Superstitions From Kerala

Superstitions from Kerala

Every country and culture has many superstitions and here I would like to present some superstitions from Kerala.

If at all you are buying or exchanging a puppy, the receiver has to give some salt and if not there will be a quarrel between the buyer and the giver.

If you are traveling and you find a corpse being carried in the opposite direction, then it’s good luck for you.

When a cat crosses your path while traveling, it’s considered to be a bad omen.

When a house is renovated or built anew, the lady of the house will boil milk till it overflows. This considered to auspicious.


July 18th 2019

July 18, 2019
Morning queued itself as an epic poem. The muses serenaded with poetic whim. I feel so grateful to God—Jehovah for giving me a blessed life.

While reading the gospel: I came across the incident where the disciples were on a boat and then the tempests raged. Then they cried out to Jesus: Master Save us. Then Jesus walked on water and calmed the storm. He said to them: you are of little faith. Little Faith as an idiom means having not having the faith and innocent trust in God. Even though I am a believer, sometimes I am of little faith.

I am very fond of the Romantic Movement. Wordsworth defines it as the spontaneous overflow of feeling. It means implanting a rich plethora into animate and inanimate things. I am forced to live a life of romantic ecstasy. Yes in romanticism brooks murmur, rivers flow in speech, the mountain breathes a passion, thunder roars in anger, poets float in the sky, waves frolic in passion, winds kiss in noisy breath, lovers pour passion on the bed and so on.

I am also fascinated by Ezra Pound’s imagism. Pound has defined Imagism as an ‘intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time’. Poems transform themselves into profound images. Let’s look at some examples. Morning wore a doctor’s stethoscope. He lay on the bed covered with maggots. Gray christened into a loud shout. Poems wore images of dusk. Passions raged from the ring of fire. Romance sung a duet in the sky. His anger was as cloudy as the sky. Beautiful poems blossomed in the garden. The landscape lay trembling with an echo. Stones breathe in whispers. The lovers kissed like a musical garden. The tomb was covered with desolate grass. Beauty, you are the charm of the soul. Poetry is a rich tapestry of meaning. Ecstasy is a ripe fruit. Dogs do omen howls. Peace is a dove released from the earth. The seed is meaning of life and the fruit the rich harvest of life. The spring mimics a metaphor. Irony is an empty wallet. Sounds bark, and colors grimace. I am not impressed with your metallic phrases. The mountains are chanting fire.

A Psychic Story

I was an avid follower of the theories of Carl Gustav Jung the Swizz psychiatrist. Notable are his contributions especially the theory of the Collective Unconscious, a world that is shared by all humanity. He is also noted for the theory of archetypes and he has created (drawn) the wise seer Philemon.

While I was reading his Memories Dreams and Reflections, a strange thing happened. The lit candle fell by its own accord on to the book decimating a large portion of it. I was reading about the collective unconscious.
I wonder why this memory which happened years back is now coming to prominence in my mind. Yes, Jung can be part of my collective unconscious and I welcome him to be a part of me.

Assorted Drabble

Couch Potato
My wife’s night is spent in watching the news, celebrity gossip, TV Serials and commercials. She is a couch potato.
I am also a couch potato but my tastes are remarkably different. I lie on the bed ruminating about visiting famous art galleries—about my favorite artists like Van Gogh, Picasso and Dali. I would also love to travel to exotic places and fever my pen with exciting relish. I have also the joy of sharing thoughts on Philosophy, Poetry and Fiction.
Yes couch potatoes are stunningly different.

The Book
The Book Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie is banned in India for its blasphemy for the Muslims. However, to my happiness, I got one smuggled out of Canada. It lay in my shelf for many years without being read. The day I picked it up for reading, my conservative wife told she has consumed it to the flames. I wonder why Indians are raising such a hullaballoo for a book.

Biblical Thoughts

The Bible’s Blessed verse is (Mathew 7: 7&8) Ask and you shall receive: Seek and you shall find: Knock and it will be opened. This verse has a spiritual and materialistic meaning. What is the Spiritual meaning? First of all we need spiritual humility. Secondly we should be souls who thirst for the scriptural word. Thirdly we have to realize that after our life on earth—there’s a heavenly place reserved for us by God. Fourthly we should not be trapped by the snares of Sin as it causes death.

The next level of meaning is a material blessing from God. God our creator knows all our needs and by prayer we can overcome all financial obstructions. God will open his hands and bless you financially.

Next I would like to take up the parable of the seed and try to legitimize its Christian meaning. In the parable, a farmer throws seeds on open ground. It is not able to grow and becomes infertile. A spiritual meaning is we do not pay ears to the word of God. At a materialistic level we are confronted by life’s worries and become hopelessly discouraged. The next seed falls on rock and they also perish. A spiritual meaning is we accept the word but chose to ignore it. In life’s situations we become failures to achieve goals. We feel disappointed with our self. We to have face shame and ignominy. The next bunch of seeds falls on thorns. A spiritual meaning of it is we become God-haters. At a materialistic level we chose to live a life of profligacy. The next bunch of seeds falls on good ground where it flourishes and yields good fruit. A moral implication is that we live a spiritual like tuned to the will of God and by supplication ask God for the nets mercy and blessing. At a materialistic level we are blessed abundantly by God. We can live a life that is hunky dory. We are able to experience a peace that passes all understanding.

Ham Ham

Once upon a time, there was a democratic country called HAM HAM. Democrats called Bacon ruled the country. With the passage of time, the Bacon party lost in the elections to a party which was far right and fundamentalist –called Salmon. Members of the Salmon party started persecuting people who formed a religious minority. There were two minorities—one being followers of the BOOK and the other being followers of the PROPHET. Often members of the Salmon party paraded evangelists, pastors and apostles naked on the street. They also did a dastardly deed of burning a Missionary alive with his children. The members of the Salmon party won a landslide victory by rigging the Electronic Voter Machines. Now they are planning to change the constitution of the Country. The followers of the BOOK and the Prophet will be persecuted and thrown out under their regime. The coming to power by the Salmon party shows that democracy has been defeated.

A Compilation of New Idioms

Out to Make a Fast Buck
Out to make a fast buck as an idiom means exploiting someone financially. When it comes to money matters he is a fast buck.
Butter fly was an idiom means being very happy. If I win a jackpot bumper, I will be a butterfly.
Covered with snow
Covered with snow means, encountering a problematic situation. In my life I don’t want to be covered with snow.

Ice means a cadaver. The ice was kept in the morgue.

Cut it open
Cut it open as an idiom means examining the feelings of a person. Let me cut it open. I don’t like anybody cutting me open.

Tree of Knowledge
Tree of knowledge stands for a conspiracy. The writing and the logo of the 1$ Bill is a tree of knowledge.

Good Weather
Good weather represents a happy and pleasant life. Dear God, how I long for a life of good weather. Oh God Jehovah Jesus may my life from today onwards be one of good weather.

Pestilence means to have troubles and worries in life. I don’t want my life to be one of pestilences.

Tongue of the Serpent
Tongue of the serpent means to speak falsely. I don’t indulge with the tongue of the serpent.

Flight of Birds
Flight of Birds represents a huge windfall gain. Oh Dear God Jehovah Jesus may I have the flight of birds tomorrow.

Green stands for being wealthy. Oh God, let be green on this earth.

Blessing as an idiom means a life of joy. Oh God, let my life be a blessing.

Bloom means to have an orgasm. I bloomed in her.

Kangaroo’s pouch
Kangaroo’s pouch as an idiom means to take bribes. The corrupt official takes the kangaroo’s pouch.

Dry Fruit
Dry fruit represents something lucky to happen after waiting for a long period of time. I hope a dry fruit will happen to me as soon as possible.

Climbing Ladders
Climbing ladders shows a person with optimism. In my walk of life I am climbing ladders.

Bracelet means a beautiful woman. Princess Diana was a bracelet.

On the Roof
On the roof stands for a lucky phase in one’s life. Yes my days will be transformed into standing on the roof.

On Fire
On fire means to have a troubled mind. I don’t wish my life to be on fire.

Shark as an idiom means to be an aggressive person. When it comes to matters of business he is a shark.

Opera stands a work of art. Picasso’s Guernica is an opera.

Forest as an idiom means to have a mind of lively imagination. Sometimes my mind is a forest.

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden is to have a life of comfort, ease and luxury. I pine my life for it to be a Garden of Eden.

Saving Pennies
Saving Pennies means to be very stingy. In my life I am not saving pennies.