Autobiography of Anand Bose

I come from a small hamlet of Kurianoor in Kerala known as God’s Own Country. I began my iconoclasm at a very early stage in life. When I was being baptized, I pissed on the cassock of the priest. Constantly I used to waver between heresy and Christian belief. I didn’t know my vocation but in my midyears I became convinced of my destiny to be a writer. My weltanschauung has been shaped by Philosophy and Religion and I construct my values based on it. Philosophically speaking I consider myself to be a Philistine embracing the hedonism of the Greeks. I also consider myself to be an existential nihilist and a postmodern deconstructionist. Religiously speaking, I am a disgruntled Christian, an atheist Muslim and a materialist Hindu. I belong to all nations and nationalities as a free citizen. I embrace my angst with Stoic courage and celebrate my joys as a Greek Corybant. I invite you to visit my websites and see what I have written. My favorite quotes are: Sartre’s: ‘Existence Precedes Essence’ and Derrida’s: ‘To write is to have the passion of Origin’ and also Bakthin: ‘The way in which I create myself is by means of a Quest. I go out into the world in order to come back with a self’. Please feel free to visit my websites:

The Making of a Wog Writer

I desire to be a Writer…alas, I am a wog, and with writing, I am ashamed, offended; I sometimes feel that I can’t reveal my true self… There are many writers of Indian origin whose parents were indentured in the Colonies where the Sun never used to Set. I don’t have a colonial pedigree of English. My English is purely Indian and non-native. Will that be a disadvantage for my writing, I don’t know! It is said that travel enhances a writer’s instinct. A writer has to taste, smell, feel and touch people, places and cultures. I long to travel but I can’t! I pride myself in being a WOG ( an offensive term for a nonwhite). I write in Wog-English. I do not have a decolonized migrant experience which Indian writers like Rushdie have. Once a white woman, (a good natured, pleasant soul) offered me the money to sponsor my trip to the UK. She was the only soul apart from a Filipino woman who recognized that I could write. I was outright denied visa by a prejudiced white at the UK consulate. He gave me a curt reply (Good Day). He portrayed me as a bastard of the land where the Sun used to never set. Why? I am not a terrorist! Why was so he so adamantly arrogant? I have very few likes and my books that have been sold are sparse. Does that spoil my determination to be Writer? No, never at all! I don’t aspire for commercial success. As a writer, I am not committed to either myself or to others. I am a free-bird of writing.