Deconstruction (A Play)

Scene I
Atharva country invades Karma country wanting to seize its oil.
The President orders the troops to run and capture President of Karma Land.
Troops run and capture President Saddam.
A trial is held.
‘You are accused of the crime of bombing the Twin Towers in our country. What have you to say? For the crime, you are sentenced to death. What have you to say?’
President Saddam
‘The trial is an unjust one. Folly! Oh God what crimes are committed in thy name. On the pretext of false premises, you have unjustly invaded our country and taken me captive. You are greedy harlots and you thirst for our oil rich shores.’
‘Order, order. The judgment is passed. President Saddam, we are sentencing you to death.’
President Saddam
‘Alas it’s my fate. I will be a martyr of this nation; my blood will pour out on the generations of this nation. Infidels, you poisonous brood of vipers; I will die, brave as a lion.’
Sentencing of President Saddam
Black cloth is put over the head of Saddam.
Sad music in the background.
Saddam says vociferously: ‘infidels, kaffirs, off with the cloth. I want to face death with the noose bare.’
Saddam is led to the noose and is hanged.
Troops fire and shout ecstatically: ‘down with Karma land, down with Karma land.
Curtains close
Scene II
Barbed wire. On one side are protestors and on the other side troops.
Soldiers: ‘evil dogs; you deserve death; swine of Lucifer, one more step and you die a filthy death.’
Protestors: ‘we are innocent people; this is the land of our fathers, our precious ancestral land. Freedom, freedom, when will it awaken us?’
Soldiers fire: women and children are killed. There is blood everywhere.
Protestors: ‘oh evil death, do not mock us with your charm. Vile and beastly are your transactions. Freedom is the blood of our mothers and children. Give us our homeland, you venomous fangs. Do not kill our children and our mothers. Oh God why is innocent blood spilled on this land?’
Troops fire again and many fall to the ground.
Curtain close
A round table and in it is a distinguished panel of UN.
Secretary of the United Nations: ‘order, order—we condemn the deadly attack on the people wanting a homeland. We are passing a resolution against country Sodom for tyrannizing the people of the desert. A resolution 666 is passed imposing sanctions against the country Sodom’
Curtain close
A television is shown and news is being read.
‘This is Madeline from the republic of Sodom. The republic of Sodom vehemently condemns the bizarre resolution passed by the United Nations. We will continue to deny homeland for the people of the desert. We will continue to use force and repression in subduing and victimizing its people.’
Curtain Close
Scene III
Scene takes place in a university classroom on dialogue ontology
Professor: Students, I would like to disseminate the core of existential nihilism. This is a philosophy of absurd, of angst, of chaos, of anarchy. There is no creator and no specific purpose. All life is bizarre, chaotic and angst ridden. Meaning lies in the choices we make. The renowned Sartre has said: ‘man is condemned to be free.’
A student raises his hands: ‘Sir I beg to differ’.
Professor: ‘you are free to express your views.

Student: ‘I was an existential nihilist and that was my world view for a long time. My views have changed cataclysmically after my veering to apologetics. Even if there is no God, we cannot live a life without purpose. I am a purposist for life and I view the essence of life as valuablelization. The philosophy of being is processual ontology. A being’s state is processed. Thus an individual is cathartic, ecstasyual or angstual. There is no condemnation in the freedom of making choices. Being is the valuablelization of realizing meaning. I would also like to introduce the term: presenceuation. Presenceuation is the joy of making presence of making life more meaningful.
The entire class breaks into applause.
Professor: ‘That’s a marvelous stratum of thought. You have reinterpreted and reinvigorated the philosophy of existentialism to a new threshold of meaning.
Curtain Close
Scene IV
Pope Boniface is sitting in his chamber. He is more in tune with the Devil Lucifer than God. He is deep in thought.
Satan comes to him in a dream.
Satan: ‘greetings Boniface—I bring tidings from Hell. You have to rewrite the Bible, defocus the people from Jesus. I give you an option. Make the mother of Jesus an idol and worship.’
Pope Boniface: ‘but devil that is against scripture’

Satan: ‘Yes, I want to divert the people’s attention away from Christ. Yes, I want to plunder heaven and populate hell. Introduce idol worship into the church. Yes, do one thing: you should also canonize saints and make people worship them. The sheep are blind and innocent and lead them astray. Haven’t I brought you many young priests with whom you enjoyed the pleasures of the garden’?
Pope Boniface: ‘Yes my dear, I am meekly submissive. I pay obeisance to your grandiose desires. It’s my earnest wish to follow you. I want more people to go to hell rather than heaven’.