May 13th 2020

The Shoe
I had a dream of wearing my own shoes. The dream dictionary symbolizes it as a start of a new beginning. It could also mean traveling. ‘Oh’, how I much I dream of traveling to exotic places like Bali. I hope I can be lucky to be blessed this 2020 by God Jehovah Jesus.


Jericho is the land to be possessed by the Israelites after their sojourn in the Wilderness of 40 long years. It was occupied by another group of people who were enemies of Israel. God told the people of Israel to walk around the walls of Jericho seven times and they did and the walls fell down. As an Idiom, the Walls of Jericho is good luck and fortune after a long period of trials and tribulations. Lord Jehovah Jesus: place make this year 2020 a Wall of Jericho for me.

Rahab the Harlot

Israel sent two spies to Jericho to learn about their fortification. The whore Rahab hid them in her house and later let them down on a rope from the Wall of Jericho. Rahab as an Idiom means being a friend to someone who is an enemy. The Iranian Nuclear scientist was a Rahab for Israel.

Two Idioms From the New Testament

Lilies of the Field
Christ said: ‘look at the lilies of the field; they are more beautiful than Solomon’s Robes. They neither sow nor reap; yet your heavenly father takes care of them.’ Lilies of the field as an idiom means, being free from worries. My experience with God is Lilies from the field.

Christ was discussing with Pharisees and Sadducees about his own resurrection. He said: ‘the temple will be thrown apart and it will be rebuilt after the 3rd day.’ Christ died and rose up the third day. The temple as an idiom means a body of disbelief. My views on Christ as Lord, Messiah and Savior are not a temple.

Fictional Narratives

Cleansing the Temple
This is the only time that Jesus got angry. When he came to the temple, to his consternation he found that the temple was full of marketers and gamblers. He took a whip and with all fury drove them all out and said: ‘my father’s house is a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves. Cleansing the temple as an idiom means a body free of vices. In personal life cleansing the temple is not an easy task.

Evening Epiphany

Light broke out into a prose of poems ….scarlet …….pink and purple….there’s an ark there embedded in the clouds, a Noah’s ark….there’s a fire belching monster ….there I see a gargoyle….evening is quiet, tranquil poem…..fairies were nattering in awesome splendor….few were streaking across the sky in magnificent pulchritude ….the flame of the forest with its red flowers shone as a music of color….meaning of beauty lies in the art of nature.

Rain an Epiphany
Zeus roared his motorcycle across the sky…A fetish of pink X-rayed the sky….The clouds were swollen ash ….then it started drizzling….the cold breeze stuck my cheeks as tempting cheese. The falling of rain on the roof resembled the sounds of horses trotting….the rain fizzled out and what remained was a quiet silence ….rain is pathos of nature ….

Fictional Narratives

The Israelites in their sojourn in the wilderness grumbled to God that they don’t have food to eat. In order to placate them, God rained hordes of Quail meat. Quail as an Idiom means a colossal material blessing from God. I Invite God to send Quail in my life.

Evening Narrative
The clouds are majestic, warm and friendly. Colors dazzle as a jazz opera. The sun is a ball, gleaning crimson. Colors scatter in celestial whispers. Clouds are hazy impressionistic forms and sometimes they take shape as Picasso’s Cubist art. Birds glide in harmony, a fusion of a melodious dance. The passage of nature is an unfurling of a streams consciousness narrative.

You passionate bed of the night; your lips flavor the poetry of romance; your body is soft as tender dew; let’s embrace in mystic adoration; let’s sing the song of songs by Solomon with our bodies.

Idioms from Judaism

Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai is famous in history as the mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments. As an idiom Mount Sinai marks an important historical event all over the world. The Corona pandemic is a Mount Sinai.

Slaughter the Bull at the Altar
Old Testament Jews used to slaughter the bull at the altar for atonement and for worship. Slaughtering the Bull at the altar as an idiom means getting a remission for a wrong doing. Some rich scoundrels belonging to India like Vijay Malllia and Deeraj Modi have got a bull to slaughter.

April 7th 2020

An Idiom
The parable of the Seed is an all familiar parable of Jesus Christ. It tells of the seed planted on good soil ultimately yields good fruit. The Seed planted in good soil yields good fruit as an idiom means hard work and diligence will in the end yield rich dividends.

Evening Epiphany
I watch the evening appear as a painting of impressionism. Nature is a splendid gift of an artist creator, God. The mango tree outside my house is plump with rich fruit. Stray birds are caressing the sky. A butterfly does a symphony waltz. Poems of clouds scatter n the sky singing the epic chorus of Hallelujah.

An Epiphany
The sky is a stained, grey glass, moody like a romantic heroine. Dolphins of design floated in the sky. Rain is pouring now as streams of consciousness of a decadent hymn. Raining is striking on the roof, pitter patter, an impromptu harmony of a blues serenade. Feathers of the tree floated in the gentle rhythm of a musical breeze.

Jesus Walking On Water

The story of Jesus walking on water is very familiar. It happened when Jesus was on land and the disciples on water on a boat. The storm raged with wild fury and the disciples cried out: ‘master save us’. Then Jesus walked on water. Jesus walking on water as an idiom means getting over a difficulty with immense ease. Some problems can be solved as Jesus walking on water.

Idioms from Judaism

Jonah in the Old Testament, a prophet was asked by God to go to Nineveh to preach to the people to repent from their sins. Instead of going to Nineveh, Jonah went to Tarshish. During the Journey the ship encountered a storm, and the travelers in the ship, being pagans cast lots and the cards fell on Jonah. When they approached Jonah, he told them to throw him into the sea. There he was swallowed by a whale and had to spent 3 nights in its belly. On the third day the whale spit him onto dry land. Jonah went to Tarshish and the people repented and God chose not to punish them.

Jonah going to Tarshish

Jonah going to Tarshish as an idiom means falling into a trap. I have had experiences in my life where I encountered Jonah going to Tarshish.

Jonah being swallowed by a Whale

Jonah being swallowed by a Whale as an Idiom means being surmounted by temporary difficulties which will soon pass away. Yes Jonah being swallowed by a whale is happening to me in my life.

Repentant Tarshish
Repentant Tarshish as an idiom means, to be sincere and to have good feelings towards others. Yes, we have to be the repentant Tarshish.

April 2nd 2020

Getting a prize during the Nation shut down

The cops of India are mean fu***** ass *****. More wretched is the Govt. decreeing a person to stay indoors. I was on my way to buy provisions like butter, eggs and milk when I was stopped by the cops and they confiscated my scooter and asked me to find a person who will take bail for me. They said that they will release the vehicle only after the lock down is lifted. Getting a prize during the nation shut down as an idiom means, getting caught by the police. It is so wretched to get a prize during the lock-down.

Close One’s Eyes
Close one’s eyes is a Malayalam Idiom and it means overlooking faults and iniquities. The eyes wont’ close for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. There are many a time when I closed my eyes.

She is a musical lyre ….her strings are in harmony with the fondness of life…Her body is an urn of sensual delight. Her passion is a river flowing with love…. She has enticed me with amorous seduction….I have grown with love and longing with her and I long to partake in the poetry of sensual intimacy.