Ham Ham

Once upon a time, there was a democratic country called HAM HAM. Democrats called Bacon ruled the country. With the passage of time, the Bacon party lost in the elections to a party which was far right and fundamentalist –called Salmon. Members of the Salmon party started persecuting people who formed a religious minority. There were two minorities—one being followers of the BOOK and the other being followers of the PROPHET. Often members of the Salmon party paraded evangelists, pastors and apostles naked on the street. They also did a dastardly deed of burning a Missionary alive with his children. The members of the Salmon party won a landslide victory by rigging the Electronic Voter Machines. Now they are planning to change the constitution of the Country. The followers of the BOOK and the Prophet will be persecuted and thrown out under their regime. The coming to power by the Salmon party shows that democracy has been defeated.



Psyche—you marvel on wings—there you float as poetic music—there you dance as an ornament—you are nature’s love—you are a hymn of celestial delight—watching you is a rapture of the senses—a canticle being sung—a music—a poetry being recited. God Jehovah Jesus has made you are so precious and wonderful.


An affluent man broke up with his wife and daughter. After a period of many years, he went to a brothel. As he was ushered into the bedroom of the brothel, there to his surprise, he saw his own daughter. He started weeping and asked his daughter why she chose to be a whore. Then she replied: ‘I am helping my mother, she is having cancer’. The man embraced his daughter and took her home and also she welcomed the mother.

Pentagram (Tale Stranger than Fiction)


This is a true story stranger than fiction. I know of a family who had the pentagram sculpted in iron in the front wall on top of their house. The literary meaning of the Pentagram attributes it to the Pagan worship of Venus. Later on it came to symbolize the Devil.

The Pentagram is the official symbol of the Church of Satan. Inside the Pentagram is a goat’s head. In Satanic Worship it is called the Sigil of

In this Family the younger son died gruesomely in a horrifying accident. Now the eldest one is suffering from colon cancer and doctors have written him off. The family is having misfortune after misfortune.
It is very clear Biblically that we are not to honor and worship anything that resembles anything on land, sea and earth. For that family the Pentagram was the outcome of a tragic fate.


The Artist
The man asked him: ‘Who are you and what do you do’? He said I am an artist. The man asked: ‘Do you know Michael Angelo’. ‘No’ he replied. Then again the man asked: ‘Do you know Van Gogh’. ‘No’ he replied. Then again he asked: ‘do you know Salvador Dali’? ‘No’ he replied. ‘What you do paint’. He replied ironically: ‘I paint houses and walls’.

He was once upon a time a Math teacher. Now he has lost his senses. Every day I see him on the road with torn and tattered clothes mumbling nonsense. I have been wanting to help him, perhaps taking him to an asylum. But I don’t think I will agree. He is happy the way he is.

I am watching the sunset. The sun danced in a calypso of colors—light dazzled as angels of colors. All of art realism, impressionism, surrealism and pop art lay scattered in a dream. The muse of beauty visited me in passion.


It was bought by me. It had the numbers and letters as: UB 107774. Adding the numbers will yield to 13 an enigmatic number (Christ was 13). It carries a prize value of 50 Million Rupees. Every day I take it in my hands and think of myself as a prospective winner. The draw date is: 23/05/2019