BJP is the ruling government of India a pro Hindu party. They are famous for religious intolerance and casting a net of anti-secularism. They demonetized the economy by bringing new currency notes. It is palpable that these hooligans started collecting money from the press to satisfy their greed. The top echelons of the party are immensely wealthy. BJP is a govt. that has fallen short of ideals.


The left front Communist Govt. of Kerala

Once upon a time, I had communist views and I believed that communism will establish a just society based on equality and social justice. My dream has turned stale and sour. The top leaders of the Communist and their cronies and kith and kin are clinching new business deals and the party has become corporate making a fool of followers. Communism in Kerala has become an opportunistic capitalistic beast with callous regard to social ideals.


Kerala, the Southern State of India is famous for daily lotteries as well as Bumper Draws. They say that the Lottery is not rigged and it’s a machine (probably a computer) that draws the prize. What baffles me is that there occur no top end winnings in my locality. There occur only bottom order prizes. Usually the first and second prizes fall in the citadel place of the left front communist govt. of Kerala. Do I have to come to the conclusion that prizes are rigged? Yes, I carry the fear of doubt with me.


rahul gandhi

We all know the story of Isaac, Abraham’s son. God wanted to test Abraham and asked him to take him to Moriah hills and sacrifice him. When he was about to sacrifice him, God said: ‘don’t: sacrifice the ram who has entangled its horns in the thicket’. As an idiom Isaac means being severely tested. Rahul Gandhi is an Isaac who will emerge victorious in the next elections and will become the Prime Minister of India in 2019. I hope the Isaac that I encounter in my life will be positive.

Marx Died


Karl Marx predicted that the workers will unite the world and by revolution pave the way for a new society based on equality and social justice. But instead of that happening, Communism fell into ruins and the Soviet Union and East Germany collapsed and led to the establishment of capitalism. As an idiom Marx died means a prophecy which cannot be fulfilled. Time will tell whether Marx died in the world. The prophecies in the Book of Revelation do not carry Marx’s Death.


Witch and Craft have prejudicial connotations associated with the dark rituals of Satanism, idolatry and all forms of malevolence and the diabolic. As an idiom it means being an anti-feminist and being a male chauvinist. Witchcraft is perversion for male chauvinism. Wiccanism, the earth and Mother Nature should not be diabolized into Witchcraft. The bodies of the woman, her smells, her menstrual blood, the odor from her orifices are the sacred feminine and not witchcraft.