Abraham the Biblical Patriarch offered his wife Sarah to him saying that it was his Sister. In a dream God warned Abimelech not to bed with Sarah. As an Idiom Abimelech means an intuition which is fortuitous. It’s fortuitous to have an Abimelech in sleep. Years back an Abimelech occurred to me showing a lottery ticket with Santa engraved on it. Does this Abimelech mean that I will win 2019 Kerala Christmas Bumper?


Beersheba is a historic land in Israel and it relates to Abraham’s time when he dug a well which King Abimelech’s servants took by force. Abraham is return gave him oxen and sheep and took over the well—Beersheba. The Old Testament names Beersheba as the ‘Well of Oath’. As an Idiom it means taking an oath. The witness took a Beersheba before the Judge.