Goddess Itch

Goddess itch belonged to the tickly-too kingdom. She invaded my body and started irritating me. She spread her tentacles on my legs, on my back, on my face, and even on my balls. To get rid of her I decided not to bathe. At last she left me unable to bear my smell.

A Strange Dream

Today I had a strange dream. In the dream I was fondling a vagina. I searched the dream dictionary but I was perplexed as they gave more than one meaning. One text said: I have a poor sexual life. I smiled vexated. The second text said: it was a lack of self confidence which troubled me all the more. The third interpretation was: good things are going to happen on one’s life. I took the third pick.


It lies in my pocket. I became fascinated by its symbolism the All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid. The All Seeing Eye has a halo—the Sun and the Unfinished Pyramid has semblances of Egyptian Occult. I don’t know why I kept it in my pocket but I did! Many a time I used to buy it with Indian Rupees and save it in my pocket. I seriously thought that it will fetch me luck. Then I end up burning it. Some attribute it to the Masons and the Illuminati. I am not sure. But the halo of the Sun around the All Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid all bear occult significance. I don’t want to have anything in my purse which is deviant from the God (Jehovah Jesus) I worship. Today I burnt one single bill and I feel much happier. Yes, Good Days are soon to come.

Borges the writer

Borges the Writer is a sweet monster of the language known for circumlocution….I am his alter ego and he keeps communicating me from the grave. For the moon his favorite verb is: moonizes. She moonized her buttocks. He cunnilingulalized her. He naturalizes art. Poetize the world to live in an extreme state of passion. James Joyce epicualized one day of a man’s life. She labialized her and made her ecstasy. Mumbojumbolize the word. Literature ornamentalizes the world. Poeticize the world as art.