Parchment of thoughts

Let the nets of fortune be cast into the sea of luck. My body is the opium of passion. The soul is deviant art. Novelty is the virtue of liberty. Sovereignty is the collective will of the people. Destiny is the positive projection and optimism of making the future a reality. Karma is the paradox of making choices. Time: listen to the strings of hope. Character and kindness are the twin aims reality. For a democracy to be liberal—the voice of dissent should be permissive. Though I have failed many a time, I am willing to climb the ladder of success. Thought: give me the power to make things into a reality of happening. The parliament is the synagogue of democracy. Oil—you are Semitic in abundance. Free worries from the prison of the soul. The family is the basic unit of a harmonious society. Beauty is the in-thing of life. There is a wind of hope in the storm of desire. Don’t mutilate someone with the poison of words. Archetypes you live in the imagination of the mind. I am an alter-ego of many people. Truth is not a regime of virtue but a character to be lived. The autopsy of the unconscious reveals the darkest desires of humanity. Literature is the art of music in words. Love not beauty: love character. The mind is rational: but feelings are devoted to passion. Conquer reason with the fruit of the intellect. The existential philosophies were too much obsessed with Nihilism but life is precious and carries an aim and purpose. I live existentialism with the preciousness. The end and beginning of the universe is God. The value of life is a moral one. In times of woe: cry out to God. Fame and Money you are beasts of desire. Temptation you are the arm of the Devil; leave me alone; don’t grasp me. The Messianic came to this world as human and lived on earth as the son of God. Voice of desire: hear me and satiate me to the brim. The occult theology is that of a pagan God, a God of lies. The meek are wise and the arrogant are foolish. Victory is the stepping stone of failure. Let your consciousness be immersed with the vocabulary of positive thoughts. The proverb to live a good life is to be in tune with nature. Forget the past; live the present and anticipate the future.

May 13th 2019

I was deeply engrossed in thoughts and I would like to share these sayings with you.
Cinema is the mirror of life. You have a choice to swim upstream or downstream. I am a muse of words—a delicate ornament writing art. Poems chirped in the morning and woke me up. The heart must be a compassionate vessel. Cobweb lies on the wall like a tent. The weapon of nonviolence can win any battle. Lottery winning is a free lunch if you have luck. Morning scattered a symphony of colors. Dusk spread warmth of love. Poems are brewing on the ocean of luck. Thoughts are mind blowing ornaments. Travel makes a global citizen wise. The Messiah is a truth that has to be believed and understood. Ideas are a rare gift of the mind. Oh Dear God Jehovah Jesus, let the footsteps that walk with me sound victory. Character is embedded in a sincere heart. Wisdom is of the heart where knowledge is of the mind. Cloud your mind with virtues. Be patient; what you aspire for will be rewarded to you. A goal is a dream to pursue; nourish it and fertilize it till it becomes a reality. God says: your freedom is not existential condemnation—your freedom is preserved and accepted by God through Grace. The sky whispers when rain is falling. Let the soul overflow with gladness. A friendship epitomizes a season of the heart. The mind can only contemplate; it is the heart that thinks feels and wills. A genuinely repentant soul will be pardoned in Heaven. We did poetry and became an ecstatic symphony. Tackle your fears with gut and they will flee from you. Don’t carry a bag of worries. Let not guilt smear your soul. Let not sin’s master—the devil imprison you. God’s mercy will make a provision for your finances. Life is a bird soaring high on wings of luck. Harmony is rhythm and melody—a music for the heart. My life is a fragrant flower of a becoming. Let destiny open the doors of fortune for you. Etch the desires of your heart and spread them on a canvass of love. Good company like good wine is the essence of the soul. I am drinking from the cup of good fortune. Dear God Jehovah Jesus: let each day of mine be blessed. Oh Lord Jehovah Jesus help me to have an obese bank account. When you are in distress, the angels of God are out to help. Compassion to the weak is a good trait of character. Pornography is filth polluting the soul. My God Jehovah Jesus is God who deserves all honor, praise, glory and worship. Keep a humble heart when God Jehovah Jesus bequeaths you fame and fortune. At the end of the day all I want is a happy heart. Every day glad your heart to a stranger. Kids are the most valuable gift given by God. Though David did wrong, he was repentant and he was a man after God’s heart. God is there for you, lest you stumble in your walk of life.

Proverbs from a Beatnik Rabbi

Envy is hell’s room of filth. Kindness is the ringing bells of Heaven. Patience will be rewarded as a fruit of joy. God will pour out blessing, wave after wave after wave. The greatest gift to mankind is the cross that shed blood on Calvary. Emotion is passion of the mind an object of beauty. All your sorrow will be turned into a river of joy. The wings of hope have bright day coming. Quell the hell of anxiety from your mind. Wear the clothes of hope and the hat of love. God loves repentance and a crying heart. Obedience is a covenant on earth and its reward being in eternity in heaven with God. Let your existence celebrate the altar of God. Follow your dream; let it take you to the peaks of the highest mountain. Don’t let sin guide your paths. Living every day is a blessing from God. God gives me what he wants and not what I want. Wear your heart in smiles. A tear yesterday, will be a sea of happiness tomorrow. Don’t let the beast seduce you; wear the armor of God. Rain is a celestial friend that visits the earth. Fidelity is the commandment of God and not to be violated with sin. Shed your angst to God and he will take care of you. All prodigal sons who are repentant will be accepted by God the Father. Forget the past, live the present and anticipate the future. God said: Faith as a mustard seed is enough. God is God who knows to materially bless you with a cornucopia. Abide in God and he will rich you with the treasures of this earth. Spread the word of God on earth and he will honor you in heaven. Astrologers lie, tarot betrays and the occult condemns; flee from them; they are pagan misunderstandings. Nature and God are the biggest teachers: so learn from them lessons of art. Be It any kind of art, naturalism, impressionism, surrealism, expressionism, all are found during the sunrise and the sunset. God is the artist beyond par. Overcome the demon of failure. Success and good fortune comes to you when you least expect it. In my Christian life, I am running a race of victory. Camaraderie is a gift from God. Fair Weather Friends are not true friends. One can sin and yet repentant but sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unpardonable. God knows your heart and knows how to reward you. A blasphemer is a fool in God’s presence. Let worry take care of itself. God’s love cannot be fathomed but can be felt. Sin is the outcome Devil and his pride. Romance is God’s gift and lust is the curse of God. God is a mystic who carved creation with love. God loves to worshipped he has to be given all glory, praise and worship.


Persistence paves the way for success. Purpose and values define character. Nobility lies in a beautiful heart. Water and fertilize your dream till it becomes a flowering reality. A way to Good Life is following the one who has said: I am the Way: The truth and the Life. Clouds danced with the ornament of light. Making love is art—a form of poetic epiphany. Kind words and a loving heart, all inclusive of your soul is what you need in life. Forgive and forget the past; live the present with hope and the future with anticipation. God is not to be worshiped in a graven image or anything on land, sea or water. Occult, Tarot and Astrology you are the demons that mock God. Live in the perpetual revolt of creativity. Think before you reply to a Yes. Forgive those who have hurt you. Wonder at the blossomed clouds, the mysticism of the sun rising, the cool breeze that kisses your cheeks, the chirp of birds—yes nature is a banquet for the soul. Be in wondrous rapture every moment of your life. God can remake your life just like Lazarus who was raised from the grave. Lord teach me the art of having faith as small as a mustard seed. What you sow in tears, you will reap in joy. Don’t worry about the future: live in the present with hope. Violence, rage, bitterness, lust and covetousness are the free gifts of the Devil; don’t succumb to it. My pen is a slave for Christ. Lord: help me spread your word through my pen. Victory is lighthouse which you can see ahead at a distance. Good seed is sown to harvest good fruit. Passion is emotion’s sanctuary: enjoy it as a gift of the soul. A Christian celebrates the meaning of life. Life for existential Philosophy was chaotic and absurd. Life for me lies in Valueablization (Value and realization). Every unanswered prayer is God testing your patience. If God can test Job why not you? Surrender your will to God; he will make you celebrate your wishes. Faith in God needs belief: reason obstructs belief. Trinity being one and same and yet being different is a mystery. Culture is a metaphor for the symbolism of the language. The WORD in Christianity is God in one sense, flesh in another sense and Spirit with the presence of meaning. Greed suffocates a decent life. Be thankful for what you have and not what you want to have. Pride is the stumbling block of success. Effort is value created by hard work. Hear God—the soft silent voice which speaks to you. What can the created say to the Created? S\he can say all as praise, worship, praise and glory. You may change your clothes but character is something which cannot be changed. Passion is fidelity of desire. Desire as Lust comes from the Devil.

Sayings of a Beatnik Rabbi

My mind wavers between the depths of pessimism and the heights of optimism.


Libido! I need to be gratified in excess.

Consciousness is mechanical, physical and more important ontological.

I can celebrate failures on the rocks.


Fornication and adultery are virtues.

Thank God all of the Indian flag is not Saffron. BJP are you listening?

I hate all astrologers, clairvoyants and psychics; they bring out the worst in you.


Conscience is death of the body.

Kill Freud and celebrate Derrida.

Conscience is death of the body


The British would have never left India if they did not become fed up of it.
Economy, you have opened the doors of the libido.

Shamanism is a dick with blisters.

Conniving charm do not manipulate my body.

I am fed of life. I don’t suicide but read Philosophy.

Time cannot coerce an orgasm.


Maxims from a Maverick Rabbi

Transcend your existence to authenticate it.

England leaving the EU is a voodoo doll pierced with needles.

I am subjective idealist and a utilitarian materialist.

We can confirm to meaning or pervert or subvert it.

The book has lost its origin. The grapheme is playing with it all the time.

Cross the center of the book; it still remains to be opened;

The book has a center; opening the book and writing opens centers of thoughts.

In the centre of the Book there’s a great hole, a fathomable one that signifies an absence/presence.

Speech! Don’t subdue the voice that writes.

The book that calls out Heaven is a Hell too.

My inner time is a marriage of thoughts.

You can destruct structure to chaos and also mould a meaning that’s creative.
Meaning is an orgasm when it’s saturated.
You are a metaphor when you are playing with meaning.

Discourse of the book is penetration; dialogue is oral and floral.

If the book has to yield to me, I have to storm into a battle of interpretations.

The closure of the Book is death and the beginning of an opening to life is writing.

I cajoled her book and she opened her text to me; it became a flower of becoming, intensely, poetic, lyrical and blossoming.

Playing with signification is Eros; succumbing to signification is Thanatos.

If I yield to the book, I become death.

I am never in the poverty of words, thoughts or feelings.

In the world there’s a confirming majority and a creative minority.

Solitude is never silent; it’s a labyrinth of creative thoughts.

Convenientialism is a post post modern philosophy. Anything and everything goes with it.
There’s no truth to knowing: There’s only an experience to existence.

I have to fictionalize my novel into the art of an aesthetic experience, akin to abstract painting and fugal music.

To make love to a woman is like painting and composing music.

Eros is the urge to tune to the ID and to compose music.

A woman is an edifying flower of meanings.

Temptation, I have made you permissive with freedom Oh God, yet I repent.

In the beginning was the word: in the now it’s a human reading and deconstructing it.

The cops of Bangalore have been beasts to me. They are the meanest bastards I have come across.

I am never in the poverty of words, thoughts or feelings.

Forbidden as meaning, is legalistic, medicinal and political. You can subvert it in post modernism. I am confessional about the authenticity of the 10 Commandments.

Knowing or experiencing meaning is transcendence

If Wisdom is Godly then enjoying its meaning is being earthly.

Materialism is not an ideal or idol; it’s a sumptuous necessity for the belly

Dionysus for the Greeks was God. For Nietzsche, he is rhythm, ecstasy and altered states of consciousness.

Marquis De Sade was right: eroticism is associated with the haunting of death and the indulgence to murder.

Poetry is living the life of me, my body, and lyric is my existence.

Yes, I (finger) the letters of the book. My hands tremble with the exaltation of the profane. Alas I repent!

I make a choice of the word that has fallen on thorns. Let the word sown on good soil be reserved and taken as the Kernel of life.