Jan 8th 2019

I woke up today with three strange dreams. In one dream I saw money, a one dollar bill and in another dream, I am falling down and in the third dream, I saw a smoking Bishop. Seeing money implies material gain. Falling down in a dream represents anxieties and fears. The smoking Bishop could mean, I am following a brand of Christianity that’s liberal.

Dec 21st 2019

I woke up early at 6 AM. I had a strange dream and it I was a wild life conservationist and I come to India to save the life of black bears. One interpretation is a bear signifies power and independence. Another meaning is since the bear being wild it denotes aggressive and untamed character of the person. The third meaning is winning in a gamble like a lottery. I hope this time I succeed. Another meaning is help is coming on the way.


Joseph of the Old Testament was held captive in Egypt. While in Jail he was called to interpret the dream of the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh dreamt of seven famished stalks devour seven healthy ones. Then he saw a vision of seven lean cattle gobbling seven fat ones. Joseph said that the dream foretells that there will be a cornucopia in Egypt for seven years followed by famine. Joseph as an idiom means a successful dream interpreter. As another idiom Joseph means restoration to success and establishment by God after a period of trials and tribulations. God Jehovah Christ will make a Joseph occur in my life. Freud was a successful Joseph.

Dream Journal

Had two dreams today one was unpleasant and the other filled me with tears of happiness. In the first dream, I was sleeping in a mall, in a room along with my dead father. It was midnight and suddenly I could hear shouts, wails and screams. I opened the door boldly and to my surprise, I found a young woman with stab wounds. A group of drunken youth was beside her. One of them attacked me; I delivered a karate flying kick. Then I woke up. In the second dream, I was visualizing an IB (International Baccalaureate School). Suddenly I got the place: Cochin. My eyes were filled with tears of happiness. I don’t have the money to start one but some day I will. ‘I shall overcome, I shall overcome, someday, oh oh deep in my heart, I shall overcome someday.’

Dream Journal

I did not take sleeping pills when I went to sleep. I woke up from bed with a strange dream. In the dream, to my surprise I saw that the room in which I was sleeping was a temple in ancient days dedicated to a goddess. Then I saw my dead uncle, a priest come down and sing Amazing Grace.