Occult Symbolism of my Signature


Masonic and Illuminati symbolism has fascinated me….yes, the all Seeing Eye and the Unfinished Pyramid. My asemic signature has evolved through time….I have engulfed it with the Christian esotericism ….Yes, Christ is more valuable than the secret societies. In my signature, there’s the Alpha and the Omega ….the verse in the Bible which says: ‘I am the beginning and the end’ There’s also the cross which means take up the cross and follow me. There’s also the sign of the fish …..again used symbolically for Christians of the early church…Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.


Life can be compared to the movements of an eccentric clock. Sometimes the clock moves backwards and we are forced to live our memories. Sometimes the dials get stuck and we have to live with present. Sometimes the dials move forwards and then there is anticipation of the future.

Valley of Sin

The pilgrim has entered the valley of sin. What sees is a church turned into a brothel and a pub. A woman with weird hairdo of purple hair and flaunting lip stick entices him to the pub. When he was showing unwillingness, she with a force of strength pulled him inside. She ordered vodka large. As he drank the white poison he had an uneasy rumbling in his stomach and belched it all out. She became totally drunk with unsteady footsteps pulled him into the brothel. She threw of her clothes with force and spread her legs incongruously inviting him to lay her to bed. The pilgrim felt half tempted but suddenly heard the voice of God and rushed out of the place. It was quite dark in the streets and in a shady place the drug peddlers were selling dope. The called to him and asked him whether he wanted a joint. He took a puff and staggered uneasily and retched on the pavement. A small voice inside him said: ‘son you are going the wrong way’. Guilt overtook him and he was feeling repentant. He started walking away from that place. He came to a plaza and surrounded by bright light. It was gambling casino. The place was agog with all sorts of people, peddlers, pimps and gamblers. Soon the dice was thrown. Some won and some lost. There was strip tease dancer showing off her svelte figure. Some of the gamblers drunk were throwing money at her. One gambler drunk caught her behind. The bouncers came and caught hold of him and threw him out. One of the gamblers, who staked a large sum of money, lost it all, and committed suicide. The pilgrim felt a sickening feeling inside. He did not know what to do. Again he heard the soft voice of God telling him to go away. Feeling heavy in the heart he quietly walked away. On the road he saw prostitute injecting her arms with dope. He went near her and asked her if you are all right. She fell dizzy and collapsed to the ground. It was a cold night and she had no warm clothing. The pilgrim covered her with his own blazer. Then took her by the hand and checked her into a motel. She started mumbling all kinds of things in her sleep. ‘I have a husband who has abandoned me. I have a home where I am not welcome. I have wounded and bruised mind; can someone please help me’. The pilgrim sat beside her and talked softly to her. He said: ‘do not worry dear; I will take care of you’. He stayed with her throughout the night.

April 2nd 2019

The morning was littered with flowers. The sky became a booming canopy. Tiny poems glided in the sky. The poem rose with the pulchritude of good humor. I feel so contented and happy. I thank Jehovah Jesus for soul talking to me.

I have started reading the gospel of Mark. The fact that Jesus being spiritual and mortal fascinates me. Yes, the Lamb became a lamp that was lit. Spirit enmeshed itself with flesh and lived a life on earth.

In the morning I had to go to Allepy also known as the Venice of the East. Aleppy in God’s Own Country is a tourist paradise. One the one side is a poem of tranquil backwaters and on the other, lush paddy fields. Birds of all hues and shapes flourish in the paddy fields. The famous Siberian Crane comes to Kerala when it is winter in Russia. One can cruise along the backwaters by renting a boat. My friend Libardi an anthroposophist remarked that the backwaters are the remnants of the sunken continent Atlantis. Is the legend true or a fancy of the mind? We can accept his opinion with poetic license.

All along the way I saw remains of an election campaign. I was made into posters, sprawling cutouts, and to my viewers hands bowed in Namaste and dripped with a cosmetic smile. I can’t imagine that India being a poor country, millions are wasted for elections. Many in India don’t have food to eat, many live in slums and the irony is the Governments voted to power rarely keep their election promises.

A strange incident happened in my life. I was standing outside a shop drinking coffee when the election candidate in our constituency passed by me with bevy of followers. I thought that he will look at me and smile but nothing of that sort happened. He walked passed me totally ignoring me. I am having two thoughts about voting for him.

Now I want to tell a strange legend. It had dials which keep on moving. When it reaches one hour, it chants a rhyme and then chimes. When it is 2 it rings 12 times and when is 1 it rings 10 times. It is highly erratic and eccentric. Still I love it so much. I keep it as a precious objet d’ art.

It is a connoisseur of art. It tries to live many lives. It is in a confused state of being a fictional self and real self. It tries to novel epiphanies and it also plays with the language of meaning. It is literary and philosophical. It travels to continents and places. Sometimes it says to me: hey mister, you are poem, you are the many women that you have loved, you are the incense of cloved cigarettes of Jakarta, you are grilled Indonesian fish that you have relished with sumptuousness, you are the aromatic sambal (a mixture lime, chilies, tomatoes to be eaten with rice), you are the winning moves made in a game of chess, you are the disciple who has fondness for Christ, you are an allegory and
an epiphany of a self in wonder.

It lies in the living room. One can settle on it with luxury. One can also lie down on it and relax. When lying down on it, it becomes a muse of serendipity. New thoughts violate the privacy of the brain. The mind welcomes them with eagerness.


I come to life at 3 O’ clock. I am ignited for taking the lucky draw. I play truant. I choose numbers according to my lucking. Sometimes I select the same numbers like 6666 and sometimes I select different numbers like 77562. Late in the evening, humans see the numbers that I have drawn. Many in fits of disappointment rubbish their tickets into the dust bin. The chosen lucky are few. Some people complain that I am rigged by the ruling party of the state. The winning prizes usually go to the districts of the ruling party domain. I am put to sleep now. Every day at three I wake up.

March 25th 2019

The stillness of the night was deafening—the crickets sang in harmony—the sky had eyes that twinkled—the big eye of the sky shone a beautiful aura of light—night serenaded like a painting—I am filled with love and I thank God for giving me the blessing to appreciate nature.

Rheteroclasm from Rhetoric and Iconoclasm is a new figure of speech where nature is contrasted with two unlike things. For example: the stillness of the night was deafening.

I had a strange dream today. In this dream I and my wife were working in Indonesia. There was a rock concert and we were planning to go for it. I had given 100$ to be changed at the school office. When I went there they gave me back the 100$. Then we were going in a car for the rock concert. When the car stopped in one place, I got out to buy cigarettes and when I came back there was no one in sight.

I thank almighty God for giving me a good erection. My wife became a poetic bed in the night; she transformed herself into an erotic poem. I have come to the conclusion that nothing is impossible wit God.


It walked miles and miles on the earth. It recorded nature’s symbolism. The master used to polish it and make it shine. One day it was invited to do adultery. As it walked on earth—the head started spinning—it fell on to the hard floor of the airport and bled. Now it has come to Christ and is a merciful and repentant thief. No amount of storms will make it change. After a long period of serving the master, its surface came off. The master replaced it with a new one.

Biblification is a new hermeneutic, interpretative tool of turning Bible incidents into idioms. For example Daniel in the Old Testament signifies Loyalty. Wedding at Cana is a miracle happening in life. Coin from the fish mouth, when Jesus asks the disciples to take a coin from the fish mouth and pay the taxes is an idiom for getting a financial bounty or having lucky windfall.

Catch of the Net
This happened in the New Testament. The disciples were fishing and caught nothing. Then Jesus said cast your nets on to the other side. They did and they got a cornucopia of a catch. Catch of the Net is an idiom for financial prosperity.

In the Gospel is recorded this parable. A man had two sons. The father asked the first to go and work in the vineyard. The son was not willing but later on he went. Then the man asked his second son to go and work in the field. The son didn’t go. Then Christ asked which of these sons will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They replied. Then Christ said: it is the prostitutes and sinners who heard my word and obeyed my commands will go to heaven. Heaven has no place for

Pharisees and Sadducees.
Pharisees and Sadducees
While Jesus was doing his ministry on earth it was Pharisees and the Sadducees who were highly critical of him and condemned his miracles as hocus pocus abracadabra. Pharisees as an idiom means thickheaded and stubborn. The teacher in our school is a Pharisee. Sadducees cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.