Myth of the Sisyphus

Camus popularized the myth of Sisyphus in his book and it means living the drudgery of existence. In the myth Sisyphus is forced to roll a boulder uphill to find out that it rolls down again. The Myth of the Sisyphus as an idiom means living an ironic life.


As a writer: I live the life of Sisyphus.

For Camus life offered no meaning and it was for him a Sisyphus.


Choosing Abraham

Choosing Abraham as an idiom is related to the Old Testament Patriarch Abraham who made love to his maid Hagar when his wife did not conceive. After his wife conceived he abandoned her and her son Ishmael.

As an idiom it means abandoning a significant other for the sake of family interests.


In my life, if I am going to take up a new career in South East Asia, I won’t be a choosing Abraham.

We come across many choosing Abrahams in our life.

Restoration of JOB

Restoration of JOB as an idiom sprung across my mind while reading the book of JOB. Job looses everything and in the end, after being tested by the Devil, he is restored and blessed by GOD. Restoration of JOB is an idiom means a period of prosperity after a bitter period of loss, ruin and deprivation.

Example: When will JOB be restored for me?

The coming of Modi as Prime-minister of India was a restoration of JOB in his life.
he have-nots of India have to be restored to JOB.


Eccocentric is an idiom which is coined from the words: eccentric and esoteric. As an idiom it refers to an imagination of a hyperbolic belief.

Example: The conspiracy cult adheres to eccocentric view that unfinished pyramid and the all seeing in the 1$ Bill of USA represents the coming of the Anti Christ.

Umberto Eco’s Novel: Foucault’s Pendulum is Eccocentric!

Plot is Boiling

The idea for this idiom came to me as a flash when I was reading the story of Saki: A Shot in Dark for eighth graders. Saki is notoriously famous for creating a twist at the end of the story to surprise his readers. In this story: the woman in the story changed the color of her hair from brown to blonde. The story is a lengthy narrative with a man travelling in a train and meeting the son of this lady and another acquaintance. The narrative had little relationship to the plot of the story.
Plot is boiling as an idiom refers to a narrative ploy of the author to create a plot in the end which is very unconvincing to the reader. Potboilers disgustingly adopt this posture.

Example: Jeffery Archer is a villain that sets his stories pot boiling.

The hoi polloi are attracted to pot boiling stories.

For me the aesthetic and philosophical thoughts in fiction are more important than plot is boiling.