Windfalls bring me an elephant trunk of a bonanza. Lottery you are a fairy Godmother’s magic wand. I drank her wine lips. Metaphors floated in the sky. Money you are a God to spend. Her body is an erotic trope. I have to live a life of luck. Time is the servant of opportunity. My loin is a beastly passion. Luck I have charmed you into a smile. Vulva, you are a hotbed of passion. Sterile words are a poison for the soul. I flowed her into a river of ecstasy. When it comes to gambling I am a devil. Ecstasy you are poem to make love with. The fruit of Adultery is sweet. I drank her honey lips. Sweet is the fruit of fornication. Passion you are a river of joy. Satan is a lottery of luck. Palestine you are a hot volcano. Rain whispered the song of the heart. My significant other is a passionate butterfly. She is as beautiful as a peacock. Eve is a tempted serpent. Money is the God of the earth. I disseminated the poetry of the sperm. Arranged marriages are a stale fish. I am living in isle of angst. I bartered God for money. Sin is a serpent of joy. Joy you are an ecstasy to cherish. Life, a majestic wall. Windfalls are the wind of luck. I planted a seed in her womb. Money is a pussy to be licked. Money is the Phallus of Shiva. Luck yields me a tree of money. Shakespeare dramatized words and made the theatre of the world. My feelings run into passionate weather. Karma you are a God of shit. I licked her to ecstasy. Words affirmed well wish my soul. Body is a fleshy ecstasy. Time is a river of hope. I am a wounded childhood. Liberty what crimes are committed in thy name? Money is the swine that is good to eat. I am a wound that is scorching. Mary is an eclectic poem. Search my heart for passion. Nirvana you are a pillar of orgasmic ecstasy. Sin, your roots are in hell. Wine, money and women, you are poetries being sung. 666, I have made you into a garland of luck. Paris is the brothel of the mind and Philippines is the brothel of the body. Heaven is a virtue of self defeating morality. Rebellion you are joyful Satan. I have killed virtues and morality. I am a slave of lust. The past is awakening, the present passion and the future of ecstasy. Virtue you are a pillar of God and I stamp you down with sodomy. My pen is a whore giving pleasure. Seasons are a fruit growing ripe. Temptation you are a seed of fornication. All life is to be a living ecstasy. Her womb gestated with poetry. I am a seer of words. Bloody Mary is a cocktail gone crazy. My dreams are a dark world of life. Chance I obliterate you with luck. I am eagerly waiting for sunny days. Money is a miracle of getting a windfall. Blessed are the ecstatic for they shall obtain ecstasy. Winter I am burying you in a grave. Grace, you are woman offering me her body. My eyes are the windows of lust. Epiphany you are a novel book. Wings are dancing in the air. I meditate money and windfalls. Memory sooths a dream. I have killed chance and I have birthed luck. Time you are a halo of God. Holy Spirit is a good bottle whiskey. Mary you are a fish good to eat. Words are an opera of sperm. Capitalism is sinful cash. Marxism is a revolution that died. I call life to celebrate the joy of existence. Cash you are the economy of wealth. Cash, striptease your clothes. Cash is the sin of ecstasy. Poems wake up the dead. Poems, you lyric the soul. Wealth make me no beggar. Sin is the soul of ecstasy. Wine, women and money you are erotic poems. I am a fleshy spirit. Carnality is an Epicurean metaphor. God is a virtue of heaven and sin an erotic hell. Lottery, I have ordained you to live as cash in my purse. Angst burden me no more with chains. Money you earth’s God. Wretched idol why do want to be God? God cures my luck with money. Windfall is a lucky poem. Shitting is an anal Oedipus. Sisyphus was condemned by Gods and Anand is proclaimed to be the joy of existence by Gods. Sin is an altar to delight. Novel poem, you woken up my phallus. Ambiguity is the seed of literature. Passion, you are an ode of joy. I threw off my clothes of unhappiness. The hammer and the sickle, you are a God that died. Sartre, I owe you a pound of existence. The soul bleeds the blood of ecstasy. Train your thoughts to breed catharsis and ecstasy. Today has been blessed by luck. Ghana is an opera to be celebrated with my significant other. My significant other is a beautiful poem. Windfalls you are my lucky friend.



A Panaphor is a new figure of speech and is a word that has got a word embedded in it. For example: H(ear) has got (ear) in it and S(word) has (word) in it. Panaphor is a curious phenomenon in the English Language.


John wound himself and the clock. Poets twinkled in the sky. Morning was a passionate dream. Sound colored the sky. Baggage walked to the airport. I laughed till the sky fell on my head. Death is a venomous fang. He composed art and a song. Passion is the river of emotion. Song of love take refuge in the heart. Life is the beauty of a river. Birds glided as a gentle opera. Time has to live passionately. Luck is a bard of hope. Rain, I love its rhythms as it dances over the roof tops. Envy is death of the soul. Blues you are a figure of speech. The earth is a fruit tasty to be devoured. Angst lives in the soul and it fornicates the heart. Democracy is a myopic ballot. Ecstasy you live in the fruit of poetry.


Epiphanies flowered in the garden. Poets grew up in the forest. Spring played a lyrical ballet on the cello. Rock—you music, you caress a celestial rhythm. Autumn plucked the guitar with a calypso of the heart. Winter howled in irony. Summer sweated on his T—shirt. Monsoon—you ode of the season, now you are penning lyrical verses. I blossomed in her garden. Blues is an evocation of catharsis. Jesus you are parable that touched the heart. A pretty rainbow walked on the ramp. I bit into a cherub so sweet. Seraphs wing a flute in the sky. Poem—you are a nirvana for the soul. Passion, you are a new born rose. I made a melody in her garden. Lava is erupting in the furnace of Palestine. My pen is sedated when I write poems. Mother Nature has bequeathed violent sons. Woman, your name has no violence in the garden. Sex is the heart of a poet. I am guitar of erect music. Crown—where the Sun never sets is finally dark. Woe—I have bound you in chains and flung you away from memory. Blog—you are a nation of words. Cinema is ice on the screen. The earth was a cloudy mystic in the morning. Jealousy is a storm that lurks in the human mind. Luck—I uplift you in a lyric. Beef is a hungry mouth begging for food. Rain you are pouring in melancholy. Oasis—I have found you in a desert of hope. Between her legs, I have chanted a rainbow. Lips—you are the timbre of ecstatic speech. Manna –you have become the food of hope and luck. The pen raged into a flood. Ink lay wet in her like an Epicurean hymn. Sade, you are a creature of abomination. Resurrection of Christ is joy, peace and eternity. Wooing is the heart calling. Dogs have climbed the altar of sacrilege. The fields echo the song of the harvest. Dream is a molten music of lava. Tears of the earth are heard as shouts of jubilation in heaven. The hammer and the sickle—you are the emblem of an empire gone to rot. The Sun is the husband—the moon the wife. Hay—you are the mind unsettled. Sew the cloth with a needle of hope. Grapes—you have become wine that’s drunk. The sky becomes a poem at dawn and dusk. Her orifice bore the flavor of a new born rose. Mantras arrive for the pilgrimage. Destiny is a monk of thought and food for celebration. A pen is a phallus of ecstasy. Time—you are a seed waiting to flower into fruits. Imagination –you are wings soaring to a fiesta. Sometimes I am a troubled bard eyeing the storm. Poems of hope bit into a frozen landscape. Irony, rest and be merry with wine. Waltz of time—you are a year growing up. Windfall—let me string you with the pearls of luck. Serendipity is canoe rowing gently on the lake. Poison, you are a vicious fang of pestilence. Time, evoke a destiny of sunrise. I shivered in ecstasy and quivered in death. Bible is the novel of abundant life. Grace—you are a vessel of joy. Don’t blow the trumpet when you are meditating. Book of peace, you walked on water and you healed many. Babel—you became the tower of confusing languages. The prophet is a child that is grown up. The plough is the pen for the writer. Bad luck is a demon that can be weeded out. The beast in 666 is a mystery. Luck is a sage walking on the earth and chanting. Rhyme and rhythm—you have a spell of luck. Loving your enemy has to be a happy sonnet. Pride—you are a demon that has planted a black wing. Solitude—you are nature’s whisper. Dust returns to the earth as dust. He had to be the cross for loving the world. Agonies—you are now puke ejecting from the body. The flower awakens at puberty. Every deathly night has a morning of life.


Lexiconoclasm is a neologism that is birthed from Lexicon and iconoclasm. Lexiconoclasm is a new figure of speech, a trope where a word can have the same or different spellings and is used to connote two or more shades of meaning. Examples of lexiconoclasm are WATCH and TEAR. Watch can mean a physical apparatus to look at the time or it also can mean to look. Similarly tear can mean tears from the eye or it also can mean something that is torn. Other examples are Sea and See, be and bee.