After Jesus was fasting in the wilderness for forty days, the Devil came and tempted him.
The first temptation was the Devil said: ‘Jesus you are hungry: cast these stones into bread and quench your hunger’. Then Jesus replied: ‘man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
The second temptation was the Devil took Jesus atop a hill and asked him throw himself down so that angels will catch him. Then Jesus replied: ‘do not test God’.
The Third temptation was the Devil showed him all the Kingdoms of the world and said: ‘it’s all yours if you worship me’. Then Jesus replied: ‘yea shall worship God alone’.
What harm is there in consuming food? Gluttony is the fornication of the mouth. Fill the belly to zest. Mirth it with a canopy of food and a collage of wine. The Rabbi says: ‘blessed are the food eaters for they shall be glorious gluttons in the kingdom of hell’.
If I was in God’s place, I would have definitely take the plunge and ask the angels to catch me. To soar like a bird downhill is a scintillating delight. The Rabbi says: Blessed are the ecstatic for they shall obtain ecstasy.
What harm is there in desiring wealth, riches and fame. Mammon is the soul of wealth. The rabbi says: blessed are those who seek wealth: for they shall be wealthy.



This happened in 2016, when I was a teacher in an International School. I had a fondness for a Filipino girl with whom I wanted to fornicate. One day I marked her answer scripts wrongly and I had to face the music. Years went by and there was a period of my life when I was not in Christ and I wanted to do black magic on her so that she will yield to me and bed with me. Today asked God for forgiveness and I asked him to cleanse me with his blood.

The Curse

Once upon a time, I was a wayward person, boozing, doping and whoring. Then I was taken to a pastor: who looked up at me and said: you are a temple priest and you are God’s unwanted’. Today back in Christ, I was discussing this with my spiritual mother and then she exclaimed: ‘gosh, that’s a curse’. She rebuked the curse by the ‘Blood of Christ’. Should pastors become judgmental about people and curse them? Actually Christ came for the sick and the broken. We are living in the grace era and it is our duty to bring souls to the Lord.

Devil’s Bait

Devil’s bait is an idiom which means the furtive entrance of Satan. I have a lady friend a Filipino to whom I told of my Christian assignment where I prayed for a relative of mine who is having acute liver cirrhosis and who has been written off by the doctors. I shivered and shook and cried when I prayed and I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to God he has started speaking and taking fluids and is recognizing people. I told all of this to her and she being of Catholic faith said let’s appeal to Saint Padre. She wanted to know his name. I immediately felt that Satan was attacking me. The Bible is very clear about idols and saints and in no sense they have to be worshipped or deified. I did not reveal his name and terminated my wifi. Don’t succumb to the Devil’s bait. Devil baits you when you least expect it.

Pagan Christian

Pagan Christian is an Oxymoron. I am non denominational, non church-ual,. I am deeply rooted to the Bible. I love Christian Blues and Jazz and Black Gospel. I interpret literary theory and philosophy on the light of Christian apologetics. I secularize and democratize Christianity from Orthodoxy.

The Idol

For many it was a God not to me. It was blinded with the robes of Gold. It was being taken in a procession with a whole retinue of cops holding LMG’s (Light machine guns) I wonder! God? Why do you need so much security to protect yourself? All along the way: people paid obeisance with folded hands and receiving holy ash from the deity which they smeared on their heads. I can never picturize God to an idol? My God that I worship is a majestic, awesome and gracious God: the master of the universe.

My first Assignment doing God’s Work

One night in a small fellowship: the Holy Spirit came upon me and I started praying. God reminded me to go and pray for two ailing people who are in their last stages of life. One is a cousin of mine: having liver cirrhosis and is reaching his death end. Today I went to hospital with my wife: I started crying when I prayed. The Holy Spirit moved me with compassion. Lord I ask again: weak, lowly, and insignificant and having no virtues: should I do this? God is no respecter of persons. All my folks, my near relatives have written me off. My interest in Christian Apologetics also developed after reading the Bible. I am rereading and rewriting the works of other thinkers.