Animal Farm

Long ago there lived on Animal Farm a boar named Know-it-all. One day on his death-bed he told his dream to all the animals.

The boar named Know it all said: ‘Humans have been using us for their selfishness. We have to rebel and become a super power.’
There after he closed his eyes.

A boar named capitalism engaged all the animals and conducted a coup to throw the humans out.

At last they cried in Unison: ‘we are free; we are free;’
Another boar named Myth said to all the animals: ‘since we gave you the idea of throwing out the humans, we are taking power over Animal Nation. Amongst all the produce in the farm, half of it will go to us since we are rulers. We are creating a society where there will be equal opportunities for all and where everyone can have the dream of climbing the ladder of success.’
Chuckles the stallion replied: ‘This idea is interesting. I am loyal to the animal nation and I will work hard to bring it to success.’

Flip and Flop the hens grumbled and said: ‘your theory is so unjust and it generates inequality’.

Immediately Muscles the German shepherd pounced on them and gobbled them up.

The Sheep named Anglo-Saxon said: ‘are you entering into a treaty with neighboring nations called BREX.’?

The boar named capitalism said: we have to secure our interests and animal nation will not have its affiliation with anyone else’.

Then Chuckles the stallion asked: ‘What if the humans attack us out of spite?’
The boar named Capitalism said: ‘we have to make an arsenal of nukes. It’s up to you to do it.’

The Jackal named Crook said: ‘I have mastered the art of destabilizing nations with the art of biological warfare. I have unleashed a virus named Corona which will cause death and disease all over the world.

The Boar Named Capitalism said: ‘I must applaud you for it. Our revolution is spreading to neighboring farms like wildfire. Yes we hear: down with communism and up with capitalism.’

Peanut the hen delivered babies and Marigold the hen started laying eggs.
The boar named Capitalism and Myth took a larger percent of all that the farm produced.

Chuckles the stallion said: ‘The society that has been created is an unjust one’.

All day long chuckles worked in the farm. He used to plough the fields and harvest the corn. When the harvesting was done, a large portion of the grain was taken over greedily by the boars Capitalism and Myth.

A prophet Raven named Solidarity visited the farm and said: ‘we could create a just society where there social justice and economic equality. Why do we have to make capitalism so abominable?’

The boar named Myth took a gun and shot the prophet Raven since he was doing espionage and subverting the ideology of Animal Nation.

The Boar named Capitalism spoke to all the animals and birds in the farm: ‘we are adherents of a capitalist society where individuals are rewarded for the quality of their work. We autocrats will get a major share and others a stifling minor share. Any mutiny by you folks will be severely put down.’

As time passed by, the humans rose up in revolt and sent an ICBMS Intercontinental Ballistic Missile to Animal Nation. The Animal Nation
recharged and sent a missile Cruise to smash the missile launched by the humans.

As time passed by, Chuckles became and sickly and could hardly walk.
The boars named Capitalism and Myth ordered a vehicle for Chuckles to be taken to the hospital.
Little did the animals know that Chuckles was taken to the butchery.

Arabian Nights

Aludhin is the king of the Semites. Aludhin is addicted to storytelling and every night he pressurizes Queen Syrah Libido to tell him a story. Thus began the art of storytelling (Khani).

Once upon a time there was a Nation called Democrazy. Though it was a government of the people, day by day it started becoming a fascist cunt-tree. Its leaders were fond of persecuting people of other faiths. The fascists of that country worshipped idols made of clay, wood and iron. The Cunt-tree is democratically unstable. Chances are likely that the democracy would face a coup de etat.

Aludhin started laughing; it was a mysterious and sarcastic laugh.

Queen Syrah asked: ‘what my highness?’

Aludhin replied: ‘it’s my son AL LIM UL AL JONG who rules over democracy. He is fine and well. The western media simply proclaims a noise Jihad to obliterate him’.

Aludhin said: ‘Darling Princess Syrah Libido, treat me afresh with a new story (Kahani). Princess Libido Syrah: ‘Wait my lord: let me wash your favorite pink panty (the one you like much) with lavender soap.

Princess Syrah: ‘Today’s story is about the Oil Sheik Kutbdin Aybuck. My lord he is gay as well a bisexual.’

Aludin: ‘is it so my sweetie’?

Libido: ‘He maintains bonhomie with Columbus Skeleton Country.’ The telephone is ringing: ‘Hello I am Bacon the president of Columbus Skeleton Country. I know you are interested in Caucasian studs from our country. I am willing to send them to your country provided you agree to my terms.

Kutubdin Aybuck: ‘What are your terms’?

President Bacon of Columbus Skeleton Country: ‘you have to devalue your currency and let all oil transactions be done in our currency: the fetish’.

Kutubdin Aybuck ‘yes it will be done; send my studs soon’.

Aludhin: ‘That was an interesting story. That Baba Sala is quoting too much for
the stud offer.’

Another night comes in: ‘what story are you telling me?’ Libido Syrah, ‘Darling I am giving you a feast about Persecution Country’.

Queen Libido Syrah: ‘Persecution Country is ruled by a totalitarian regime of : Tsar Arif Khan. Missionary Hans the Evangelist was caught red-handed with a trunk full of Bibles while he was presiding over a function to proselytize people. Today he lies in the market place waiting to be beheaded. Arif Khan wears priestly robes and is chanting holy incantations from the holy book ZALALA. All is followers mutter bizarre incantations and shout to their messenger Queer-Khan. As soon as this was going on, one of the followers takes a sword and cuts the neck of Evangelist Hans.
Aludhin: ‘that was a cruel and horrific story and I feel so repulsive, repugnant about my wish to murder you if you don’t tell me good stories’.
Libido Syrah: ‘My lord Thanks a lot. Have a goodnight’s sleep.