M Krishnan Nair

M Krishnan Nair was a college professor and a notable literary critic. He is known for introducing World Literature to Kerala People. It is said that while taking classes, outsiders used to flock to his classroom out of interest. He was a dedicated teacher. Once asked the difference between Dostoevsky and Rushdie: he said that Dostoevsky is a giant of literature where as Rushdie is an ant.


Oct 13th 2019

Today was lackadaisical day. I was on the couch most of the day. I did some Bible Reading and was reading Joseph’s story to rise from ignominy to fame and recognition. After Joseph’s brothers sold him to the Egyptians he became an official in Potiphar’s household. Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him but he did not relent. Potiphar’s wife said to her husband that Joseph tried to molest her and then he was put in prison. When the pharaoh had dreams that no one could interpret: Joseph was called to interpret the dreams. The dreams of the Pharaoh were like this: the Pharaoh saw seven stout bovine creatures and then seven famished ones. The stout ones ate up the lean ones. Similarly the Pharaoh saw 12 grains of stout wheat and 12 grains of famished ones. The famished ones gobbled up the fat ones. Joseph interpreted the dreams as thus: Master there will be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of scarcity. The pharaoh honored Joseph and appointed him as the one next to the pharaoh. Joseph is a wonderful story of penury, disrepute to success and victory. Who would not want to be a successful Joseph?

Nobodynothing and Somebodysomething

Nobodynothing and somebodysomething are twin selves of a struggling writer. Nobodynothing is an earth of reality, doing a menial job of teaching English to high school students. Somebodysomething aspires to be an established author who longs to travel to places, to smoke clove cigarettes, attend literary symposiums, visit art galleries to make love to the women in his life and many more. The self is an illusion stuck between nobodynothing and somebodysomething.

Will and Sovereignty

I would like to state an opinion on both Will and Sovereignty. Will is the embodiment of the human mind to think and make a rational decision. Will can be collective or individualistic. A collective will is the ethos of the making of a democracy. What is sovereignty? It refers to a nation being externally independent and internally supreme. In the present Geo-political scenario we find a lot of nations with conflicts of the collective will and sovereignty. Some nations use brutal force and the adverse result is violence and terrorism. What should be done when there is conflict between the collective will and the sovereign? Nations should leave it the will of the people through a referendum or a plebiscite.

Oct 4th 2019

I could not write anything yesterday as I was accompanying children to an entertainment part called Wonder LA. Wonder La is an offspring of Masstainment of which I have no aficionado. Culturally speaking I am fond of the higher arts, especially reading Literature, attending literary symposiums, going on a cruise and all that. My vocation as teacher makes me a tight bottle always wanting to please my employers and kids. I did not take part in the rides of the amusement park as I have no passion to experience G-Forces. We were welcomed by a dwarf who dressed himself as a clown. I became so sad when I saw it. He is making a life on the stage of drama. The children were all excited and enthusiastic. There were two kinds of rides: dry rides and wet rides. Looking at the roller coaster ride: one could hear screaming participating kids. Are they doing it out fear or our out of excitement? I think both. As I was watching them, I was reading my favorite: literary fiction. One becomes fed up of the noise. Some puke when they go on rides. There was a ride called twin flip monster, a real frightening one. Again I watched children wailing out of joy and fear. There is a ride called a monster lift, which took you up very high and lowered you down in break neck speed. I spend my time watching my wards carefully while reading my book. All the kids had a wonderful time.

I dream of spending my time in famous art-galleries, going on cruises, attending literary seminars and that’s what I decide as aesthetic appearances.