March 15th 2020

March 15, 2020

Yesterday night I had a strange dream of being attacked by an unknown person. I looked up at the dream dictionary and found out that being attacked means the fear and insecurities of the dreamer. Anyway the dream was not a pleasant one. I hope unlucky days will soon vanish and the grace of God Jehovah Jesus will pervade with me with LUCK.

I developed a new figure of speech called (thought (a) phor). For example: the word liberal has the antonyms strict and also conservative. Such a word which has two different antonyms is called a thoughtaphor.

I read into the Bible and I have coined two new idioms. Long after the death of the Pharaoh and after the reign of Joseph, the country was ruled by a Pharaoh who ill-treated the Jews. God started sending the 7 plagues in-order to let the Israelites go. But the Pharaoh remained adamant as ever. Then God asked the Semites to kill a goat or sheep and smear the blood on their doors and in the night the hand of God will visit the country and kill the entire first one born except the Jews. Smearing the door with blood means victory over one’s enemies. Yes, God will smear my door with blood. God also asked the captives in Egypt to have feast with unleavened bread known as the festival of the Passover. The Festival of the Passover means joy and wondrous rejoicing after a period of great trials and hardships in life.

March 13th 2019

Today is 13th Friday, a bad omen for those who fear the number 13 known as Triskaidekaphobia .13 is a complex number and can be related to Christ and therefore standing for resurrection and rejuvenation. I did some reading into the Bible and read the story of Moses who was chosen by God for the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. God told him to use a staff and do the miracles before the Pharaoh. The staff of Moses can be connoted into an idiom and it means prosperity and fortune. I wish the staff of Moses to enter my life.

Assorted Drabble

Maverick Mystic
His name is Danny. He came to visit me yesterday. His conception of the world is one of myth. When my autistic son gave him a shake-hand, he said he was a KUTTICHATAN (an evil spirit in his past birth). His words were a contradiction of sorts. He was of the opinion that a cosmic, nature energy is serenading the earth. Slowly our talk drifted on to the Sermon on the Mount. He said Christ did not say it as it was written by the disciples. He told me that Christ was a star. Then our discussion rambled on to belief and faith. I told him that Christ said: ‘I am the way: the truth: and the life and whosoever believes in me shall have everlasting life’. Then our speech drifted on to the origins of language. He said: ‘language is a shadow of leafs’. I told him it is a figure of speech a metaphor. Then our dialogue went on to idol worship. I told him that in Bible there’s a verse that yea shall not worship anything on that walks or crawls on land, anything that flies in the sky and anything that swims in the water. I am a jealous God who will bless those who serve me and curse those who don’t obey my word. Then our narrative went on to serpent. I told him that serpent worship is idolatry and blasphemy. He told me very absurdly that human ears resemble a serpent as they can be stretched. When I told him that we should worship God alone, he said ‘I am Christ; I am the sun; Christ is the sun I am God’.

While traveling on a scooter, I was asked by a stranger for a lift. I dropped him off at the desired destination and he said: ‘thank you very much Pastor’. Him calling me pastor struck my ears with delight even though I was not a pastor. I wonder if I have the spiritual calling to be a pastor.

Joint Family
I live in a joint family. My sister with her daughters and two dogs and my mother stay with me. The dogs are a bloody nuisance. They scrape and bark and create a superfluous pandemonium. We don’t trust each other. When my sister goes out she locks the door and carries the key. My sister and my wife are not on good terms with each other.

March 6th 2020

Today nothing much happened in my life. I added some new words to my mental machinery and these I would like to use, using tropes. The sawbones is skilled in the medical field of archery. The mountebank operates with a pack of lies. The skinflint donates charity with a measly sum of pennies. The spendthrift lives a life of a sybarite. Lucifer is master canker-blossom. He had a cacoethes for coining neologisms. Hell is tantamount for death.

March 2nd 2020

Not much has happened in my life these days, nothing stimulating or exciting. I had a strange dream about two or three days back. It goes on like this. The police have booked me for murder and they are digging the earth where I have buried the corpse. What is the symbolic meaning? The dream plays on a mass of signals. The cops could mean authority figures. The dead corpse could mean putting an end to my epicurean desires. The unearthing of the body from the grave could mean, there’s a better life ahead.

I was reading the Bible ardently and read through the stories of Abraham and Noah. Abraham was childless for a long period of time and then Sarah his wife asked him to bed with Hagar the maid. Hagar begot Ishmael. When Abraham was 100 years old Sarah conceived Isaac. From Abraham I have coined the adjective—Abrahamesque. Abrahamesque means waiting patiently for God’s wishes to be conceived. I also dipped into Noah’s story. All of the folk laughed away at Noah’s God given wish to build an ark. Noahesque as an adjective could mean being faithful and devoted to God.

Feb 26th 2020

It’s been a while since I have written the journal. I have been stuck with a writer’s block and for a long time I did not write anything. My students are having their board examinations and they touched my feet seeking my blessings. I was overwhelmed with feeling and I feel blessed that I am a teacher. The students in India are so respectful a quality lacking all over the globe. It shows an ideal aspect of Indian Culture.

I took a couple of English lessons today for the 8th graders. One was a poem by Auden called Refugee Blues. The students did not know the meaning of a refugee and I had to divulge it in Malayalam. In Malayalam, refugee translated, is almost a sentence as there is no equivalent word for it. The poem is set on the backdrop of the Second World War and it depicts the pathetic condition of Jews seeking refugee status. There are very little tropes used in it. The students were not aware of who Jews where and I asked them who was the most prominent Jew in History. One of them answered it was Christ and I had to tell them that Jews belonged to the Semitic race. The students knew Hitler only by name and I had to give picture of how Hitler persecuted the Jews. I also had to tell them of the holocaust. Sometimes I wonder why Jews had to undergo such traumatic ordeal.

The next lesson I took was a ‘Lesson on the Tortoise’ by D H Lawrence. The lesson begins on a Friday, the end of the week, a day when students and teachers eagerly seek rest. The teacher presents a tortoise to the keen students and they observe how it comes out of its shell. Then there is a brief narrative of a stolen erasers and the teacher asking the students discreetly who the culprit is. The story did not catch the attention of the students and I also thought it was a boring one. But I admire DH Lawrence as a writer.

I am also reading Kierkegaard’s Philosophical fragments and I have just started its introduction. The narrative splits into an aesthetic and ethical one. Kierkegaard is famous for lyrical aphorisms called in Greek as Dipslamata.

I have also started reading the Bible from Genesis. The story of creation is a marvelous one. Adam and Eve committed the original sin by eating the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil and so Christ had to come as a Son of God to redeem mankind. Yes, the flesh is sinful and the spirit is holy. One has to keep the lust of the flesh in control.

Dec 21st 2019

I woke up early at 6 AM. I had a strange dream and it I was a wild life conservationist and I come to India to save the life of black bears. One interpretation is a bear signifies power and independence. Another meaning is since the bear being wild it denotes aggressive and untamed character of the person. The third meaning is winning in a gamble like a lottery. I hope this time I succeed. Another meaning is help is coming on the way.