Aladdin’s Magic Lamp

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp as an idiom means getting a large sum of money as a windfall. I hope to get an Aladdin’s Magic Lamp today.


Analysis of Heidegger’s Philosophy

Heidegger defines being is Dasien or standing out. Heidegger goes on to question the meaning of being in an incoherent way. The meaning of being lies in three states—catharsis, ecstasy and angst. These are primarily ego states and the meaning of being is related to processual ontology. Meaning of being is always in the state of being processed.

Heidegger connects being to time. How does time be a source of generic references? The historicity of being lies in its connectedness with temporality. All sensory phenomenon enter the realm of consciousness through time. The meaning of being, its historicity is revealed in the structure of time.

Next Heidegger makes an explication of truth. He tries to paint a picture of truth and posit it with its relationship to the meaning of being. I would like to propose a twofold dictum for truth. Truth consists of facts and emotions. Facts can be scientific, fictional, legal or medicinal, linguistic or mathematical. Emotions are bottled up in the three ego states of the mind—catharsis, angst and ecstasy. Truth is temporal and the meaning of truth changes over time.

Heidegger does not formulate and adequate answer to the meaning of metaphysics. How does being occupy a transcendent structure? The meaning of being in processed in three ego states—Catharsis, angst and ecstasy. These states of the mind become conceptual as transcendental ontology.

Next Heidegger proceeds to define art. First of all art is processual ontology. The art of being has three ego states—angst, catharsis and ecstasy. Being exists as an epic in these three states. Next definition of art lies in creation. Art can be painting, music or literature. The creator is God when she or he creates a work of art. The artist while creating attains the structure of transcendental ontology. Next definition of art lies in cognition and interpretation. When we cognize with our consciousness we are creating a structure of art. Similarly art awakens when we are in the process of interpretation.

Next I would like to interpret Heidegger’s concept of Humanism. Humanism as a philosophy is defined as a concern for the human being. For me, as a philosophy, I would like to envision humanism as dialectical humanism. In the economy of wants and needs, labor is also a product and the product of labor lies in valuablelization. Dialectical humanism proposes a society to be established on the basis of justice and peace. There are no borders as nations and the world is one as a democracy. Dialectical humanism paves the way for the establishment of a single monetary currency and one world government.

Philosophies which have fascinated me

I have been an avid reader of Philosophy and Literary theory. Here I would like to explicate some philosophies which have fascinated me.

I am fond of Plato especially his theory of forms. There is a dark cave and in it lot of people and they can see light emanating from a wall obstructing the cave. What Plato meant was there was an ideal world apart from the physical world.

Next is the Philosopher Hegel who said there is a thesis, synthesis and antithesis. Let’s use an example to illustrate his idea. The end of World War I brought the harsh treaty of Versailles on Germany a thesis and this gave rise to the rise of Nazi rule in Germany an antithesis and brought forth the persecution of Jews synthesis.

Next I would like to take up the Philosophy of Marx. Marxian theory follows upon the modality of dialectical materialism. Everything starts from production and in a society there is the proletariat or the working class who form the base of the society and then there is the bourgeoisie the capitalists and the various ideological apparatuses like police, govt., law media etc. Workers are exploited class and one day by revolution they will seize the reins of power and establish a got based on equality and justice. However Marxism is a failed theory.

Next I would like to meander into literary theory and I would like to take up the Philosopher Derrida and his idea of deconstruction. Texts privilege some and marginalize others. Through a process of deconstructive reading we attain an interpretative mode of how privilege and marginalization occur.

Next I would like to take plunge into existentialism and the ideas of John Paul Sartre. Sartre introduces the concept of angst and he also introduces a notion of being which occurs in three processes, being in itself, being for itself and being for others. All this he assimilates as ego states. Being for in itself is a state of primary consciousness. Being for itself is an experiential context of being where the being traverses between angst, ecstasy and catharsis. Being for others is an eleemosynary state of being where the being is being empathetic.

Next I would like to explain Julia Kristeva’s semiotic and the symbolic realm. The semiotic realm is a structure of language where there is absence of grammar and punctuation. The semiotic realm occurs in streams of consciousness narratives, in music and dance. The symbolic realm is a structure where texts contain a coherent ideological structure of language. Medicinal and legal texts are symbolic structures. Literary texts contain both semiotic and symbolic realms.

Next I would like to explain the thought of the structuralists. Structuralism divides the language into signs. A sign is made up of the signifier and the signified. The signifier is a visual tangible thing belonging to the realm of the senses. The signified is an idea. For example if I say Rose is Passion: Rose is the signifier and passion the signified.

Next I would like to make intrusions into Freudian theory. Freudian theory proposes the ID the Ego and the Super Ego. The ID is the primary seat of passion, the Ego the language and culture that is assimilated and the Super Ego the laws of the society. An individual has to do a tight-rope-walking between these three states to hold life in equilibrium. Next I would like to explain the Oedipus complex where a child develops a love towards the mother and hatred and desire to kill the father. Freud is mistaken in his view and it is only at the onset of puberty that sexuality awakens. Emotional and empathetic bonding will make childhood into a wholesome being.

Next I would like to take up the Lacanian gaze and the mirror stage. The mirror stage is a stage of childhood where the child attains the maturity of gazing upon oneself as a mirror. Here language enters into the realm of consciousness of the child and world of the child traverses from plenitude to lack. The mirror stage has been used in film studies and critical theory. Next I would like to introduce the concept of the gaze. The gaze has strong sexual connotations. Feminists have developed the concept feminine gaze. And there in today’s word there exists lesbian and gay gaze.

I would like to take up some ideas of the Philosopher Camus. Camus says that we should authenticate our existence and we should avoid suicide. For Camus life is meaningless and absurd. In his book the myth of the Sisyphus, man is condemned to roll a boulder uphill only to find that it is pushed down by the Gods and he has to roll it up all the away. Camus is famous for atheistic nihilism.

Next I would like to explain Nietzsche’s theory of ART. For Nietzsche art was the combination of the Dionysian and the Apollonian. The Dionysian includes rhythm and beat and the apollonian includes melody and harmony. When the Dionysian and the Apollonian elements merge there occurs art. The Dionysian element stands for altered states and ecstasy and Apollonian element stands for catharsis and angst.

It was the Philosopher Aristotle who introduced the idea of Catharsis by which he meant the purification of the soul while watching tragedy. All art is made up of Catharsis, Angst and Ecstasy. Life is a celebration of these three states of being.


After Jesus was fasting in the wilderness for forty days, the Devil came and tempted him.
The first temptation was the Devil said: ‘Jesus you are hungry: cast these stones into bread and quench your hunger’. Then Jesus replied: ‘man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
The second temptation was the Devil took Jesus atop a hill and asked him throw himself down so that angels will catch him. Then Jesus replied: ‘do not test God’.
The Third temptation was the Devil showed him all the Kingdoms of the world and said: ‘it’s all yours if you worship me’. Then Jesus replied: ‘yea shall worship God alone’.
What harm is there in consuming food? Gluttony is the fornication of the mouth. Fill the belly to zest. Mirth it with a canopy of food and a collage of wine. The Rabbi says: ‘blessed are the food eaters for they shall be glorious gluttons in the kingdom of hell’.
If I was in God’s place, I would have definitely take the plunge and ask the angels to catch me. To soar like a bird downhill is a scintillating delight. The Rabbi says: Blessed are the ecstatic for they shall obtain ecstasy.
What harm is there in desiring wealth, riches and fame. Mammon is the soul of wealth. The rabbi says: blessed are those who seek wealth: for they shall be wealthy.

Bible Numerology Magic

When I read God’s WORD: The Bible I am humbled. The Bible is a grand design of a Master Architect. The New Testament and the Old Testament are so intricately connected. Every Word in scripture is so intimately connected and The Bible is more fascinating—more than Da Vinci Code. Let me describe the magical numerology which God revealed to me.

The Books of the Bible are 12. So too are the tribes of Old Testament Israel found in the Old Testament. 1+2=3 and 3 symbolizes the Trinity: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Again the 12 tribes of Israel are divided into camps of three and we get the number 4. And we get three groups of 12. It was 12 years when Jesus entered the temple and conducted discourses with the priests. 4 is symbolic for the four points of the cross on which Jesus died. 3 is again symbolic on the day which Jesus resurrected from the dead.


The Hebrew word for God is YHWH meaning the sacred unutterable word of God. YHWH has four letters again pointing to the four points of the cross.


Epiphanies flowered in the garden. Poets grew up in the forest. Spring played a lyrical ballet on the cello. Rock—you music, you caress a celestial rhythm. Autumn plucked the guitar with a calypso of the heart. Winter howled in irony. Summer sweated on his T—shirt. Monsoon—you ode of the season, now you are penning lyrical verses. I blossomed in her garden. Blues is an evocation of catharsis. Jesus you are parable that touched the heart. A pretty rainbow walked on the ramp. I bit into a cherub so sweet. Seraphs wing a flute in the sky. Poem—you are a nirvana for the soul. Passion, you are a new born rose. I made a melody in her garden. Lava is erupting in the furnace of Palestine. My pen is sedated when I write poems. Mother Nature has bequeathed violent sons. Woman, your name has no violence in the garden. Sex is the heart of a poet. I am guitar of erect music. Crown—where the Sun never sets is finally dark. Woe—I have bound you in chains and flung you away from memory. Blog—you are a nation of words. Cinema is ice on the screen. The earth was a cloudy mystic in the morning. Jealousy is a storm that lurks in the human mind. Luck—I uplift you in a lyric. Beef is a hungry mouth begging for food. Rain you are pouring in melancholy. Oasis—I have found you in a desert of hope. Between her legs, I have chanted a rainbow. Lips—you are the timbre of ecstatic speech. Manna –you have become the food of hope and luck. The pen raged into a flood. Ink lay wet in her like an Epicurean hymn. Sade, you are a creature of abomination. Resurrection of Christ is joy, peace and eternity. Wooing is the heart calling. Dogs have climbed the altar of sacrilege. The fields echo the song of the harvest. Dream is a molten music of lava. Tears of the earth are heard as shouts of jubilation in heaven. The hammer and the sickle—you are the emblem of an empire gone to rot. The Sun is the husband—the moon the wife. Hay—you are the mind unsettled. Sew the cloth with a needle of hope. Grapes—you have become wine that’s drunk. The sky becomes a poem at dawn and dusk. Her orifice bore the flavor of a new born rose. Mantras arrive for the pilgrimage. Destiny is a monk of thought and food for celebration. A pen is a phallus of ecstasy. Time—you are a seed waiting to flower into fruits. Imagination –you are wings soaring to a fiesta. Sometimes I am a troubled bard eyeing the storm. Poems of hope bit into a frozen landscape. Irony, rest and be merry with wine. Waltz of time—you are a year growing up. Windfall—let me string you with the pearls of luck. Serendipity is canoe rowing gently on the lake. Poison, you are a vicious fang of pestilence. Time, evoke a destiny of sunrise. I shivered in ecstasy and quivered in death. Bible is the novel of abundant life. Grace—you are a vessel of joy. Don’t blow the trumpet when you are meditating. Book of peace, you walked on water and you healed many. Babel—you became the tower of confusing languages. The prophet is a child that is grown up. The plough is the pen for the writer. Bad luck is a demon that can be weeded out. The beast in 666 is a mystery. Luck is a sage walking on the earth and chanting. Rhyme and rhythm—you have a spell of luck. Loving your enemy has to be a happy sonnet. Pride—you are a demon that has planted a black wing. Solitude—you are nature’s whisper. Dust returns to the earth as dust. He had to be the cross for loving the world. Agonies—you are now puke ejecting from the body. The flower awakens at puberty. Every deathly night has a morning of life.