Conventionalizing Tropes

Conventionalizing tropes is a systemic effort made to categorize tropes which occur in different disciplines of thought.

Tropes can be Literary, Philosophical, Political and Psychological and according to the way in which they are embedded in the sculpture of the text.
What are literary tropes? Literary tropes adorn a poetic form. Here are some examples: The Chirp that floats in air is a serene music. Our love became a blossom of flowers. My tongue is hidden in a poetic garden. Streams murmur a poetic heart. The wind howls in sorrowful misery. My thoughts are a flowing river. Green is the magic carpet enveloping nature. The waves bring forth mirth and laughter. The wind that strikes the cheek is a metaphor. Metaphors gather honey from a beehive. Nature is a lover at heart. What songs of beauty do flowers sing? Rainbow colors the chords of happiness. Angst is a withered plant. Gandhi was an ocean of peace. They clung together like flowers of ecstasy.

What are political tropes? Political tropes express a political theme. Some examples are: Palestine is a hot volcano. The dawn of peace is always in the refugee’s heart. The Indian fanatic party is assassinating democracy, freedom and liberty. UK is the Brexit that failed. We need to clean the Augean stables of corrupt politicians. Jihad is a demon of democracy. The IS is a sword of Damocles. Marx is an ideology that died. The pen is the liberator of democracy. Democracy what an ideal? How much blood has been shed in your name? Contemporary capitalism is rich bacon of a few elites and poor stale bread of the masses.

What are psychological tropes? Psychological tropes are those tropes which express some psychological content. Here are some examples: Narcissism is a poison of the body. Dreams are content of language signified. Hamlet’s killing of his stepfather was based on the oedipal complex. The mirror stage is a booklet to decipher narratives in texts, films and music. Deify the ID, Liberate the Ego and subvert the Super Ego.

What are Philosophical figures of speech? Let’s take Plato’s allegory as an example. There is a dark cave in which there are hordes of people. From the wall of the cave there emanates a shaft of light. The people grapple for the light. What Plato means here is that there is an ideal world of forms, a reality that exists in the Metaphysical world. Let’s take the Philosopher Nietzsche’s theory of art. Art is the salmagundi of the Apollonian and the Dionysian. The Apollonian elements are harmony and melody and the Dionysian elements are rhythm and beat. Art occurs at the confluence of these elements.


Erotic Melody

Affectionately for MIG

Let our lips
Passions of
Kissed and
Like flowers…
Let our passionate
Bodies sink
Into a vortex
Of feeling….
Let’s submerge
In ecstasy’s

September 8th 2019


Morning was a slow itching day without nothing much to happen. I was feeling sad about not accomplishing my wishes. But I am hopeful and filled with the language of cheerful optimism. The sky lay like an oven of bright clouds. Amongst the clouds I could see Garuda, the Indian mythic bird which is the symbol of the Indonesian flag. I am wondering if my wishes are coming true. Yes, they are and I can feel it in my heart. Seeing Garuda is good fortune and I feel so happy about it. For a long time I have been wanting my life to be stabilized, with more money to satisfy my material needs. I need money to travel all over the world and I want to write my passions out. Now my dreams have started working out my wishes in harmony. I have been very generous with money, giving lots to the church when I had money. Now I have only enough for my needs and I live a hand to mouth existence. My sleep is being regularized by the psychiatric medicines that I take. I have been identified with Bipolar disorder.
To write is to make an existence come alive. The spirit and the soul work behind the scenes creating a tensional harmony. To explore the lands of many people, to taste, touch and feel the manna of experiences is a writer being stimulated. Writing is the four seasons of experience. Summer is elated writing. Spring brings out pathos of thought and feeling. Autumn signifies moods and thoughts of writing. Winter is an occurrence of anguish and angst. Writing is also the art of wish fulfillment. Writing is a therapeutic art. Writing expresses words that cannot be spoken. Writing is the magic of the pen. Writing is the weaving craft of desire. Writing is the character sketch of people. Writing edifies the soul. There is a soul of thought in writing. Writing is the cathartic release of the body. Writing realizes the dream of the writer. Writing pours out the angst of the soul. Writing is a melancholic soliloquy. Why am I writing like this? I don’t know. I am a restless writer. What is the art of the writer? The depths of feeling, the warmth of emotion, the passion of reason are all existential philosophies to liberate the writer. Writing is grounded in the use of the ellipse. One is forced to write out of necessity. A writer’s prose is broken but clarity cannot be decimated. Writing can be an obscure rendition as human emotions are palpable. Where does the writer belong? Am I the writer seeking recognition? Shame on me! I write because passions live in me. Am I being truthful when I write? When I write my fictional self takes over. The fictional self gorges the pen. The real self is subdued and the author is the self – the master writer. Writing happens when one is forced to write and also when the writer indulges in the pleasure of the pen. Writing is the alter-ego taking over. Writing is a mania to overcome what’s a phobia in the real world. Writing is mytho-poetic exercise. Writing can be an illusion of the pen. One indulges in writing as one is forced to love it. Writing is an art of the epicurean self. Writing frees the writer from the self inflicted guilt. Writing is the religion of the writer. The poem is the heart of the soul and prose the body of passions. Writing releases the self to a pure existential catharsis. I am what I am: I am a writer too. Why clamor for recognition? Why seek aplomb? You have to write the joy of the heart in a melodious poem of art

September 5th 2019

No nothing new and surprising this day. The day lagged as a couch on bed. Thoughts poured into my mind as a vessel. I feel sad that I am making no winnings for the lottery. Yes, I seek the gentle pleasures of music in a longing body. I am always in thought about visiting famous art galleries, buying books of my favorite authors. I have found the Bible: Message very interesting to read. My soul is very restless. Sometimes I feel that God does not want me and I am far away from him. Why I don’t know? Yes, I want God to forgive me of my iniquity. I want God to have a loving heart. I want a God on whose shoulders I can lean on to. I want a God that’s merciful.