September 21 2019

My mind is hovering between angst and ecstasy. Day light made me dull and lethargic. I wonder why nothing good is happening in my life. Sometimes I contemplate on suicide and sometimes I wonder what the meaning of life is. I live in a fictional self and a real self. I am trying to read a book: Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie. I read a few pages and then stop. Do you need to read all the books to write a book? I don’t think that most authors read books. I have tried not to imitate other authors but to develop my own style of writing. Writing for me is an everyday habit. My fictional self dreams of travelling to places, making love and writing. I long to retire and spend my rest of days in writing. I really don’t have any patience. I have no success at windfalls. Yeah money deserves respect. I have burned one dollar bills thinking it is Satanic but I am sorry for it. I carry a one dollar bill in my pocket. Is it a talisman for bringing luck? I don’t know! Today I heard the last part of the play Merchant of Venice taught by my mother to a child in 10th grade. I wonder why Shakespeare maligned the Jews. The Jews sure have done him no harm. Why? Why? Why? The plot of the play is rather flimsy. Shylock is asked to extract a pound of flesh from the Antonio without taking any blood. Isn’t Jews the most suffered race? One can’t underestimate the brilliance of the Jewish mind. Yes, today Jews are doing well in technology, business, arms and agriculture. The Bible states that when the Jewish people are flowering, it’s time for the second coming of Christ. It’s also written in the Bible: ‘I will bless those who bless you’ and I will curse those who curse you’. I am a gentile but as a Christian I would like to trace me lineage to Abraham. It’s a historical wonder that Abraham gave birth to races –one through Sarah as Isaac and his descendents and the other as Hagar (maid) as Ishmael and their descendants. It’s a historical mystery as to why Muslims and the Jews trace their ancestry to Abraham. I feel great to be related to the grand patriarch Abraham. The Bible is an interesting book to read. The Old Testament God was very punitive and used to punish the Jews when they departed away from him. Now with the coming of Christ in the New Testament, its grace theology for all and the rest deserved for the judgment day. It’s a wonder as to why God blessed both of the descendents of Abraham. God made Ishmael an oil rich country and Isaac he bestowed brains. It’s also a moot question as why both of Abraham’s descendents bear hatred for each other. History is a puzzling jigsaw. The thorns of History pierce the Middle East with hatred and love.


Assorted Drabble

Mr. Doodle
He was the maestro of Doodling. A scroll there, a whorl here, he molded squiggly landscapes. One day doodling was removed from his brain. He tried and tried, but nothing would come out. Art dried out of his body like swollen grapes. He sighed in lamentation and sang out a mournful song.

Checkpoint Charlie
This happened during the days when Germany was portioned into East Germany and West Germany. A young woman wanted to defect to the West. Actually she was a double agent. When she approached the soldiers at Check Point Charlie, they eyed her with perfect scrutiny and demanded a screw. All of them mounted her and humped her well. The sad part of the story is after their romping, they told her to get lost.

Guantanamo Bay
Guantanamo Bay, located close to Cuba is a famous American Prison for detaining Terrorists. Mr. Lalala of Pork Country was imprisoned there. Mr. Lalala was a rich pork merchant. The soldiers there squeezed the juice out of him by doing third degree battery. Things began to go bad to worse. Then be became acquainted with the lieutenant there who was gay. Mr. Lalala was also gay. After enjoying a feast of sex the lieutenant allowed him to go scot free.

The Voyeur
He was a fond of cunnilingus. After every session, he used to pluck out a pubic hair and store it in a stamp album. Every day, he used to eye it with wonder and guilt. He felt shame at the acts he has done. The album remained as a perfect gift for him.