Sayings of a Rabbi

Don’t lie to one self. Better a little than never a great. God spoken word is a book being read. Even if the flesh is weak: the Spirit is strong. Don’t pollute your soul with Sin. The Hammer and the Sickle though dead live in the land of Kerala. Kerala is like the shape of a leaf. Seasons are the soul of the earth. Truth is the Crucified and the resurrected. Sin is poisonous flower. Oh Lord: when will hope become luck? I am proud of Christ—the God how loves me. God Christ wrote the drama of love, peace, joy and redemption. God Christ’s blessings are what no man or woman can hear see or feel. Sleep is an elixir that God Jesus gives. The intimacy of a wife is also a gift from God. Patience is the soul of hope. Hope is he beginning stages of a river and grace and blessing where the river empties into the sea. Devil go away from my body; you have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Life on earth is grace and Heaven a blessing. Clouds are a cluster of poems. Beauty I have found in you a mate—you are Christ my God. Hope you have to become luck all the time. I have built a wall that cannot be penetrated by sin. Effort is Rome that was not built in a day. There’s no condemnation in Christ there’s only glorification. Frozen meat walked out of the refrigerator. Lust is night’s flower withered at dawn. There’s a house who looks after me well. All you need is the presence of God in your life. Lord brim my cup with blessing. The BLOOD of CHRIST is a cure for all afflictions. Will a Cinderella’s shoe happen today in my life…OH GOD PLEASE. Angst I am being carried on the shoulders of cheer. Life is a tortoise of effort and not a hare of laziness. Lord make: the life of the word to live in me. The soul is the heart of God: woe to all who sell it to the Devil. Oh Lord Jehovah Jesus let 2019 be a year of Wisdom and Blessing. Patience is a fruit that yields a fortune. The power of WILL is like that of a mountain.


The farmer’s suicide in MP is a poignant reminder of India’s failed agro-policy.

The death of an Indian farmer as a result of Police Brutality for no apparent reason shows India’s democracy is sliding to hell.

The narrow margin victory of Theresa May shows that all is not well with the conservative party.

It’s a good decision by the Kerala Communist govt. to open liquor outlets in the State. It will boost tourism.

India’s acceptance in the nuclear supplier group will definitely alter the Geo Politics of South Asia.

It’s high time that India be made a permanent member of the Security Council.

The sky was a bard wearing withered clothes and pouring out poems all day long.

My morale has been lifted to the skies following a happy outcome.

I am a poetic soul, a fictional heart and a philosophical mind.

I have returned like the Prodigal Son to the Father.

For my dream to become a reality it took time and I have no regrets.

She has a poetic heart and a passionate body. I hope to write my imagery on her.

I am Hellenic Hedonist, an existential nihilist and a post modern deconstructionist.