Methods of Literary Criticism

I have discovered some tools for the methodology of literary criticism. They are:
a) Philosophical Etymology
b) Cultural Anatomy
c) Psychological Pharmacology
d) Ontological Nebula

Philosophical Etymology
What is philosophical Etymology? Philosophical etymology is a cross examination of literary and cultural meanings in the light of Philosophy. It seeks to give newer shades of meaning to older thoughts. Let’s look at some examples. The school of structuralism coined that all language is made up of signs. A sign consists of the signifier and the signified. The signifier is a visual tangible thing and the signified is an idea. Let’s use an example: I blossomed in her garden. Here blossomed is figurative and an idea and hence it is the signified. Garden forms the signifier.

Postmodern Philosopher Derrida developed the idea of Binary Divide. A Binary Divide is a text that privileges some and marginalizes others. Let’s look at an example. It is said in an advert: Wanted only Native Speakers to Teach English. This narrative privileges Native Speakers over English spoken by the colonized people. Using the Binary Divide we can deconstruct texts.

From Derrida I have developed an idea called Binary Fusion. Binary fusion is a text that promotes equality. Let’s look at an advert. We do not discriminate people on the basis of gender, color or orientation. This text contains a Binary Fusion. Let’s look at another example. Black Culture, Black Gospel, Jazz and Blues are universally epitomized binary fusions of culture. A literary interpreter can analyze texts and bring out notions of marginalization and privilege and also write a narrative of Binary Fusion.

Then comes Kristeva’s texts of the semiotic and the symbolic. A semiotic text omits grammar and punctuation. Such a kind of text can be found in streams of consciousness narratives, in drama, film and music. A symbolic text on the other hand adheres to the strict conventions of language. Doing a literary analysis we can classify texts into semiotic and symbolic elements.

Form a Marxian point of view we can analyze texts by looking at class values like the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Do texts privilege the Blue Blood or monitor the interests of the working class. Does the text promote the interests of the Capitalist society? What is the dialectic materialism embedded in the text. This refers to political and historical problems created by Social tremors. The narrator can find out how various social institutions have contributed to the writing of literature.

Philosophical Etymology also takes a look at Feminist Theology. Do social, cultural, political and historical institutions promote gender equality and support Feminism. How are the roles of a working mother enacted in s society? Does the intrusion of masculinity affect the reading of texts? To what levels of subversion are meanings of the feminine in a text?

Psychological Pharmacology
Psychological Pharmacology looks at the theories of Freud, Lacan and Jung. From Freud we have the three states: ID (passion and the libido), Ego (language and culture assimilated from parents) and Super Ego (the laws of the society). While doing textual interpretation the author can find out how these mechanisms are working in a text. Texts can also be phallic and vaginal that is texts promoting the language of the feminine and the masculine. Is the language of the text phallic or vaginal?
Next I would like to take the theories of Lacan into consideration. Prominent are the Mirror Stage and the Gaze. The Mirror stage consists of the child’s entry into Language. Mirror stage can be a psychoanalytic tool to gauge level of subversion in a text. It’s an analysis of psychological symptoms in a work of literature. Gaze for Lacan has sexual connotations. What kind of gaze is present in a text? Gazes can be feminine, masculine and gay.
Next I would like to take Jung’s theories into account. Jung has classified the psyche into archetypes (personality types). Some archetypes are the Wizard, the Witch, the lover and many more. We can analyze how and why and for what these archetypes are created.

Ontological Nebula
Ontology a study of being comes from Existential Philosophy. Here I take the traditional ontology and the ontology created by me into consideration. Traditional Ontology, the one espoused by Sartre and Camus is destructive as it condemns life to be absurd and chaotic. Constructive Ontology created by me states that meaning of being lies in Valueblization (from Value and Realization). We can analyze texts and examine whether texts are favoring destructive ontology or constructive ontology.

Cultural Anatomy

What Cultural Functions does a text serve? For who is the narrative intended? Which cultural institutions are prominent? Is there a culture clash or a culture divide?

Marx Died


Karl Marx predicted that the workers will unite the world and by revolution pave the way for a new society based on equality and social justice. But instead of that happening, Communism fell into ruins and the Soviet Union and East Germany collapsed and led to the establishment of capitalism. As an idiom Marx died means a prophecy which cannot be fulfilled. Time will tell whether Marx died in the world. The prophecies in the Book of Revelation do not carry Marx’s Death.

The Bug

All interceptions are translated by the decoding machine: Penetron located in the headquarters of the CIA Central Idiots Agency.

From the Country Penistan: An intercept of midnight conversations between President Scrooginsky and his wife Ms. Scrooginsky

Ms. Scrooginski:“Turn on the porn on….let me get aroused!

President Scroogeinsky taps on the keyboard and a porn site opens.

Ms. Scrooginsky: ‘Wow soooo delicious I am getting horny’….Lift me darling on to the bed and strip me like a slut’.

President Scrooginski: Yes my honey ….here I go!

Ms. Scrooginski: Lick me lasciviously!‘Glug Glug Glug….Slurp Slurp Slurp…..ooooooh aaaaaah I am coming like a tsunami in the ocean’

Ms. Scrooginsky moans and grunts as she reaches the peak of orgasm.

‘Now penetrate me!’

Mr. Scrooginski ‘Wait a minute darling….fondle me a bit….let it get hard….

Ms. Scrooginsky: ‘My hubby, is it nice?…here, I am lip-and-tongue-sucking-it…….Honey why are you still limp and not becoming hard?

Mr. Scrooginsky: ‘Honey I am not getting aroused. I wish I was like the executed stud President Sadam Salamasala in bed with his concubines…. I wish you could have slept with him. He would have been rock hard in penetration. It’s sad that I had to execute him for the greater glory of Capitalism. Wait dear let me try Ballsapp the new pill to give penis virility’ ‘Darling I am devastated: my A K 47 is limp, fragile and unwilling.

Ms. Scrooginsky: ‘Honey please do understand; I will go lesbian with Ms Cuntistick the President of Femilasia’. I will please myself and pleasure her to rituals of erotic ecstasy.

Mr. Scrooginsky: ‘By all means go ahead dear darling honey. We have to dollarize that impoverished country. At home, our currency has scant value and our economy is billions of dollars in deficit. It is our subversive strategy of making all countries to be monetary friendly as the dollar. We are also becoming rich by selling arms to the fanatics and terrorists who want to establish a new country called Sacred Tutkey. We are not in the agenda of destabilizing nations but it’s happening due to our greed and hypocrisy wanting to be rich gluttons of authority, wealth and ownership. Honey are you done…. or do you want another feast?’

Ms. Scrooginsky: ‘oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum grunting and groaning and teasing the dick of the President with her toes finally ecstasies into the pussy gobbling mouth of the President. I am done dear President. Can you please tell me why you opened diplomacy and bonhomie with your foe and erstwhile neighboring country Cubepista?’

Mr. Scrooginsky: Smiling wickedly and muttering to Ms. Scrooginsky. ‘My darling, that’s a long story. That is because my honey I wanted to own Aladdin’s Magic Lamp of riches. I have stashed great chunks of moolah into Swizz bank. After retirement we need lots dough to live an ostentatious life.’

Ms. Scrooginsky: ‘You are a perverted genius politician I admire you though you don’t have a hard on. Your flaccid status is so similar to the state of our economy which is deep down in the dumps.’

Mr. Scrooginsky: ‘Whether it is communist or capitalist all nations are hungry for the dollar of our currency. Do you know honey darling it is our Central Idiot’s Agency that is keeping the countries North Coral and South Coral divided. Darling I have a confession to make. I was gay with the President of North Coral and my cunnilingus sent oodles of joy into his heart and he has promised to keep his country always divided with South Coral.’
Ms. Scrooginsky: ‘What? I am so surprised. Are you really gay? Laughing…. Yes my hub, you should also help me go lesbian with all prominent bankers, diplomats and industrialists of prominent and notorious countries if they are women. I am in the process of thinking of starting a secret cult called the Ballsbergers. Every year we will invite Presidents, Bankers, Industrialists and intellectuals and meet at the snow clad resort of Orgy. We will have orgiastic rituals like those of Satyr, Bacchus and Maenads. Oomph….I am licking my tongue in delicacy’. Yes my darling you will make Penistan a global power and you will be controlling all nations with the whip of subservity.’

Mr. Scrooginsky: ‘Darling I have great admiration for your brains. You are really a blue stocking. Come let me eat you once more to ecstatic delicacy of satisfaction’.

There ends the first Intercept. The second intercept is from the Country of Itany. It is based on the soliloquy of Pope who is the ecclesiastical head of the head of the State.

Pope is in a confessional mode of thought.

Pope in his bedroom confessing to the Virgin

Pope: ‘I am so sorry Virgin and God. My carnal nature has overpowered me. Will you forgive me and please leave a place for me in Heaven and in the ethereal book of life. I am a painter at heart and I love to paint nudes copulating in the throes of various lewd sexual positions. Here is the entire paintings heavenly father. I also love masturbating while painting and also after painting. I am crying in tears. Will you please forgive me gracious father and have mercy on me. Not only that I used to frequently have sex with the maid and also be gay with Cardiknell Verocious. Will my sins be forgiven? Though my body is the temple of Jezebel but yet I have kept my heart crystal clear for you? Dear gracious Father and dear Virgin I also humbly request you to speak to the hearts and souls of Cardiknells so that after my death they will canonize me.

There ends the Second Intercept. The third intercept takes place in the would -be country Terroritoria.

Colonel Ishmael Sack is the overall head of operations, logistics and intelligence of would-be country Terroritoria.

Colonel Ishmael Sack: Hey brutes: ‘Where is my favorite Bactrian camel Alif Lailah. Bring it here. Have you bought the missionaries for execution? Please also bring a ladder. You know I have to reach the buttocks of Camel Alif Lailah. It’s the apt time now since I have a hard-on.

Lieutenant Yacoob: ‘Here is the Camel Sir. The missionaries are ready to be executed. They are all evangelists from the Country Penistan. My sword Isloom is ready. The muezzin is reading from the sacred text UR.’

All of the devotees of Colonel Ishmael Sack chant from prayers from the sacred text UR. Then all of a sudden Colonel Ishmael Sack’s concubine Hagar does a strip tease act. This is also prescribed in the sacred text of UR. As blood from the cut necks of the missionaries from Penistan spill over, Colonel Ishmael Sack mounts on the ladder and when he reaches the ass of the camel, he in glee inserts himself and starts to copulate. All the devotees chant sacrificially: ‘Our God URAH URAH be praised. We will receive a reward from URAH in heaven for waging a holy war KURK against infidels would-be Country Terroritoria.

There ends the third intercept. The fourth Intercept is taking place in country Oilphagy.

Sheik BinKasheem Binabdull speaks to the President of Penistan over the phone.

Sheik BinKasheem Binabdull: ‘Mr. President Scrooginsky. You must keep your promise of sending me young studs for my harem Gigolonia. Are they young? Are they delicious? My mouth is watering and my groin in thirsting. Mr. President, I will remain true to my word and peg my country’s currency Hamham at much lower rate that your currency. Since our Country is oil rich, I assure you that all transactions of oil will be done strictly on the basis of your country’s currency. Please keep in mind your promise of supplying us with more armaments.’

Mr. Scrooginsky: ‘I assure you my promise will be kept. The studs will arrive by the evening flight. I hope you will have gala time with them. But I also command you to peg your currency with ours with the rate that was originally quoted by me. You have to cooperate because you have no other go.’

Sheik BinKasheem Binabdull Meekly and submissively: ‘Mr. President, by all means I accede to your demands.’

There ends the fourth intercept. The fifth intercept is taking place in the Country

Hornyduras. The cocaine drug Baron Pervernosky is conversing to his assistant who is handling overseas covert operations of Cocaine in the Country Penistan.

Baron Pervernosky: ‘Has the shipment arrived? Why is my whore angel Balladine flaunting herself in the magazine Playbody? I command you to slit her throat. How much have you paid the officials of the country Penistan? If they don’t yield, murder them. By the way I have deposited your reward in Swizz bank under your pen name Mr. Lotus.

There ends the fifth intercept.