March 27th 2019

In the evening the sky became a merry eye of light—feathers rhymed a musical poem—colors lay contended as mystic poem—my heart is soaking in the art of impressionism—I am grateful to God for all the blessings given.

Night spread a canvass of darkness—there was no round eye as a visitor in the sky— I heard the sound of crickets singing—I longed to be a poem on the erotic bed of poetry.
Morn blessed with the presence of God—the sky lay like an ethereal sedative—wind whispered its music to me—Lord is leading me and I remember God’s Prayer: ‘Father give us this day our Daily Bread’.

I am thankful to God Christ for revealing the form, content and style of the novel. I am happy that my book Coven of Tales has been published. Lord Jesus, I long to travel to exotic countries and travelogues.


Lord Jesus: Yes it on heaven what I yes on earth.

Faith as a Mustard 

There’s a simile which Jesus told: ‘if you have faith as small as mustard seed: if you command the mountains to be cast in the sea: it will do so. Lord Jehovah Jesus teach me the secret of this simile and apply it in life for me.


The Wedding Banquet

There’s parable of Jesus in the Book of ST Mathew. A master arranged a wedding banquet for his son. He send out servants but they were beaten up and none came. The he sent a second round of servants and they were killed. Then the master sent out a third bunch of servants and in came the prostitutes and the sinners. The servants who were beaten and martyred are those who are disciples and evangelists. Prostitutes and sinner are those have strayed but have come back to accept Christ. Christ is a marvelous Parablist.
Wedding Banquet as an Idiom means those who are chosen. The kingdom of God will be like a Wedding Banquet. For a lottery Draw only a few become a Wedding Banquet.


Yesterday I went for a prayer Fellowship and the preacher spoke wonderful words of wisdom. He said what are the four things holding back of believer? They are fear, disbelief, despair and a hardened heart.


In is said in Psalms 23: Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death: I fear no evil. It is again said in psalms that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. There are two types of fear: Fear of Idols a negative one and Fear of God a positive one. When I was in a transit lounge in Singapore, I boozed to belly full and I slept like a log. When I woke up it was next day and plan had already taken off. I had very little money with me and I went to the airlines counter and luckily thanks to God Christ: I was able to procure a ticket for 100 bucks.


Every day I carried it in my heart. What if the school bus met with an accident? Most humans wallow in the lake of despair. Despair was born out of eating from the tree of knowledge. My not getting a job is another avenue. Before Christ, it filled my heart and soul. Now in Christ, I am free of it.


After hearing the word: they rejected it. They started committing all types of sin. When I walked through this land God pulled me out. I am thankful to God Christ for giving me a new life.


A Hardened Heart
When we are children we absorb the scripture like milk. When we become grownup we live in worldly ways. God cautions us to come back. Do not make your heart hard


Figures of Speech
My pen is a slave for Christ. An epic of fragmentary thoughts is a monument on stone. I wiped on the towel of luck. I bathed in the sea of hope. My body is a corpse when it comes to adultery and fornication. Lord Christ, personify my body with an epiphany. He watched the watch. Abundance, you are elephant’s tongue. Yield not to the tree of temptation. The blood that cleansed was that of Christ. Anger is a stormy tree. The anatomy of the soul is a precious ornament. Courage is a heart of passion. Pursue your dream and wake up to a reality. Democracy is the victory of votes. Surreal paintings are a story to tell. Sleep is peaceful brook: thanks to God Jesus. Sadness is winter; mirth is summer, melancholy autumn and angst: summer. Don’t make your own feelings a foe. Better to understand the self rather than understanding humanity. The hand of God is a becoming of might miracle. Prejudice is a poisonous vessel. Communism is a God that died and Christ is a God that resurrected. The Bible lives with the literature of life. Poems danced in the sky. Plant your virtue in your soul. The Lilies of the field are the garments of Christ. The Parables of Jesus are the fruit of living a good life on earth. Sin—I stamp you down like a Serpent. Tear the Tear. Jesus is a canopy of Joy and Peace. Hope of the Night is Luck of the morning. The sword will kneel before the pen. It is better to believe in God rather than in fate. I am like a prodigal son who returned to the Father. Lord Give All Days Your Daily bread. Philosophy is fertilizer for the mind. Poems on the branch of the tree, spoke beatitudes. Her stomach was swollen like a pumpkin. Dress the habit of thought with goodness. Positive thinking is a flower of thought. Adultery—you are whore of the body. Passion is an aristocrat and pleasures a king. Mind you erect splendid monuments. Appreciate Dawn like Shelly the poet. Christmas chimes the bell of gifts. Romanticism is the sculpture of feeling. Existentialism is a corpse of the absurd. Bad Luck I drown you in a river. God favor me with windfall this day. I dwell in the sea of happiness. A positive attitude is a heart of beauty. Time of eternity is an enigma. The chosen belong to the Parable of the Seed that fell on rich and fertile ground. Lexis is the flower of the Word: Logs the Heart: and Agape the fruit. Time is a busy bee. Fortune has the footsteps of a galloping horse. Writing is the art of life. When will God bless me with the riches of the earth? Resilience is a soldier ready for war. Jesus is the cornerstone rejected by the masons. Gandhi is the symbol for an Independent and democratic India. I pour my feelings into the vessel of the heart. Put on a hat of patience and wear the blazed of celebration. With Jesus: there are no stones in the heart. Riches of the earth temporary but the riches of the earth are permanent. Waltz of life, you are a poem to live. A hardened heart, a fearful soul, a despairing mind and a disbelieving body are all an emanating hell.


March 25th 2019

The stillness of the night was deafening—the crickets sang in harmony—the sky had eyes that twinkled—the big eye of the sky shone a beautiful aura of light—night serenaded like a painting—I am filled with love and I thank God for giving me the blessing to appreciate nature.

Rheteroclasm from Rhetoric and Iconoclasm is a new figure of speech where nature is contrasted with two unlike things. For example: the stillness of the night was deafening.

I had a strange dream today. In this dream I and my wife were working in Indonesia. There was a rock concert and we were planning to go for it. I had given 100$ to be changed at the school office. When I went there they gave me back the 100$. Then we were going in a car for the rock concert. When the car stopped in one place, I got out to buy cigarettes and when I came back there was no one in sight.

I thank almighty God for giving me a good erection. My wife became a poetic bed in the night; she transformed herself into an erotic poem. I have come to the conclusion that nothing is impossible wit God.


It walked miles and miles on the earth. It recorded nature’s symbolism. The master used to polish it and make it shine. One day it was invited to do adultery. As it walked on earth—the head started spinning—it fell on to the hard floor of the airport and bled. Now it has come to Christ and is a merciful and repentant thief. No amount of storms will make it change. After a long period of serving the master, its surface came off. The master replaced it with a new one.

Biblification is a new hermeneutic, interpretative tool of turning Bible incidents into idioms. For example Daniel in the Old Testament signifies Loyalty. Wedding at Cana is a miracle happening in life. Coin from the fish mouth, when Jesus asks the disciples to take a coin from the fish mouth and pay the taxes is an idiom for getting a financial bounty or having lucky windfall.

Catch of the Net
This happened in the New Testament. The disciples were fishing and caught nothing. Then Jesus said cast your nets on to the other side. They did and they got a cornucopia of a catch. Catch of the Net is an idiom for financial prosperity.

In the Gospel is recorded this parable. A man had two sons. The father asked the first to go and work in the vineyard. The son was not willing but later on he went. Then the man asked his second son to go and work in the field. The son didn’t go. Then Christ asked which of these sons will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They replied. Then Christ said: it is the prostitutes and sinners who heard my word and obeyed my commands will go to heaven. Heaven has no place for

Pharisees and Sadducees.
Pharisees and Sadducees
While Jesus was doing his ministry on earth it was Pharisees and the Sadducees who were highly critical of him and condemned his miracles as hocus pocus abracadabra. Pharisees as an idiom means thickheaded and stubborn. The teacher in our school is a Pharisee. Sadducees cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

Figures of Speech

The Devil sits on a bed of lies. Deflate the Ego and Deify God. Morn was muse of colors. Jewels flew as poetic whispers. Don’t crucify the resurrected Christ. Sin—you are a living hell. Heaven is a treasure and earth a gift. We made love as sweet as music. Soul lives on a mountain of hope. The WORD was gifted through flesh. Messiah is kingdom of righteousness. In the morning the sun woke with a smiling face. Sperm ejaculated with a loud shout. I cello-ed her and she played the flute on me. A bard of yellow beauty perched on me and I trembled in delightful joy. Spring speaks the words of colors. Dear God—robe me a windfall. My purse is the economy of daily words. Politics is dirty linen. My prayers are heard as a melody in heaven and they reciprocated on earth as a song. Dawn an aura of light—shining now an epiphany—clouds are the art of a poet—a painter is drenching them slowly. Optimism is a new born flower. Life should be a feasting banquet. It is food for the soul and music for the spirit. Beauty you are God—you dwell as God. Dali proclaimed surrealism as the picturesque landscape of the unconscious. A dream is a symbol of words and pictures. The tree of life is a metaphor for Jesus Christ. A reader has to become a dramatist when he reads the novel. My body is an awakened poem. Jesus is human in flesh and divine in spirit. I sharpened my tool of logic. The heart is deep as an ocean and tall as a mountain. Sin is an open door if you let it come in. You can make your thoughts hell or a heaven. The cross is the symbol of martyr saint. Pride is a demon that incarnated in the Devil and for that reason he was cast down by God into the abyss of hell. Blues—the soul of music—Jazz the heart of music and rock—the melody of the soul. I hope today’s lottery will be a blossomed flower. Bali—you island—you are a nude erotic body of a woman. Poetry should be sensuous as wine. Booze hits the head with heavy thud. Tender is the womb that grows and soft is thing that comes out. Monsoon—you are the symphony of nature—you are the harp of nature. The broth of nature is blossomed flowers—the song of the seasons—the jewel of the monsoon. Luck be a pillar of sugar for me. The sun is hot fire in Kerala. Christ is joyful heaven. Oh God when will I have financial harvest? Mist arose across the earth as mystic bard. To sail with the winds of a windfall is a pleasant feeling. Lust is the brothel of desire and love the temple of passionate poetry. The moon cast a white silky web. What is the mushroom of thoughts you have? Don’t wear the clothes of pride. Eroticism is a painting of the body. Clouds are whispering epiphanies. Fornication, adultery and sodomy you are the fruit of evil. Give God the Glory and Devil the condemnation. Time is melodious poetry. I sit in a garden of tropes. My mind is a fertile land of imagination. Feelings, you are a river of beauty. The sky floated with a garden of tropes. Angst is a blister of the soul. Her head bore graying grasses. Her skin was the texture of velvet. The heart of fiction is the soul of words. The Sermon on the Mountain is a beatitude of art. Politics is a metaphor for deception. I am stoic Socrates and a pleasure ridden Epicurean. A novel is the prose of poetry. Feelings are a cathartic rain. Her body is a poem being read. The WORD is rich treasure—a HOPE to realize meaning. WORD of Heaven is wisdom and the word of Hell is carnal and fleshy. Freedom is a destiny of life. Hope is the spirit and luck the flesh. You can make a marvel of your thoughts. The wind shook with violent madness. Eros is the tapestry of the body and the word the tapestry of the soul. God has circumcised me with a new heart and a new body. A temptation is a sin that has to be ostracized from the start. The body is the rhythm of erotic poetry. I swam with my tongue in her lake and I made her poetry with ecstasy. Poetry is the rhythm of nature—it’s found in the blossomed flower—it’s found in ripe fruits—it’s found in birds singing in the sky—and it’s found in the cycle of nature as the seasons—nature is the habit of God to tune the nature with love. Depression I drown you in the deep sea. The Christian way of living is to sow the seeds of love, peace and joy. The sky in the evening lay like an impressionistic canvas, speaking in odes of rich colors—all of nature is smiling so sweetly. Epiphanies are gliding with wondrous delight. Nature is chanting the rhythm of poetry. Give patience and time for the soul to yield rich and ripe fruits—this may take years of experience. Waiting for gifts is hope on wings of time. Time is a tempest on wings. How to bring desire into the music of existence? Ballot is the democratic king for the voter. Wheel of luck run a race for me. Luck, hope and destiny you are a mirror seen so clearly. Web is a universe of words and pictures. Streams of consciousness, you breathe the soul of the language. The Universe is neither chaotic nor absurd but a meaningful totem. If luck could dance with me, it would be s splendid moment. A stream of hope can flow into the river of fulfillment. Eros you are the brain that wires—ecstasy you are the body that performs. Angel of luck opens your heart to me. I am writing a novel of form with the poetry of content. Hope you are an ornament to echo. If the past was anxiety: the present a hope: then the future would be a victory. She behaved with the torpedo of coldness. He did the work as fast as a running Cheetah. My sperm had the color of milk. Exodus and Diaspora are the twin brothers for the Israelites. Tarot, Occult and Astrology are all thoughts emanating from the Devil’s Den—don’t welcome them into your psyche. Cleanse your soul with wisdom. Stay clear of adultery and fornication for it is the lust of the Devil. The small voice talking to me without speech, all silent is the voice of God. Wisdom is God Christ in Flesh and Truth is God Christ as the Holy Spirit. The machine is rumbling a metaphor. Swim I an island of hope, travel in the island of luck. Truth, you have to master the human body called the veil of flesh. Capitalism in an idol that worships money. God’s wisdom is gentle and his love is meek. Coffee is the soul of beverages. Booze is the beverage of hell. In Christ as told by the parable: the early and the late bird catch the worm. A disciple of God is patience, humility and Kindness. Nature sings its songs through little dwarfs that float in the sky. Reality is the wardrobe of fictional truth. Christ is love personified. Christ you are a pen of fame, you deserve all love, praise and glory. Art is the mythology of nature. Caress your destiny with kisses. After we made love—she kissed me in gratitude of a poem. Gratitude—Chris, I offer you my oblation. Let the door of luck be opened. Transgression, you are en enemy of purity. I close the doors of sin with a loud shout. Prose personifies my body and poems personify my soul. Rainbow—you are a heart and melody of the soul. Worry no more: each day of life is canticle of beauty to live. I clasped a bunch of flowers called luck. The past is a song: the present a melody: the future a symphony. In Christ we don’t have to enact the myth of Sisyphus as propounded by Camus. Love is a sensitive perfume and spread its halo all around. To wonder is to be a muse of thought. Good Food is comfort for the stomach. Let a miracle called Jesus feed all my needs and hopes. Christmas is the time of gifts: Lord make each day a Christmas for me. Angels are an ornament of music. Time bequeath a favor for me. What is done in life is honored in death.

Writing the Novel Novel

I have said earlier: give the soul, a time of experience to generate the content of fiction. I discovered these three genres of fiction by the inspiration of the divine God Christ. I name them as follows: Painting-Novel, Narrative-Novel and Philosophical Novel.

Painting-Novel is the art of the novel: the novel is made to look like a painting. The writer has paint words with his pen. The writer has to ornament the language. Tropes are the pictures of the novel. Tropes are musical pictures.

Narrative-Novel includes time and characterization. There are two types of time Narrative Time and Symbolic Time. Narrative Time is the consciousness of the writer. Joyce James was a master of it through his fictive technique called streams of consciousness. The second time is symbolic time where the character lives thinks and feels. Symbolic time would incorporate the past, present and the future. Character is the resonance of the soul. Character should bring out all what the writer cannot speak or do in everyday language. Character is a spiritual, soulful aesthetic artifact.

The Third, belongs to the genre called Philosophical-Fiction. The writer plays with the philosophy of language. Idioms, Parables, Epiphanies, Puns, Illusions, Allusions, giving philosophical meanings to words, coining new words (neologisms), interpreting older texts in new language all belong to the genre of Philosophical Fiction.

I thank Jesus Christ for being the muse of inspiration.

Figures of Speech

Tropes are literary paintings—an art form. Morning serenaded the sky as music Worms bit into the mind. I saw the sky shaped like a brain. Saw the sky with V and I think it is going to be a victory for me at last. Lord Jehovah Jesus part the Red Sea every day for me. Jesus does the wedding at Cana for me every day. My magic wand is a pen and a huge windfall. The sky is lying like a rosary. The brook sang softly. The prose of the earth rumbled. On Sunday Quakers went to church. I made music on her body. I woke up with the song of love. Freedom you have chains to conquer. To think is to be like Socrates in wisdom. A psyche danced in the air. My loins are a flower blossomed. Tropes are literary paintings. Birds kissed the sky in the evening. Soul, you are a beautiful blossomed flower. Lord makes my purse into a prosperous machine. Ritual of happiness lies in the soul. Love is a poem and lust is a faded flower. Liberty you have a tooth to grind. If luck is named after a lady then blessing is named after a man. Lord passes on the baton of hope to me. I licked her lake and it became a flower of beauty. My feelings are tender as a lamb. Tree of Life— I hope for an eternity in you. Luck is canoe that rows through the lake of hope. Ill luck I have strangled you. A trope of a kiss and hug woke me up this morning. Liberty you have left me speechless. Racial hate is an enemy of color and religious intolerance is a monster of ill begotten faith. I am walking train of thought. The muses have opened their art of a heart to me. Indonesian clove cigarettes are a tropish delicacy. Truth is the WORD GOD that became FLESH. The sky lay like a palette of colors.