September 30th 2019

I was able to coin some new metonymies today. Here they are:

He caught a sea of fish. The All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid is money. The walls of my brain are trembling with excitement. She wore a garden of veils around her face. I long to pierce the chains of bad luck. I love to have money floating in my purse like Mermaids. Let the seed that you birth, prosper into fruit. Make a rudder to steer the storm of adversity. May the Shepherd’s Crook strike a huge windfall. His limbs were stiff as a cadaver. The air was cold as ice. I am going to marry a Mermaid. What is the harm of counting the chicken before they are hatched? Jesus said: I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE; they are edible fruits for a good life. The winds of fortune are blowing favorably for me. The plot of the Novel is hackneyed and no longer relevant. Socrates you were murdered for Democracy. He was looking like an antique clown. Works of art hung on the wall. I will emerge out victorious from ashes and dust to the fair winds of recognition. The effort made by the tortoise was more valuable than the sloth of the hare. The Bridegroom Dresses the Church his bride. A dancer was crawling on the wall. His mind was polluted with lechery. Thought rises as a plateau and the sinks as a valley. My feelings have crossed the isles of imagination. I live with a creative heart. The leaves of dusk brighten with the coming of the sun. Mind is Reason and the Body is Passion.
Should a Writer use Sex in the Novel
For many writers, this is an ambivalent question. With the mammoth spread of pornography on the web, writing about sex is rather old fashioned. Yes, the writer has to draw a fine line between sex and smut. It is necessary to use flowery language while penning sex. Give a reign to the pen; let it become a flower on whose the intercourse is carried by the pouring of ink. Some examples are: My Dearest Beloved, your body is chiseled like wheat; your breasts are a bounty of grain; let me lip your mouth is ecstatic mirth; let me sprinkle your fountain with joy of passionate love; let’s bliss into the river of passionate love.

September 29th 2019

Morning sky bore a cosmic look. I woke up fresh after a sedated sleep. In my little village, Kurianoor, birds flock in hordes and their twittering and cheeping sounds are a heavenly music to the ear.

I thought a lot about literature that I love with my heart and soul. Words are precious gems of moods and emotions.

I was wondering about the birth of Irony. Irony is being born from our deepest desires, moods, feelings and passions. Irony seeks a release in the human world where everything is topsy turvy. As our feelings go older with age, we realize that our desires can’t be satisfied to the fullness and irony awakens and writers adorn their pen with it.

I am not sure about what to write. I am allowing my pen to flow all the way. For a writer the meaning of life is a jocund pen. A pen flowers from the writer’s heart. Writer’s text is the flesh and blood of writing. The writer pushes forth a baby from the vagina. Sometimes writers put on a mask while writing. Sometimes the writer puts words which cannot be expressed. For a writer there’s real self and a fictional self. Many a time there’s an erotic intercourse with words. The meaning of life for a writer is found in the pen of words.

My loins burn with fire. Evening’s carpet is pulchritude. I erupted in her as molten lava. The wave brought out a child. I had an outing with the stars. God is there to smooth the storm. Death was falling gently on to the ground. I am the prodigal son returning to the father. I blissed her with love. Born in the manger is one of rejoicing. The ark walked on land before building the ark. She became an ecstasy of vaginal music. I live with the ocean of feeling. Karate gave a flying kick. I hope my mind won’t be imprisoned within the four walls of my brain


I pondered the meaning of Meta-Fiction in postmodern writing. What does meta-fiction mean? Meta-fiction is Fiction within Fiction. Some attributes of Meta-fiction are: unreliable narrator, extreme irony, allusion, pun, pastiche and lampoon.

Unreliable Narrator

What does an unreliable narrator mean? The author becomes a narrator and super vents the meaning of the text. The author plays with the text and engages the reader to discriminate between fiction and reality. Unreliable narrator relates very much to the theater of Brecht.

Another feature of Postmodern Fiction is extreme irony. The writing of the author is a brain infested with a swarm of lice. Extreme irony proceeds on the grounds that the world is topsy turvy and that there is nothing perfect in the world.

Post Modern Fiction also indulges in inter-textuality. The author constructs a dialogue with existing texts. Let’s take some examples from the Bible. Let’s look at the life of the grand patriarch Abraham. Abraham stands as an idiom for loyalty, trust and faithfulness. James Joyce cane be related to an author who was confused with his Irish Catholicism and Greek Hellenism. Joyce was aspiring to be Nietzsche’s Ubermensch.

The next characteristic of postmodern fiction is referral to allusion. Some examples are: we have to clean the Augean stables of Democracy. The statue of Liberty stands for freedom and liberty. We must imbibe the peace and non violence of Mahatma Gandhi.

The use of Puns is also reminiscent of Postmodern Fiction. For example: Lend your arms and arms for the nation. The Mazeonic emblem is an enigma. Eyeinglish is my favorite language.

The next feature of Postmodern Fiction is writing in the style of the pastiche. It is writing in the style of an older text to show its flaws with humor. Some examples are: His voice was a Cathedral of Honor. Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children creates the illusion of characters born on Indian independence and having psychic powers. Modern India has become corporate power, dismantling Gandhi’s concept of a Village.

The next feature of Postmodern Fiction is lampoon. Lampoon is making a satire. For example: The Marxian Ideal of a perfect state, blends with the idea of the Kingdom of God as proclaimed by liberation theology and both are showing their demise in a phallic driven free market economy.

September 27th 2019

Morning serenaded as a song. I took two classes. I was able to coin some metonymies.

The fur wagged a lot. The ocean carried the passengers on a voyage. The mystery of the smiling lips is a Da Vincian master piece. Mt stomach was a paining gargoyle. Fornication makes me a carnal, guilty beast. The Swastika under the regime of Hitler became a demon of Jew-annihilation. Palestinians are a wounded race. He told a book of lies. I am going to get the feathers of fortune. Parrots gossiped in the cage. Then pastry was celestial to taste. Clove Cigarettes of Indonesia remind me of an aromatic metaphor. A Stethoscope examined me. Lust is cancer of the mind. History is eyes looking into the past and peeping into the future. Fairies danced in the sky. The occult reading was fake. Reading of numbers is a pack of lies. Eying the lines of the palm is a superstitious trifle. Rushdie ransacked the Quran when he wrote the Satanic Verses. Modi is the Prime Minister of a fascist democracy. The native of poetry is ornamental prose. An ornament of poetry was written on his grave. Lord, free me from the clutches of poverty. The eyes of the sky dazzled at night. Rain poured a rhythmic melody. The knife of the pen cut open the word. Shadows danced as wings on angels. I am a lover of fortune’s bank. Odyssey and the Iliad you have taken shape in me as writing. I long to attach the luck of Cinderella’s shoe. The sun gobbled the sky. Paris is the brothel of my mind and Philippines the brothel of my body. My soul dances with the joy of making words. Hope is an elastic spreading the joy of luck into the future. The Literature of Kerala is 100%. My body is a slave of Alcoholization. Poetic Petals danced in gay music. I am writing till my pen breaks. Sun Shine: penetrate my body with love. Let me resurrect in words. The book of life lives in Heaven. My fictional self has got gargantuan desires. The future is a harp waiting to give you the hand of luck. The brain is a perfect machine. To worship idols is to be dead in the spirit. Christ is the bridegroom waiting for the Bride. India does not give the freedom to read Heretic literature. Who will win the 2019 Prize for the Book? KFC is a tasty Colonel. Kashmir is a sick Union Territory of India. Media is a publishing machine, brain washing people through the press of industrialization. The spear of compromise can lead to sin. The egg laying crowed three times. The pen is a beastly creature come to life. God, replenish my purse to the brim. The Ego is an eagle in flight. The trunk is auspicious in getting things done. Beauty is the mirror of nature. Feelings are a carpet of emotion. God, help me win a financial victory. The faucet of the sky poured on to the earth. Don’t sabotage the body with addiction. I love to be a Mogul of words. Black wings crowed near me. Is it a sign that something good is going to happen in my life? Poetry of melody is the prose of rhythm. Marijuana you are the flower to experience Niravanic Ecstasy. Hitler made Germany into butcher nation. Let my words flower like the garden of autumn. Beef thigh hung on the hook as veils covered with blood. Diplomacy of a nation is a dove wanting peace. Joyssance, you are a delightful, passionate, sensual ecstasy. Providence, fund me as an enriching purse. From Utopia to Practopia, life is a garden to be lit with joy. 26 Alphabets are my bread and butter. Passion is an erotic body gifting her song of love in the heart. Chorus of birds are floating through the sky. I am delighted in writing a crowd of words. The windows of fortune are going to arrive for me. Adultery is a sinful game. Communism carried the cross of equality but Communism died, and there resurrected a capitalist juggernaut. I made her flower wet and she kissed me with gratitude. My wounds of being rejected are acute; I can’t seem to forget them. David the king was a Shepherd at heart.

September 26th 2019

September 26, 2019
Today was also an idle day as I did not have to do any work. I coined an imaginary word and here it is: ORIGINARYBINARYKINEMATORICORGANRY.

I thought deeply about irony as a figure of speech. Irony is a hint to show that nothing is perfectly alright in this world.
I was also able to coin some new Metonymies.


He poured a fountain. Birds chirped musically. The lilies of the field are Solomon’s Robes. The press is reading the Newspaper every day. Anthems floated in the air. While her brook overflowed, she whimpered in ecstasy. I am collecting bank notes. The river swam to the other side of the pool. He has a thick scalp of emotion. His mind is a burning ring of fire. While talking: he shot missiles at the opponent. He licked the poetry of words as a loving gesture. When will the winds of fortune blow favorably to my side? Luck is providence giving a gift. The cleaner broomed the wall. Reading of stars is often inaccurate. The singing lizard is a sign of good luck. Money, travel to me as a grasshopper. The gown was dark without light. A round face glistened in the night sky. Pick-up-women serenaded Jakarta’s night sky. Mother Teresa is an icon of charity. The needles are moving forward as musical rhythms. When will the bank of mine improve? Is the fortune that I seek found in a pen? Democracy elected him as the president. India won the match by 10 Wickets. To live life as poetry and art is beautiful. Words are ants in the giant of prose. Love life: throw caution to the winds. Fireworks of pleasure burst in my heart. Is the love for a woman an oedipal desire? Romance is the garden of flowers. The mouth paints kisses of petals. Lord, make the earth of desire come true. Pearls twinkled in the sky. Democracy you lose out on good candidates. Rainbow smiled at me. My thirst for knowledge and wisdom is extreme. He told a book of lies. I am going to get the feathers of fortune. Parrots gossiped in the cage. The pastry was celestial to taste. The clove cigarettes of Jakarta remind me of an aromatic metaphor.

September 25th 2019

Today I did not take any classes. I did odd jobs today. Today was an idle day but not for my brain. I was thinking about the tropes—figures of speech, especially about Metaphors and Metonymy. They are so amazingly identical and I thought of letting my pen go loose on them. I also thought of Malaprop.

She sheeted her husband.
She was singing muse-ic

He mouthed obscenities. Arms shot a man. The flower blossomed in her garden. Let the law take its own course. Her mind was bitter grapes. The author is a sea of imagination. Gardens flowered the pen. The desert of habit is boring. He trimmed the beard of the lawns. Hope is a God Given Gift. He wore the looks of steal. Don’t Shakespearize my angst. Christ is the heaven of love. Christ is the earth of Grace. A tempest of fury raged in her. Hotel California portrays the decadence and disillusionment of the 70’s. Princess Diana is a miserable death. Rock Stars grind as musical devils. I live with the taste of Indonesian Grilled Fish. Clove cigarettes of Indonesia are the smoke of perfume. Gandhi is a peaceful sanctuary. Limbs of God adorned her neck. Taj is a monument remembered in the heart.

Conventionalizing Tropes

Conventionalizing tropes is a systemic effort made to categorize tropes which occur in different disciplines of thought.

Tropes can be Literary, Philosophical, Political and Psychological and according to the way in which they are embedded in the sculpture of the text.
What are literary tropes? Literary tropes adorn a poetic form. Here are some examples: The Chirp that floats in air is a serene music. Our love became a blossom of flowers. My tongue is hidden in a poetic garden. Streams murmur a poetic heart. The wind howls in sorrowful misery. My thoughts are a flowing river. Green is the magic carpet enveloping nature. The waves bring forth mirth and laughter. The wind that strikes the cheek is a metaphor. Metaphors gather honey from a beehive. Nature is a lover at heart. What songs of beauty do flowers sing? Rainbow colors the chords of happiness. Angst is a withered plant. Gandhi was an ocean of peace. They clung together like flowers of ecstasy.

What are political tropes? Political tropes express a political theme. Some examples are: Palestine is a hot volcano. The dawn of peace is always in the refugee’s heart. The Indian fanatic party is assassinating democracy, freedom and liberty. UK is the Brexit that failed. We need to clean the Augean stables of corrupt politicians. Jihad is a demon of democracy. The IS is a sword of Damocles. Marx is an ideology that died. The pen is the liberator of democracy. Democracy what an ideal? How much blood has been shed in your name? Contemporary capitalism is rich bacon of a few elites and poor stale bread of the masses.

What are psychological tropes? Psychological tropes are those tropes which express some psychological content. Here are some examples: Narcissism is a poison of the body. Dreams are content of language signified. Hamlet’s killing of his stepfather was based on the oedipal complex. The mirror stage is a booklet to decipher narratives in texts, films and music. Deify the ID, Liberate the Ego and subvert the Super Ego.

What are Philosophical figures of speech? Let’s take Plato’s allegory as an example. There is a dark cave in which there are hordes of people. From the wall of the cave there emanates a shaft of light. The people grapple for the light. What Plato means here is that there is an ideal world of forms, a reality that exists in the Metaphysical world. Let’s take the Philosopher Nietzsche’s theory of art. Art is the salmagundi of the Apollonian and the Dionysian. The Apollonian elements are harmony and melody and the Dionysian elements are rhythm and beat. Art occurs at the confluence of these elements.

Philosophical Fiction

Philosophical Fiction
I have started a new genre of writing called as Philosophical Fiction. Philosophical Fiction represents the savory Biryani (rice mixed with meat and vegetables. Philosophical Fiction aims to created an art-novel with dissemination of ideas. In one sense, it is a written painting with the splurge of colors that a encompassed by a maverick novelist it. Tropes in the novel bear a highest degree of art. Some tropes used are metaphors, similes, metonyms, synecdoche, oxymoron, zeugma, rhetorical question and many others forms. Some examples are: Picasso howls on a Cubist canvas. Beethoven melodies electric sandwiches. Beauty thy figure is a trope. The students filtered out of the classroom in hullaballoo. Marx’s religion is dead. The sea is tranquil and violent. Pearls twinkled in the sky. Both James and his religion died. The warlock’s earrings twinkled like a bell. Oh Democracy: what crimes are committed in thy name. Shame is fractured in a skin that’s repentant.

Again Philosophical Fiction distills ideas. Here I am starting from the Existential Philosophy of atheistic nihilism. For them life has no meaning and living is a chaotic absurdity. I am creating in my fiction a philosophy called as value ontology. I affirm that life has a meaning and purpose and we are living and leading our lives as purposists with a philosophy of Valeuablization. I shift my ontological perspectives to a constructivism. I adhere to the view of life being preciousness.

Again Philosophical encompasses character sketches. Character sketches are resonances of the soul. Yes, Characters indulge in the libidinal beauty of the soul. Characters leave ashes of existential fetishes. Characters are liberated narcissists. In Philosophical fiction character’s inner consciousness is given more importance and purpose. Characters dance in the eclecticism of the pen. Little value is given to physical looks.

Plot in fiction belongs to the old genre of fiction the who -done -it novels. There are only two plots in fiction, one a narrative plot and the other a symbolic plot. In a narrative plot the reader knows what is happening but the characters don’t. In a symbolic plot, the readers are kept in the dark and learn to identify the plot in the end

The narrative device which is popular in Philosophical Fiction is the streams of consciousness dialogue. Everyday incidents and trivialities are narrated with the style of epiphany. Here is an example: Oh Psyche—your wings are in celestial rhythm—how you dance, a soul come alive—you are a monument of beauty—you are a symphony come true—there now you perch on tree—what profound thoughts of beauty, you generate—you dance for the soul to delight—you offspring of poems—you music of prose—you are angel forming a pulchritude to the eyes—I am gazing at you— I am filled with joy and my passions running high.