God And The Sparrow

God and the Sparrow

It was a poetry of feathers; it was building a home for its loved ones; I watched with marvel at its beak at work; I watched in amazement at the way its beak took leaves, straws and twigs; its completion was poetic music; I marvel at God and his wonderful ways in which God has bequeathed his glory to grant nature with excellence of art. I remember the saying in the Bible: ‘if God can care for the sparrow: how much should he care for you.’


Assorted Drabble

Uncle Thomas
In real life Uncle Thomas worked as an income tax officer. However Uncle Thomas had a fictional entity. He had the flamboyant attitude of writing letters to many presidents and international organizations about world problems and solutions. Sometimes he would get a reply. Most of the times his letter would get no reply. When he gets a reply: he will boast: ‘Ah There’s a letter from the Prime Minister of Israel.’ ‘Here there’s another one from the President of America.’ Uncle Thomas is an example of egoistic highfalutin.

Shamanic Doll
This happened to me while I was working as a teacher in an International School in Jakarta. I was asked by the Principal to invite the UN officer there for the school function. I went to his office and was ushered in. To my strange bewildering surprise, there was a Shamanic doll on his table. It was giving a strange sort of look, quite horrific and with a sly humor. I became so stupefied.

As Abraham’s Descendant
God said to Abraham and to his sons that he will make a great nation out of them. Though I am an Indian, I am a Christian belonging to the tradition which God almighty Jehovah Jesus has promised. I think it’s not wrong for me to be a believer Israelite.

Valerie was a lady teacher who came from England on a teacher exchange programme. Though I was much younger than her, she became fascinated with me not in a platonic sense but in an erotic one. I started writing poems for her. I was with her when she painted the kindergarten classrooms with alphabets and their representations. Once in a hotel, I became drunk and she invited me to passion her on the bed. I was too full of Christian Piety that I ran away from there. Two of my poems which I wrote in calligraphy, she framed it and hung it in her house in England. Later on she invited me to England but my visa got rejected.

Hong Kong

This happened to me while I went for an interview to Hong Kong. I was staying in Kowloon and in the evening I walked outside. I came to a building where a lady was standing out and soliciting customers. When I reached near her: she said ‘come inside son have a drink.’ Here also my Christian virtue prevented me from going inside. Next morning when I walked through the same place she was there. She was waving incense sticks and chanting something esoteric. When she saw me she waved at me and shoed me away. This incident leaves my mind unsettled.

July 18th 2019

July 18, 2019
Morning queued itself as an epic poem. The muses serenaded with poetic whim. I feel so grateful to God—Jehovah for giving me a blessed life.

While reading the gospel: I came across the incident where the disciples were on a boat and then the tempests raged. Then they cried out to Jesus: Master Save us. Then Jesus walked on water and calmed the storm. He said to them: you are of little faith. Little Faith as an idiom means having not having the faith and innocent trust in God. Even though I am a believer, sometimes I am of little faith.

I am very fond of the Romantic Movement. Wordsworth defines it as the spontaneous overflow of feeling. It means implanting a rich plethora into animate and inanimate things. I am forced to live a life of romantic ecstasy. Yes in romanticism brooks murmur, rivers flow in speech, the mountain breathes a passion, thunder roars in anger, poets float in the sky, waves frolic in passion, winds kiss in noisy breath, lovers pour passion on the bed and so on.

I am also fascinated by Ezra Pound’s imagism. Pound has defined Imagism as an ‘intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time’. Poems transform themselves into profound images. Let’s look at some examples. Morning wore a doctor’s stethoscope. He lay on the bed covered with maggots. Gray christened into a loud shout. Poems wore images of dusk. Passions raged from the ring of fire. Romance sung a duet in the sky. His anger was as cloudy as the sky. Beautiful poems blossomed in the garden. The landscape lay trembling with an echo. Stones breathe in whispers. The lovers kissed like a musical garden. The tomb was covered with desolate grass. Beauty, you are the charm of the soul. Poetry is a rich tapestry of meaning. Ecstasy is a ripe fruit. Dogs do omen howls. Peace is a dove released from the earth. The seed is meaning of life and the fruit the rich harvest of life. The spring mimics a metaphor. Irony is an empty wallet. Sounds bark, and colors grimace. I am not impressed with your metallic phrases. The mountains are chanting fire.

Collective Unconscious and Christianity


Jung the famous Swizz psychiatrist introduced what is known as the collective unconscious. For Jung, it was repository of psychic symbolism common to all of humanity. Jung has used the symbolism of the Mandala as an example. But Mandala belongs to Pagan religions and could be a satanic talisman. What I would like to say is God—Jehovah—Jesus is the reservoir of the collective unconscious and he has skillfully created Adam in his own likeness. The collective unconscious is the consciousness which we share with God.

Epistemic Fusion

Epistemic Fusion gave birth out of my own thinking and my interactions with 8th 9th and 10th graders. Their science and social science textbooks depict an onslaught of a mechanistic, scientific and rationalistic worldview. All these world views are presented as half baked formulas. I wondered how to maneuver and not ruffle the feathers of their already established Theo-centric worldview. I became a tight-rope-walker not disturbing their water of faith and let them adjust to both the worldviews. This I call as Epistemic Fusion a term I got from Foucault’s epistemic rupture.

Forms of Poetry

In this essay, I would like to focus on the various forms of poetry and not the types about which there is plenty of narratives.

The forms of poetry are nature poems, sentimental poems and cathartic poems.
What are nature poems? Poems describing the soul of nature are nature poems. The emotion of the poet penetrates into the inanimate world and re-echoes nature as a personification. Visual imagery of nature is transmuted as an echo of the poet’s soul. Objects are rendered with beatific nuances. Here are some examples. Stones breathe with a soul. The brook murmurs with passion. Flowers blossom in the nectar of verse. Mountains echo a music in pulchritude. Rivers wander into erotic depths. The sky resonates as a twinkling ornament. Butterflies dance as a musical symphony. Thunder roars with rage. Waves frolic in mirth. Oceans shudder in orgasmic ecstasy. The flower that blossomed is a delicate heart. Lightning streaks pink with desire. Ecstasy you are a gorgeous fruit. Wind has the soul of art. Mist is a mystic’s beard. Birds are gay when they are dancing with nature’s tunes. Trees radiate sparkling voices in splendor. Radiance you are a twinkling eye of the night. Green trees are a banquet of nature. Birds sing in good cheer. Honey is the nectar of music. The chorus of rain is heavenly music.

The next classes of poems are sentimental poems. They are resonances of the soul. They speak with beatitudes of the heart. Sentiments can be happy or sad. The wellness of my soul is like the waves the heart. She has a sculpture of adorable music. Soul bursts with joy. Her body is a fountain of music. I adorn her body with a fountain of poems. Desire is a gladiator of the body. Poems are spoken with love. It is angst that plagues the heart. Worms have eaten my body up. I am contaminated with poison of hate. Misery weaves an ornament of poison around me. Profligacy falls on me as a dirty object. Let the dead sleep serene. Death is a bitter pill to taste. Dawn is rising in my sentiment of faith. Hope, you are a rock that stands firm. My heart is a shady tree. Leaves, you are clothes of the body. The body is a fountain of joy. God gives pardon the humble soul. Please cling on to the harvest of achievement. Loose not hope as it comes to you like a running brook. Soul is thrilled with cosmic wonder. Pain, you are an enemy cast into hell. Angst, you are a diabolic fiend. Rage, plunder not the mind.

The Third Class of Poems are cathartic poems. They can be visceral or cerebral or both. Some examples are given here. Reading the Sermon on the Mount is a beatific experience. Watching Macbeth cleanses the soul. The mirror that lies in the heart is one of stained glass. Feelings rebound with hope. Faith is a sun that never sets. The mind thinks like a sword. I want to let my heart speak true words of hope. My heart is a mystic wandering in the ocean of faith. Cruel words are opium for the soul. I have found a ray of hope in God Christ. Passion should not abide in adultery and fornication. Satan is a thief of the heart. Envy you are a poisonous fang. I have a mind that does not fear death. God—Jesus, I am your adored devotee. Unleash your feelings with gusto. I would like to live an art of poetry. God will eradicate from my mind, ill will and sloth. God make me temperate in my desires.

Idioms From the Bible

Gift of the Magi
We all know that the Magi came from the East and worshiped Baby Jesus and also gave gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. The Gift of the Magi as an idiom means knowledge gained from esoteric sources. The Book of Revelation is a Gift of the Magi. One must have the gift of the magi to comprehend the parable of Jesus.

Herod’s Decree

When the scholars told King Herod that a child born will be King, Herod in a fit of anger ordered all the killing of all children. As an Idiom Herod’s Decree is a Draconian Measure. BJP’s plan to make India into a Hindu Nation is Herod’s Decree.

Baptism of Jesus

It was John the Baptist who baptized Jesus. As Jesus came out of the water: a dove descended on him and the voice of the father spoke: ‘this is my son with whom I am well pleased’. The Baptism of Jesus as an Idiom means having the Grace, Mercy and Favor of God. I wish to have the Baptism of God. The Baptism of Jesus is a good thing to happen.