Potiphar’s Wife

When Joseph was employed in Potiophar’s household, his wife became enamored with Joseph. Joseph declined her amorous advances on moral grounds. This is a poem about the infatuation of Potiphar’s Wife

Darling Joseph,
Your body is bronze…
Your eyes
Poisonously radiant…
Magnificent is
Your phallus….
My body
The wine
Of Egypt….
My lips are
Pearls of
Of morn ….
My breasts
Are dancing
My orifice
Is a burning
Lake of fire…
Come my Joseph
And bed
Me to
Sweet ecstasy.

Ode to Grace

Darling Grace ……..
Love awakens in me….
for you
with poetic fervor……
I admire your
beauty with a
poet’s heart…..
I long for you
darling …..
embrace you
with the whispers
of poetry …..
My heart is settled
on the ocean of love….
Let chant kisses
on your lips…..
Let me kiss
you with mystic
delight …..
Let me make
love to you with
song of songs …..

Poem of Love

Darling ….
Whispers fondly
embrace your love…
My heart is
Flowing with
Poetic tides….
Caresses and
Are poetic music….
Let me soak
You in the mysteries
Of love….
Let me entice
Your being
With the karma
Of passion……
Let me soothe
Your body
With the love of
I am always
your heart
filled with love

Poems of Love

A poem
wells in
my heart for you….
I am a romantic
poet of the heart
and I love
the mystic wonder
of your poetic self …..
I would love to share
the passion
of the soul …..
caress the sweet
mysteries of the body
I would love to be united
with you in the
precious pearl of
romantic love …..
I would love the
mornings to be
spent in the
heart of passion…
I would love the
day to be wine
of precious poetry ….
I would love the
dusk to be romantic
poem of the heart ….
I would love the
nights to be a precious
bed of poetry


Love for you
wakes in me
like a poem …
My heart
longs for you
your mystic embrace…
Let me fill your cup
with the sweetness
of a magic potion….
Darling precious,
you are a song of love

Song of Songs

I watch the leaves
rustle in the wind ….
Oh how they
bring fond memories
of you ….
I am there with
you when the sky
is hued in pink
orange and golden
and whisper
many tidings of
love in your sweet
ears …..
I play the guitar
while you sing
a song of love…..
I want to caress
streams of poetry .,….
I want to kiss you
as a soft floating swan….
I want embrace you
with poetic passion …..
I want to feel your
body’s sweet breath….
I want taste
the saliva
on your tongue ….
I want to rub
my hands on your
body and feel it
as a tender ornament….
I want to feel the softness
of your tender breasts ….
Want to touch your
taut nipples
and suckle them
with the eloquence
of a poet ….,
I want sink in
your valley be between
you and I want to you to feel
the rich monument of my tongue ….
Yes, I want to hear you sigh in
amorous passion


Song of Love

Your romance
sweet charms
have beckoned me
as tides of a sweet ocean…
In it, I am grazing fondly
echoing to its melodies
with a poetic harp …..
I am in love with you,
soft as a flute player….
Grace on to my charms
you lovely stag ….
You nymph of the ocean,
you owe rendition to
love’s sweet ode ….
I fondly cherish the
mornings when
I can wake up in
your arms and
kiss you like flowing
water ….
Darling, I also
long for love’s
erotic bliss
with its petals
unfurled with
poetic hues ……
Melt to me
my sweet lover
I am yours


Love Poems

Poems are
Your sweet lips….
Let me melt
A lake of kisses
On you,
Your breasts
Are tender,
Sensuous and
Flowing like
A river,
Let me make
Sweet poetry
On the,
Your honey
Orifice so sweet,
Long to feast
On its sweet
Long to mount
You and penetrate
You with

Let me
Embrace you
With tender
Let me melt
Kisses of love
On your sweet
Let me adorn
My lips
And suckle your
And squeeze
Your breasts
With fondness,
Let me
Mount you
And penetrate
You with love
And sprinkle
My passion in

you blossomed
Rose of the morn….
Let me shower
You with kisses….
Let me melt
Your heart with love…
Let me echo passions
On your breasts…
Let me suck
Your sweet nectar
Like poetry….
Let me ecstasy
You to
A symphony.