I am on voyage to a country called Democrazy.
During my voyage I encountered storms but I came out unscathed.
Finally I reached the island of Democrazy.
The clever in Democrazy label themselves as the Blue Blood. People allowed to vote their readers. But the irony is that the military holds important portfolios like foreign affairs, defense and finance. The leader of democracy Ms. Angst is under house arrest. Journalists are not allowed to criticize the military. Those who do so will be executed.


Democracy has three tiers of people: the filthy rich, the Middle Class and the poor.
I was put up in a plush hotel and I was told not to export my views on to the people of democracy.
One day I was in my hotel room and riot broke out in the streets and people started chanting: ‘Free our leader Ms. Angst. We want freedom’. The military rolled their tanks over them and many succumbed to death.
I am saddened by the fact there is very little opportunities for the poor.
I am going to my country liberalla and I want to launch a coup against Democrazy.