We all know the story of Job in the Old Testament. Job was persecuted by the Devil and faced trials and tribulations in life. Job as an idiom means a period of tribulations and trials. Let 2019 be not a job for me.



After Jesus was fasting in the wilderness for forty days, the Devil came and tempted him.
The first temptation was the Devil said: ‘Jesus you are hungry: cast these stones into bread and quench your hunger’. Then Jesus replied: ‘man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
The second temptation was the Devil took Jesus atop a hill and asked him throw himself down so that angels will catch him. Then Jesus replied: ‘do not test God’.
The Third temptation was the Devil showed him all the Kingdoms of the world and said: ‘it’s all yours if you worship me’. Then Jesus replied: ‘yea shall worship God alone’.
What harm is there in consuming food? Gluttony is the fornication of the mouth. Fill the belly to zest. Mirth it with a canopy of food and a collage of wine. The Rabbi says: ‘blessed are the food eaters for they shall be glorious gluttons in the kingdom of hell’.
If I was in God’s place, I would have definitely take the plunge and ask the angels to catch me. To soar like a bird downhill is a scintillating delight. The Rabbi says: Blessed are the ecstatic for they shall obtain ecstasy.
What harm is there in desiring wealth, riches and fame. Mammon is the soul of wealth. The rabbi says: blessed are those who seek wealth: for they shall be wealthy.

Bible Numerology Magic

When I read God’s WORD: The Bible I am humbled. The Bible is a grand design of a Master Architect. The New Testament and the Old Testament are so intricately connected. Every Word in scripture is so intimately connected and The Bible is more fascinating—more than Da Vinci Code. Let me describe the magical numerology which God revealed to me.

The Books of the Bible are 12. So too are the tribes of Old Testament Israel found in the Old Testament. 1+2=3 and 3 symbolizes the Trinity: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Again the 12 tribes of Israel are divided into camps of three and we get the number 4. And we get three groups of 12. It was 12 years when Jesus entered the temple and conducted discourses with the priests. 4 is symbolic for the four points of the cross on which Jesus died. 3 is again symbolic on the day which Jesus resurrected from the dead.


The Hebrew word for God is YHWH meaning the sacred unutterable word of God. YHWH has four letters again pointing to the four points of the cross.

Prodigal Son

The parable by Jesus about the Prodigal Son is all too familiar. The prodigal son asks his father for his inheritance and squanders it all on women and wine. And in poverty he returns to the father and queries him to accept him as his servant. The Father quite contrary to popular convention forgives him and accepts him into his household as his very own. Prodigal Son as an idiom means success, jubilation and acceptance after a period of ignominy and destitution. The Prodigal Son is not a Parable but happens in real life. Father of Heaven be a Prodigal Son to me. To be prodigal is a mistake but to become the prodigal son is a victory.

Jesus Walking On Water

It is said in the New Testament, when the storm was raging and the disciples were in a boat, Jesus walked on water and reached up to them. As an idiom, Jesus walking on water means an extraordinary event, act or thing. The survival of a head injury that I had was Jesus walking on water. Mahatma Gandhi’s victory of the British and the gaining of India’s freedom was Jesus walking on water. Nelson Mandela’s victory over apartheid was Jesus walking on water.