Jan 9th 2019

I woke up with two dreams in my head. In one dream, I saw a Shepherd’s Crook, a staff. I interpret the dream as follows. A staff shows authority and control and it also points out to attainment of one’s goals. In another dream, I saw a Serpent. The Serpent is a phallic symbol and it shows the awakening of sexual energies.

Assorted Drabble

Tender Coconut
My lips and teeth sank into the tender flesh…the outer covering was hairy and rough—the inner covering was smooth as flesh; its taste was salty and sweet….I drank into the rich concoction….All the way I thought it was just juicy and sweet like hers.

Thousands of pilgrims wait patiently to view the light (a so called divine light) purported to come from over the hills. For the government who got money from the pilgrims it was a fix-up-job. They are adept in burning tires and they are skilled in creating the illusion of creating the light for the hoi polloi.

I watched the illuminated cross all lit up for the church festival. I go back to history were the cross was victimized—stripped, naked and beaten and finally hung. My illumination is the cross which died for my sins.

He had a fancy to make verbs from nouns and thus he goes with the word flower. He cast his wand into its water and came up with the verb—flowerate. Yes, flowerate means a lexicon of ecstasy and catharsis. He loves to flowerate all the time.

The Cheat

She posed herself as a white living in Ghana. By seeing her photos I became bewitched. She was stunningly attractive with a sexy body and beautiful auburn hair. Initially when I called her she refused to answer me. At last this day after Christmas, she spoke and by her accent and speech, I came to know that she was a black woman. Then when I accused her of cheating me, she replied that Sabrina the so called imposter had left for US and she is a friend using her Sim. She even conned me to send 100$ and I did.

The Story of Poop

Elephant Poop: ‘I am large enough to cover the earth. I am the biggest mammal in poop-history. I have won poop-accolades in the history of poop’.

Ant Poop: ‘My poop is as small as dust and I cover only a tiny fraction of the earth. So what if you are the largest: mine is the smallest.’

Now it’s poop time: let’s share our poop…. Ant poop ejected poop fragments of poop on elephant poop.


I and my wife went to the ATM counter and there was no cash in it. The officer at the bank said that she will put money in it. Watching her put the money bundle in a large bag, I got the temptation of running and snatching the bag from her. I almost got to doing it. Then with two thoughts in my mind I refrained from doing it. I don’t want to have any trouble with the law. I buried the temptation in the grave.


Reddy is an upper caste name for a person from Hyderabad. This Reddy I encountered was a recruitment agent and he was recruiting teachers to Maldives. He sent me an invitation letter to attend the face to face interview. When I asked him if there are charges: he said yes: ‘one month’s salary and 18% taxes’. I felt sad and staggered. Isn’t he a cheat making money by doing nothing? Are all Reddys like him? I don’t know.