March 23rd 2019

Morning walked across the sky lazily, spraying an aroma of colors. Tiny dwarfs of the earth chanted melodies.

I thank God for this beautiful Saturday morn. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife and two gorgeous children. My son is autistic and I am praying to God for his healing. My daughter with her teen life could have gone into muddy waters, but thanks to God and the blessed counseling of spiritual brothers, she is in beautiful water and is happily pursuing a course in dental science.

I was intensely reading the Gospel of Mathew and I came upon some new discoveries. There was a youth who wanted to follow Jesus and said to Jesus: I have obeyed all your commands. Then Jesus said to him: sell all your riches and give it to the poor and the needy and then follow me. The youth went away distraught. Jesus said to his disciples it is more difficult for a man with riches to enter the kingdom of Heaven than for a Camel to enter the eye of a needle. I was awe-struck by this profound metaphor. Yes, Christ the Lord teaches in the Lord’s Prayer: ‘Father Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread’. It is virtually impossible for a man with riches to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I wonder how God will judge celebrity Evangelists who flaunt their wealth and are out to dupe the innocent. Is Christianity a way of making money? The answer is no! Is Christianity a way of making millions? Is it right for Christian evangelists to show off with flashy sport cars and private Jets which are luxurious? Are they emulating Christ who lived a simple life? Aren’t they being hypocrites!
When the little children came to Jesus, they were shooed away by the disciples. Jesus said bring the little ones to me. The Jesus said: whoever wants to enter the kingdom of heaven must be like little Children. Little Children as an idiom means, being morally pure. I was addicted to pornography and during that time I was far away from being a little child. It is hard for grownups to be little children.

Then I came across the amazing Parable of Jesus. An estate manager wanted to hide laborers for his vineyard. In the morning he went to the market and hired people and offered them wages. This he went in the afternoon and evening and did the same. When the labor was over: he distributed the same wages. The workers complained that this was unfair. The estate manager replied that the giving of wages is left to the discretion of the master. It means that an early bird and a late bird catches the worm equally. Christ does not discriminate between the early and the late comers.

Then as I was reading the Gospel of Mathew, Jesus took some of his disciples and went on top of a hill and underwent transmogrification (change of form). Jesus changed his form into a divine body. Moses and Elijah were also with him. His body shone like the rays of the sun and his eyes twinkled with fire. There was a rainbow of a halo on his head. Transmogrification as idiom means having a spiritual character. Humans housed in the body of flesh find it difficult to be transmogrified. We have to develop the nature of transmogrification.


Time in the Novel

For a long time I was bewitched with the idea of representing time in the Novel. After many years of search a Newton fell on my head. There is one kind of time called narrative time (also called dialogic time) where the writer pursues his inner consciousness. In the postmodern novel this kind of time is represented through the streams of consciousness. On the other hand there is symbolic time, an enunciation of the past, present and future also called as lived time.

New Idioms

Getting a Sunshine
Getting a sunshine means to have luck at the lottery or to get a windfall. I hope a big sunshine will happen to me on Thursday. Today I hope to get a small sunshine.

Put Flowers

Put Flowers as an idiom to means to add a large sum to your bank account. I hope to put flowers soon (ASP).

Lollipop means to have oral sex. I enjoy doing the Lollipop with my wife.

Circumcision as an idiom means failure to accept facts. He has a circumcision of thoughts.

Superstitions from Kerala

In the land of Kerala there prevail these strange superstitions. When you buy or take a puppy home, some amount of salt should be given by the seller or else there will be a quarrel between the buyer and the seller. Its good luck to see a corpse traveling in the opposite direction on the other hand a corpse traveling in the same direction is bad luck. To see a cat crossing your path is bad luck. To see a cow urinating is good luck. If the house lizard squeaks what you are thinking will come true. If you are sneezing someone is talking about you.