Idioms from Judaism

Jonah in the Old Testament, a prophet was asked by God to go to Nineveh to preach to the people to repent from their sins. Instead of going to Nineveh, Jonah went to Tarshish. During the Journey the ship encountered a storm, and the travelers in the ship, being pagans cast lots and the cards fell on Jonah. When they approached Jonah, he told them to throw him into the sea. There he was swallowed by a whale and had to spent 3 nights in its belly. On the third day the whale spit him onto dry land. Jonah went to Tarshish and the people repented and God chose not to punish them.

Jonah going to Tarshish

Jonah going to Tarshish as an idiom means falling into a trap. I have had experiences in my life where I encountered Jonah going to Tarshish.

Jonah being swallowed by a Whale

Jonah being swallowed by a Whale as an Idiom means being surmounted by temporary difficulties which will soon pass away. Yes Jonah being swallowed by a whale is happening to me in my life.

Repentant Tarshish
Repentant Tarshish as an idiom means, to be sincere and to have good feelings towards others. Yes, we have to be the repentant Tarshish.

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