May 21st 2020

Waking up Lazarus
While reading the New Testament I stumbled upon on this idiom. When Lazarus died and Mary and Martha his sisters were weeping, Jesus came to the place only after three days. But when Jesus came, he went to the grave of Lazarus and miraculously brought him back to life. Waking up Lazarus as in Idiom means good and fortunate things happening in one’s life. Yes, I want to experience waking up Lazarus.

Rain an Epiphany

Crystals poured from the sky. Thunder was a deafening roar. The clouds were belly bloated. Pink Clothes streaked across the sky. Metaphors lay as puddles on the ground. The earth smelled sweet as a baby’s hair.

The Hoax
I got a letter from a family situated in UAE wanting a tutor of English for their child. They introduced themselves as people of French nationality. Later on I sent my resume to them. Then I had a call from UAE from a person with an Arabic accent speaking English asking me to sign the offer letter. When I opened my mail, to my chagrin they asked me service charges for my visa and tickets. And then I realized it was a hoax. It’s strange that Arabs are also involved as scammers.

Maurice Blanchot
Maurice Blanchot is a French philosopher and novelist. He equates the philosophy of Death to writing. What is death in writing is not clear? Every word I strike with the pen is a body being lowered into its grave. Every thought added becomes a resurrection. Another interesting thought of his is a flower in literature has meanings other then what the flower signifies. An example would: I did poetry to her and made her a flower of meanings.

Pulp Vs Literary Fiction

Pulp fiction is mass adored fiction. But writing pulp fiction is not an easy one. One may have to do a lot of research or one may have to read up history and one may have to visit art galleries and museums. All pulp fictions are who-done-it stories. Pulp fictions provide the reader with entertainment.

Roland Barthes has said there are two kinds of fictions: one a writerly one and the other a readerly one. A writerly fiction is the one over which the reader constructs dialogues. It can be done through analysis and reviews.

The author of Literary Fiction is an artist-novelist. Literary fiction is a pure work of art. It is like a surreal or cubist painting. Literary fiction is meta-fiction where the author alludes to the self. In other words: the author is self-reflexive. The author weaves the pen through a mass of inter-textuality. One author becomes many fictional selves. Literary fiction is creative, adventurist and futuristic. Literary fiction can have legends within legends.

Assorted Drabble

Impractical Priest
He is reverend Sam. One day we went to visit him to tell him that our son was autistic. He happened to be qualified behavioral psychologist. In our next meeting he started taking classes on behavioral psychology. It was all Greek to us. He did not provide any solutions to our son’s problem. We were in demand for something practical and not something that was theoretical.

The Advocate’s room
I went to the advocate’s room to register a land deed. On his table were some curious mementos. One was an emblem of India, a pillar with four lions which was King Asoka’s emblem, his signage Close to that was a tiny grotto and standing on it was Mary and the son Jesus. On the wall was a Palm Sunday leaf with the sign of the cross.


Dawn Sonata
The glory of light, musky hues of red, orange and purple shone in delightful efflorescence. Origami floated in the misty air with the art of eloquence. The sky daffodils into a brilliant hue of a mystic pulchritude. The clouds are weaving clothes and painting violins. There, I see ribs, moths and gigantic butterflies. Morn awakens my consciousness to a plethora of a taste for art. The whole of nature is recreated as gardens of poetry.

Kuala Lumpur Nights
I bring to memory: Kuala Lumpur nights, the time I spent with my significant other. It was a memorable time of shared love and passion. Mr. Lee, her friend received me at the airport. As I was traveling through the speed lane, he was boasting that KL road is free from any sort of disturbance and as we were passing by, we noticed something big lying on the road. When we approached it, it was a dead cow; probably it has been run over. We booked into a budget hotel and Lee was also booked in same hotel. At that time Lee asked whether I should spend my night in his room, and my significant other intervened with a smile and said: ‘no Mr. Lee’ and took hold of my hands and led me to her room. She was quite shy; so too was I. She smiled and said she washes her hotspot with tooth lotion. Eroticism became a romantic poem. Intimacy generated an Eros of a passionate music. Then in the morning we visited the KL Towers. The twin towers, huge in stature resembled the shape of a phallus. Yes the shape of the phallus has changed from worship, art to a symbolism of utility. When we reached its pinnacle: I looked down and I could see that the traffic and people down looked like tiny ants. For lunch we had a sumptuous Malaysian cuisine of roasted fish and rice. Later on we parted with goodbyes and vowed to meet again and share our love.

Evening a Narrative

The Sun sends a poetic invitation; colors, red, orange and purple are mystics chanting in the sky; I watch the dusky light fall on trees; birds flow in unison as a gentle singing of a thousand harps; clouds are paintings; there lies a brook; there lies a gigantic bird; there an abstract painting; the pulchritude of nature is a marvelous sight; the sky is becoming darker and darker; night has crept in like an erotic invitation.

Mini Fictions

Ghodra Incident
Ghodra incident which took place in India is the result of religious animosity between Hindus and Muslims. Initially a train bogie carrying Hindu devotees out on a pilgrimage were charred to death by the Muslims and then after rioting ensued and many Muslims 1000 to 2000 lost their lives and many became homeless. This has created a dent in the secular fabric of India. It is believed that a prominent political figure Mr. M was responsible for these riots. Ghodra as idiom means killing and persecution by different religious groups of a country.

Memoir from Uttar Pradesh

This was seen on TV. A child who was seriously ill was taken by the mother to a primary health care center. They referred the child to a district hospital. But there was not even a basic facility like an ambulance. The child went to sleep. The woman was wailing and running with child on her shoulders. Yogi are you listening?

Pragmatopience a Post-Post Modern Philosophy

Pragmatopience is a post-post modern Philosophy. It is derived from the words: pragmatism, Utopianism, and Sapience.

I would like to explain how these words: pragmatism, utopianism and sapience (wisdom) alter the course of philosophy as pragmatopience.

Pragmatism refers to philosophy of putting theory into an application or process. How can new content be created through examining its philosophical etymology. One way to do it is by a process of Materialist-Humanism. In this world of today where cultures and economies go global, there is a greater range of cooperation and participation. Cooperation should involve the transfer of technologies and participation of cultures. Cultures become a practice of intermingling and sharing and thereby reaching a consensus of global catharsis. Technology should have a human face. Yes, the social media sites like Face Book, Twitter and Instagram helps to network people from all over the world. So too is Amazon, reaching out to parallel economies and markets and helping artisans and small traders to sell their work. News on Social Media becomes Viral and Markets merge with the adoption of technologies. Webinars and infotainment are so commonly popular. Materialism is to have economic gains and humanism is to have a human face.

The next ingredient of Pragmatopience is utopian becoming Pragmautopian. It’s is an ideal that is perfected to reality. This can occur through a process of dialogic-democratic-solidarity. Dialogism is the Philosophy of dialogue nurtured by Michael Bakhtin. Today there’s a shift of equilibrium from a nation to that of internationalism. Dialogue and Negotiation are done to solve recurring economic and political problems occurring in geo-politics. Workers, Unions, minorities and Pressure Groups protest with the majority and vie their presence using the dialogic tool as a narrative of struggle.

The next element of Pragmatopience is Sapience and Sapience means religious wisdom. Put in practice, it refers to the practice of finding solutions to problems. Sapience asks the questions should technologies should be patented or should they be used for the benefit of mankind. Some websites like Face Book, Twitter and Instagram offer a free service and they go a long way to support global democracy. Sapience deals with the rhetoric of persuasion. Sapience involves the Hegelian dictums: first a thesis, then an antithesis and finally a synthesis. First comes the protest or struggle, then comes the persuasion and finally darts the conclusion. Let’s look at the Palestinian problem from Sapience. They have reached a stage of Hegel’s thesis and antithesis. They are yet to reach a synthesis. Sapience looks at structures that create binary oppositions.

Idioms from Judaism

Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai is famous in history as the mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments. As an idiom Mount Sinai marks an important historical event all over the world. The Corona pandemic is a Mount Sinai.

Slaughter the Bull at the Altar
Old Testament Jews used to slaughter the bull at the altar for atonement and for worship. Slaughtering the Bull at the altar as an idiom means getting a remission for a wrong doing. Some rich scoundrels belonging to India like Vijay Malllia and Deeraj Modi have got a bull to slaughter.