Mount Ararat

God told Noah to build an ark to escape from the floods. When the floods receded, the ark rested on Mount Ararat. Mount Ararat as an idiom means a resting place. The grave is a Mount Ararat for people who don’t live anymore. Sleep comes to me as soon as I am in Mount Ararat. I rested on Mount Ararat and did poetry with her.




With humble apologies to you Modi—Prime Minister of India, you have rammed the Economy to a dismal abyss by your ingenuous scheme of Demonetization. It’s no wonder that the Reserve Bank of India governor resigned. Modi is an idiom for ruin and pillage of the financial economy. Thanks to Demonetization, India has become a Modi.

Song of Love

Love’s a
passionate rose,
opening wide the
petals with sensual
kisses …..
Let’s caress and
embrace like a
beautiful rainbow.
Darling, you
fruit of passion ….
Lay with me
and let me
taste your orifices
laden with honey….
Let me fondle your
body like strings
of a guitar….
Let our nights
be a sweet song of
music …..
Let me flow
your lake
taste its
nectar and
ecstasy you
with amorous

Daily Journal

A lot has been happening in my life. Got a job in Qatar as a teacher to teach 6th 7th and 8th grades. The job became a bug in my life. I used to prepare well and deliver lessons by lecture method. But the authorities weren’t happy. I was constantly being reprimanded and cautioned that my teaching was not up to the mark of the school. I feel CBSE curriculum is an outdated one. The lessons are vague and are not connected. The topic jumps from one event to another. I also had to teach Qatar history. It’s quite a bore and with the Qatari royal family being lauded for no reason. To make matters worse, I had to share an accommodation with three of my roommates. On the 29th the Principal called me and said that I am not doing justice to my students or the subject. I blurted that I will resign. He conveyed the same to the management. The boss called me and gave give me sound noise whipping. He said I am not fit to be a teacher and that he has been receiving complaints from the students and parents. I felt sad and disheartened. He gave me the ticket back home and my one month’s salary. So now I am at home. I have fixed up an appointment with a whore and I hope to have some good fun.