The Rainbow

Once upon a time there were fairies who lived inside the rainbow. They were a happy go lucky lot and lacked nothing. The prince Mosque descended on to the rainbow and did dastardly things. He shut out the colors and light of the rainbow and waged a war with them. Then came the prince of Good Time, the Sun. He felt pity for the fairies and besieged Prince Mosque. He dethroned Prince Mosque and gave back the rainbow to the fairies.



She is a favorite grandmother of the tiny hamlet. The youth of the village are especially fond of her. She is liberal, permissive and celebrates a free spirit and heart. Youth flock to her pastures to learn the first games of sex. She has serviced both fathers and sons. She is a nymphomaniac never getting tired, always wanting more. She is doing great service to the nation as a skillful instructor.


Jolly is woman an ordinary housewife who attained fame and notoriety as a serial killer. She is a black widow who came to the limelight as a serial killer. It was when her children died and were taken to hospital, doctors felt something fishy and did an autopsy. The results showed poisoning by cyanide. Then the earlier graves of her husband, in-laws were dug and the results showed symptoms of cyanide. The motive for murder is lust, adultery and desire to appropriate wealth. Strange are the ways of the human mind.

Nobodynothing and Somebodysomething

Nobodynothing and somebodysomething are twin selves of a struggling writer. Nobodynothing is an earth of reality, doing a menial job of teaching English to high school students. Somebodysomething aspires to be an established author who longs to travel to places, to smoke clove cigarettes, attend literary symposiums, visit art galleries to make love to the women in his life and many more. The self is an illusion stuck between nobodynothing and somebodysomething.

Quick Wick Fix it Christian

Quick Wick Fit it Christian read the Bible with thorough devotion. He was fond of the prosperity and fame theology offered by the Bible. Some of the verses which fascinated him are: ‘I will give you the treasures of darkness and the wealth of secret hidden places so that you will know that I am the Lord God of Israel who has called you by your name.’ Another verse goes on: I will give you the continents as a gift and the nations as a present.’ Again another one ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added on to you’. Again it says in the scripture: ‘ask and it shall be given: seek and you will find: knock and it will be opened’. Quick Fix It Christian thought that if he memorizes these verses and chant them daily he will get his reward. Unfortunately for Quick Fix It Christian nothing supernatural has taken place and he is forced to live a miserable life in a stupid head and an ironic body. For him life is a slum.

Assorted Drabble

He used to romp hotels and he used to read notices stuck on the notice board. Some where: Banquet for Jacob and Susan: Getting married on Thursday, Christening ceremony banquet for child Maria and so on. Luck was with him for a time. He used to have s sumptuous party free. For him, he believed that there is a free lunch for all. One day while doing the same thing, he was caught. He was caught on the scruff of the collar and asked bluntly: whose relative he was. He was kicked out the party. Yes one can’t be liars all the time.

Faction Fiction
For the H-democracy, the state K is a fixed entity. During partition era of nations into H and L, K was absorbed by subterfuge and made a state in H democracy. People of State K are the followers of the Prophet. The meddling nation of L was cautioned with dire consequences if continued. Nation C—the republic voices its opinion in favor of nation L. Why can’t the people of K state choose what they want by holding a plebiscite? Why can’t nation H the followers of Cattle accede to their demands?

A Strange Custom
This is a strange custom of Kananaya Christians of Kerala. The Kananaya Christians are one of the oldest sects. During the engagement ceremony the bride’s party has to offer a Chicken and the bridegroom’s party have to break its thigh and eat it. This is considered auspicious.