Daily Journal

A lot has been happening in my life. Got a job in Qatar as a teacher to teach 6th 7th and 8th grades. The job became a bug in my life. I used to prepare well and deliver lessons by lecture method. But the authorities weren’t happy. I was constantly being reprimanded and cautioned that my teaching was not up to the mark of the school. I feel CBSE curriculum is an outdated one. The lessons are vague and are not connected. The topic jumps from one event to another. I also had to teach Qatar history. It’s quite a bore and with the Qatari royal family being lauded for no reason. To make matters worse, I had to share an accommodation with three of my roommates. On the 29th the Principal called me and said that I am not doing justice to my students or the subject. I blurted that I will resign. He conveyed the same to the management. The boss called me and gave give me sound noise whipping. He said I am not fit to be a teacher and that he has been receiving complaints from the students and parents. I felt sad and disheartened. He gave me the ticket back home and my one month’s salary. So now I am at home. I have fixed up an appointment with a whore and I hope to have some good fun.


Dream Journal

Early morning I had a strange dream. I can’t interpret its meaning. I dreamed of a search made by the police. In the dream they are extracting fleshy pieces of beef and are searching for human remains. In the end of the dream, they find pieces of human meat. Then I woke up.

Daily Journal

The day was lethargic with a monotonous scrawl. The sky remained a lesbian with limpid poems. I took a gaze at my under wares. To my surprise they were all torn at the crotch. Is it too much pressure bombarded by my dick? Talked to my adulterous sweet lover on Whatsapp. She told me: ‘dear I am carrying and I am due in Feb’. Please wait until May for our next rendezvous. I have another lover whose husband is a bum. She expects to be paid for a fuck. Every day I am fucking waiting for a windfall to bounty my purse. Yes, I have given up on Christ. My new Gods are Lucifer, Ahriman and Mammon. I have started worshiping them. Christ does not have a heart. He is cold hearted, stubborn and arrogant. Money is the God you need on this earth. The Supreme Court of India has decriminalized adultery and gay marriages. The laws of the country are shifting from the colonial era to democratic norms. A poem on wings is resting on the wall. Poetry is the love of words in figures of copulation. I am still wondering what a postmodern novel is. I have no answers but only questions to ask. Irony is defied. Parody is inflated. The burlesque and the pastiche are comic jargons of expression. Character is the liberation of emotion. Lampooning is the device to exhilarate metaphors from convention. Kafka satirized the novel into an ironic cauldron of self reflective psychologism. Joyce walked in metaphors of effusive streams of consciousness. Don Quixote anarchized romanticism into madness. Virginia Wolf liberated the cunt into a consciousness of interior monologue. Sartre tore the novel into eulogies ansgtual tropes. Borges liberated the novel from the ornament of realism and conjured the novel to a vista of magic realism. In a postmodern novel art begins to trope and character begins to incarnate as a desecration of the mind. The era of genres is dead. Tropes have to be sculpted as art.

Dream Journal ( A true story)

Two nights back I had one of the strangest dreams ever manifested. Why strange? I could find no satisfactory explanation in the dictionary of dream symbols. Let me first of all narrate this bizarre and zany dream having an occult and psychic significance. I dreamed of my ex-college-lover Sheeba, now deceased. She came to me and said she wanted to get pregnant and we started discussing about making love. Then all of a sudden she turned violent into a fearsome and gruesome Goddess Kali who holds severed heads in her multiple hands.


Her mother, an old hag who chews betel leaves with tobacco spat it on my face. The most frightening situation was I could not open my mouth. I was literally choking. Dream symbolism speaks of choking where it says you cannot swallow something in your real life but not what I experienced in real. I made a choking sound and woke my wife who put on the light and thought that I was having a stroke. I lasted for fifteen minutes before normal consciousness came back to me. What does this dream mean Biblically? I am no die hard Christian nor lukewarm. It says in Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Was God revealing to me that there exists an occult world of spirits and demons? Was he telling me that I should rekindle my spiritual consciousness and detour from sin? I have no answers only questions.

Daily Journal

Got an interview call from Kuala Lumpur. If it pulls through I will be glad. I will have a decent salary and also satisfy my epicurean likings. Again I started dabbling in the occult and I lost sleep. I have to put my trust in the God led Israel by parting the red sea. Morning lit up like a string of pearls. While traveling around, one can see broken walls, damaged houses, and all a prey to nature’s fury as flood. The flood is Kerala’s worst disaster since 1924. A stray dog was howling and I smelt death on its nostrils. Being has the ID to gratify, the Ego to deify and the Super Ego to defy. The self is an entity in transgressive violations. The smell of scotch that I had at the airport still lingers as a pleasant aroma. Scotch you are an Epicurean delight. God Christ, forgive me for dabbling in the occult. Let me sleep like a baby. Lottery yielded a dull luck. Time waddles like a duck. She is back from the Middle East and I asked her to bed with me. Of course I have to pay her. Good pussy has a price doesn’t it? Heard the songs of mourning through the road as the corpse was being taken. My soul is a stoic corpse. I need the money to bring her from Ghana. She is poetically voluptuous. She has shown me her ample bosom. Every day I pray that I will win a lottery. Need to send her money to book tickets. Literature is a stoic ornament, and Epicurean festoon. Feeling is thought put on paper. Ink is the dusk of the phallus. Thoughts ballet in streams of consciousness. Time is a festive dream. Nirvana you live through the say as a hyperbolic gut. She is buxom and her body curves like a poem. I enjoy making love to her. I have licked her a lot and she simply loves it. My words are a fattened calf. I have many lovers and I simply love them all. What am I? A simple nothing. I am the many women that I have loved, the places that I have visited, and the cuisine that I have tasted. Was Epicurus wiser than God? Epicurus is a God to the Ego. My self lies in the pussy of so many women that I have loved. What is my diet? All pussy eating! Love’s is sensuous lust for me. Love me all the time.

Daily Journal

I was traveling the whole week. My daughter got admission to a dental college in Ludhiana and I had to take her luggage. I get Goosebumps whenever the flight is taking off. There is also a sense of excitement when the full throttle is put on as the body jerks on the seat. Mid air peeing is a raw sense of delight. I missed 5000 bucks by one digit. Curse my luck. Today was a slow day with nothing much to do. I wanted to read Sade’s novel but left it for another day. I wonder where my writing is leading me to. I don’t know for sure. I got a chance to make love. Need money to pay her and book a hotel room. May be a windfall will come. My body is an earthly hedonist. My soul is an ephemeral egotist. Sex is a tranquil dream. I met many women in dating sites but all of them turned out to be scammers. My literature has reached exhaustion. I have christened it with death. Had a drink at the airport—red label scotch—it cost an exorbitant sum, a thousand bucks. Thank goodness in some airports in India, there are smoker rooms. When I am in it I smoke a lot of cigarettes. Sartre said: a smoker experiences the universe when he or she smokes. I met a sleeveless woman in the smoker room. Felt like giving her a good fuck. I am a literature of nothingness, a floating opera, a garbage pile in streams of consciousness. I open a can of worm words and write sentences of dust. Chance and luck be my good buddies. See me through the good days ahead. Nirvana, you are a lover consciousness. One has to live in language and also die with it. Time you are can of worms. What is the language of the serpent? All lies and deceit! My halo is my phallus. Awakening is a ritual and playing is ecstasy. From death I am reborn again. I hurt her feelings. She had an accident. I feel sorry for her. She has been my significant other for many years. We met and made love in Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia. Making love to her has been a poem for me. Art, I owe you much gratitude. As the years go by, I want to lead a much easier life. Yes, I regret missed opportunities, goofed up interviews. When will good news come to me? Luck, plant a sunshine in me. Good times are yet to come. Consciousness, you are floating dream. Karma, have I done you any wrong. Time, kiss the wounds of angst. Let the feelings soar like the wings of a phoenix. Memory, I have touched you many times in wounded dreams. Adultery is the sweet passion of life. Let me heal myself by writing literature.

A Travelogue from Ludhiana


Ludhiana is in Punjab in the Northern part of India. I was there to give my daughter’s luggage as she had joined a medical college there. The flight from Delhi was a rustic, old one. The dinosaur plane had propellers outside and throughout the journey it was shaking like a windbag swaying in the breeze. Thank heavens I landed finally in a tiny airport having just one room. There was no conveyer belt for the baggage, but just a platform. To my good luck, there was only a single cab and I had to pay through the nose, a thousand bucks to the hotel. The streets are crowded like sardines, jam packed. The taxi missed other vehicles by inches. I marveled at the skill of the driver. The driver was hardy Punjabi with his stout turban and he knew smattering English and I started conversing with him. I could see cops all the way through, armed with light machine guns. The nation was on red-alert as it was celebrating independence. I could see an array of colorful turbans. Traffic was so uneven and cyclists were vying with cars. Cycle rickshaws ploughed through the traffic in sweet relish. Sweat oozed from the rickshaw drivers. The streets were narrow and dingy. Whole arrays of shops were selling a host of things like sweets and other Punjabi delicacies. Traveling through the streets, time takes ages. I went to my daughter’s medical college CMC. The buildings were quaint and bore the relics of the colonial empire. There was a beautiful little chapel in front of the college. I relished Punjabi Tandoori chicken with Nans made from flour. On the whole, the trip was an enjoyable one.