Daily Journal

I became very elated. Finally I was able to bring my autistic son from the misery of a boarding school. This I did when my wife was out of station. I was wondering whether they were doping him. His eyes were dazed and he was not at all responding. On top of that there were scratch marks on his skin. It was a long journey by bus from Trichur to Thiruvalla. From there I had to take him by scooter. I thank God that it was not raining. My son coming back was a celebration for me. It was like Jacob seeing his lost son Joseph in Egypt after a long time. My wife is having half thoughts to send him back. She thinks that only the school can discipline him. I feel that an autistic son should need love, care and affection and that he can get only if he stays at home. The poor chap can’t even express his feelings. When he gets aroused, he rubs his body on the bed. This is only normal. And my stupid wife thinks that’s an abnormality. When I went to take him in school, deep down I could see the angst in his heart. I have told my wife that there is an autistic day school nearby and I can take him there. I hope she agrees. He needs the love and affection of his parents. I have made a vow to stop dabbling in the occult especially tarot and astrology. I read the Bible and prayed and I was filled with serenity. I laughed with God Jesus. He has a wonderful sense of humor. I am holding my hands on his feet and will not let go till I am blessed. Oh God when will my exile end and when will the red sea part for me. I am thinking of the joy of an exodus.