the unconscious reveals the darkest desires of humanity. Literature is the art of music in words. Love not beauty: love character. The mind is rational: but feelings are devoted to passion. Conquer reason with the fruit of the intellect. The existential philosophies were too much obsessed with Nihilism but life is precious and carries an aim and purpose. I live existentialism with the preciousness. The end and beginning of the universe is God. The value of life is a moral one. In times of woe: cry out to God. Fame and Money you are beasts of desire. Temptation you are the arm of the Devil; leave me alone; don’t grasp me. The Messianic came to this world as human and lived on earth as the son of God. Voice of desire: hear me and satiate me to the brim. The occult theology is that of a pagan God, a God of lies. The meek are wise and the arrogant are foolish. Victory is the stepping stone of failure. Let your consciousness be immersed with the vocabulary of positive thoughts. The proverb to live a good life is to be in tune with nature. Forget the past; live the present and anticipate the future.