Parable from The Bible

Parable from the Bible
Jesus is famous for the parable he told. In one parable, he says a farmer’s helpers planted seed. Later on when the night came, the enemy came and sowed thistles. When the plant sprouted, the thistles also showed. The helpers asked the master, who planted the thistles and the master replied: the enemy did. Then they asked him should we weed it out. No replied the master. We can weed it out after it has become a crop. There is a twofold meaning this parable. The thistles are the bad times and rough patches in life. And the seed represents God who takes care of your life no matter what it happens to you. Harvest time also denotes a period where those who are close to God will be taken up.

July 7th 2019

The day a slow waltz and I enjoyed the comfort of a holiday by being a couch potato. In the evening I was happy to read the parables of Jesus and I thought that I will write something about it.
Parable of the Seed
In this parable, the farmer sowed seeds on the road and the birds came and ate it up. There’s a spiritual and secular meaning to this parable. Now what it is? In a secular sense it means being very lazy. In a religious sense it is not being able to understand the work of God’s Kingdom. Again the parable says that the farmer sowed the seeds on gravel. It refers to people who accept the word but choose to ignore it. In a secular sense these are people who are plunged with self-pity and blame others as scapegoats. Then again the parable goes as the farmer planting the seed on weeds. The weeds choke up the seeds and they don’t flourish. These are people who rubbish off God’s Word. Such people are prone to profligacy and negate God’s Word. As a secular meaning, it means those type of people are wicked, corrupt and immoral. Then the farmer sows the seed on good ground and there it grows very well. These are people who listen to God’s Word and obey it. As a secular meaning, it refers to those who work hard and are successful.
Again Jesus goes on with another parable. In this parable a master has got farm hands who plant seeds. Later on in the night, the enemy comes and sows thistles. When the farm hands got to know of this, they asked the farmer what should be done. He replied that when the harvest comes, the thistles can be pulled out and the grain be harvested. The spiritual meaning is this: only those who are chosen will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. In a secular sense it means facing all obstacles bravely.