Fictional Narratives

Rain an Epiphany
The canvas is swollen grey. Very soon epiphanies are pouring on the earth. God is pleased with the earth and wets the earth in lyrical etudes. The earth has been a bald head, dry without water. Thanks to heaven’s pleasant gift, the rain of prosperity is gifted to the earth.

King Alexander the Great Poop
King Alexander was a great king of poop. He uses his poop soldiers cast in poop to conquer lands. Each of the poop lands he conquers, he induces them to adopt poop mannerisms and culture. Poop culture and Poop Empire is being recorded in the annals of history. A poop medal is being awarded by the distinguished committee of poop for his poop contributions.

Evening Epiphany
Time is nearing sunset. The colors of the sky are changing to crimson, orange and purple. Colors are mesmerizing fonts of delight. Bards echo joy on celestial wings. Slowly the sun disappears and light is scattered into a fiesta of colors. I watch how the light percolates into the tress and I get feeling of Cathartic happiness. A bird, a sparrow is building its nest on the window sill. I watch in amazement how the tiny joy of love, bring dried leaves, wastepaper and other paraphernalia to build the nest. I am reminded of the saying by Christ: ‘the birds of the air neither sow nor reap and yet the heavenly father takes care of them; then how much more will your heavenly father take care of you’.

Fictional Narratives

Canaan is the historic land given to Israelites as an inheritance from God. With the advent of Christ and the New Covenant, Canaan represents eternity with God in Heaven. Canaan as an Idiom means something very religious, holy and spiritual. The Bible is a Canaan, a valuable tool for all times.

One can count zero backwards or forwards. And when one counts forwards one reaches a positive infinity. When the counting is done backwards one reaches a negative infinity. Zero is hell backwards and heaven forwards. Zero is quite a quirk.

He has a strange, eccentric habit. Whenever he ventures out, he carries a pan over his head. On being asked why: he replied: ‘I am afraid that airplane poop would fall on my head.’


He is my colleague. One day we were walking towards a shop selling Porsche cars. Animated, he said ‘let’s go inside’. He grabbed my hands and took me inside. The asshole asked the manager whether he could take a photo. He asked me to take a photo of him, leaning on the car as a proud owner. I wonder about his character—a one with a low self esteem wanting to boost his ego with worldly things.

The Hospital

My best friend was admitted in the hospital. I went to pay him a visit. To my dismay the sign on the door was: ‘do not disturb: visitors strictly prohibited’

My Significant Other

Its many years since we have seen each other. There is many a time: that I have written love poems for her. Wanting to see her erotic posture: I asked to her to send me a photo with a towel wrapped around her body. She said bluntly: ‘no’. Let the old hag go to hell.

Elephant Poop
It is lying on the road as brown footballs. It’s quite a show of democratic solidarity.

Fictional Narratives

Being a writer
Being a Writer is a puzzle! Sometimes I muse whether the writer has to read all the books in the world. How can that be possible? To write is to have an emotional pouring of a catharsis. No writer reads all the books in the world. In today’s world, fiction is littered with inter-textuality, and the authors are self-reflexive and there are multiple authors weaving the carpet of characters. Fiction is borne from the incongruity of reality and fantasy. Sometimes fiction is representation of ideas with the literary tools of aestheticism.


Flame of the Forest
The Flame of the Forest is a tree with orange flowers. It’s a beauty … a treat to watch. It sings the poems of love …I watch its leaves being gently shed. It bequeaths a soul full of love. Passion drenches into rich emotions on its petals.

Parallel between Sisyphus and Atlas

Both, Sisyphus and Atlas come to use from Greek Mythology. Both are punished by Gods. Sisyphus is forced to roll a boulder uphill only to find that it has rolled down and he is forced to repeat this meaningless task again and again. Atlas is punished by Gods to carry the earth on his head. These two characters represent leitmotifs of existential philosophy namely angst and life having no meaning and purpose.

Rupture Being and Rapture Becoming

Both terms are related to existential philosophy. Rupture being refers to unshackling the mind from clichés of self perception. In other words when this is done there is a rapture of being, a state to look at life with joy, creativity and catharsis.

Musings on Literature

When did the History of Literature begin? When man the nomad and hunter began to lead a settled life of cultivation, he had ample leisure time. We have to assume that the art of storytelling began than. It is hard to discriminate between religious-texts and fables. With the introduction of writing, storytelling took a new turn. Early day storytelling was filled with myth making. Examples of these are Greek and Roman legends who invented Gods and Goddesses as having supernatural qualities, and also very surprising is the fact they had an abundance of vices. The Gods and Goddesses of Greece and Rome were self indulgent sybarites and epicureans devoted to a life of pleasure. Along with the development of Storytelling, we find that ancient Greece contributed to the development of rhetorical devices and the most prominent of them being the metaphor and the simile. It is a mystery to know how these forms of literature have developed. Aristotle said: ‘the invention of the metaphor is the work of a genius’. How did these forms develop? They developed due to a collision between language and emotion. When language killed emotion, the stoic mind sought a catharsis in figures of speech. In the postmodern era, many of the tropes that are commonly used have become clichés.

Fictional Narratives

Two jokers were discussing about sperm. One joker asked: ‘how much sperm has been spilled on the earth’. The second Joker replied: ‘it is not quantifiable but it bears a resemblance’. The first joker replied: ‘What is the resemblance’? The second joker replied: ‘as big as the pacific ocean’!

Tastesy has been derived from Taste and Ecstasy. It refers to the following. If we think about delicious food: our mouth instantly waters and that is called Tastesy.

Evening an Epiphany
Sunset is sheer crimson passion; colors echo the song of love; birds are dancing in the wind and singing poems; the sky unfurls into many shapes and hues; many shapes of the sky bear resemblances to a bestiary; the sky is melting and mating with the fonts of colors; evening is a poem being written.

Night an Epiphany

Night is dark except a melody of twinkling pearls. My loins are soaked with leitmotif of the night and I urge God Jehovah Jesus to strengthen my loins. Why should night be a wicked witch casting a spell on me? When will the night become a bed of passion? The music of the crickets is a rising crescendo

Figures Of Speech/Tropes

The pen blossoms into gardens of fruits and flowers. Eternity is a poem waiting for the just. When will the Grace of God be a beautiful sunset? Time flows into a river of joy. Meaning of life is a poem waiting to be sung. Realizing a dream come true is an Aladdin in the making. Wishes are the heart of life. The seed that is sown on good soil yields much fruit. Life is a body of desires. Patience wait not for me for long. Art is the mutiny of the soul. I nourish my soil through writing. I don’t wish to face the pen of death. Fortune is a cat having nine lives. Existence, you are the for-it-self, a fountain of joy. Music is a mantra for the body and the soul. My flesh is immersed in iniquities and I ask God to give a strong spirit to battle with them. The meaning of life is a foundation of a rock of being in Christ. Catharsis—you are a bell, echoing the release of emotions of the soul. I slept on a meadow and made poetry to it. Poetry is the art of making love. Forget the bitterness and envy of the heart: live with hope in the present and anticipate joy in the future. Time can mend the scars of pain. The gates of knowing the self are open; open them with knowledge and sapience. Lord Jehovah Jesus bless the labor of my hands and rain down fruits of blessings. Love is ammunition for the soul. Every being is an emotional one carving a lyrical poem out of life. The cross has grace to pardon all sin. The leitmotif of God is found in: Goodness, Love, Grace, Mercy and redemption. Don’t quit your dream; carry your dream as a bouquet of flowers in your mind. My dream world is chocolate and my reality is tasting its sweetness. The fig tree was cursed by God for yielding no fruit; so also will be all trees that are barren. Blessings of God are a showering a rainfall. Social Media generates narcissism. The blood on the cross is salvation, a free gift for all. The meaning of life cannot be equated as a sign of the signifier and the signified. Freedom is given by God for acceptance or denial. Joy is a becoming in life. Passion is the fruit of poetry. It was Jesus who died and it was Christ who resurrected. Think like a Wizard, live like a King, and anticipate the future with accomplishments. Blessings are the tabernacle of God. Consciousness is the infinite galaxy of the mind. Art and Literature are rivers which have ended themselves in exhaustion. Oh Jehovah Jesus: give the resources to travel and write. Poetry of life—your foundation is meaning. Love is a fable that has lived and walked on this earth.

Haman and Esther

Haman was a vizier in the court of Xerxes. He, because of the Jews not bowing to him hatched a plan to wipe off the Jewish race. His plans were seen by Queen Esther and she used tact and diplomacy to foil the efforts of Haman. The King spared the Jews and took Haman to the gallows.

Esther as an Idiom means using tact and diplomacy to solve an impending issue. My mother became an Esther when she was mitigating the property discord between me and my sisters.

Haman as an idiom means falling prey to an evil plot hatched by an individual. The Haman that my sisters hatched against my wife did not work.


Apollyon is an angel of disaster described in the Book of revelation. He is a personification of Evil. Occult magicians owe their power and status to Apollyon.

Apple of Discord

Apple of discord was hurled to Paris to judge who of the three Goddesses to was the fairest. Aphrodite won the contest and offered Helen of Troy which led to the Trojan War. Many people sow the apple of discord in their lives. China wants to destabilize nations with the apple of discord. We must free ourselves from the Apple of discord.

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed is known for his woodcraft. His pen is a wood, crafting erotic poems for the audience

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights are stories of a phantasmagoria. They refer to fun and fantasy. He celebrated the Arabian nights with the passion of eroticism.


Arachne according to legend in Greece was a skilled weaver who challenged a Goddess to a weaving contest. The Goddess finding no flaw changed him into a spider. Arachne stands for a skilled person. Bill Gates is the arachne of Microsoft.

Arcadia is the home of music as it symbolizes the residence of Pan. It is also a place of happiness. I wish to go to Arcadia, the land of happiness and music.

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician who is proverbial for his phrase Eureka Eureka ‘I have found it’. I am Eurekaaizing my passion for writing.


Abdullam is a cave in which King David took refuge when he was being persecuted by Saul. Abdullam can mean refuge. God Jehovah Jesus is my Abdullam.


Aegeus in Greek mythology stands for woe and despair. Many a time in my walk of life I have encountered an Aegeus.

Aeolus in Greek Mythology stands for winds. Let the Aeolus of fortune strike on me.

Aesculapius is represented by a serpent on a staff. It is the emblem for medicine. Aids and the Corona virus have escaped the clutches of Aesculapius.

Aesop’s Fables
Aesop’s Fables refers to morality tales where animals play the role of humans. George Orwell’s Animal Farm is an Aesopian which ridicules the political system of communism.


Aganippe is a spring sacred to the Muses for inspiration. Let the poet and bard, drink the waters of Aganippe.

Agnicourt refers to a battle made by the France and England and in it both the parties suffered heavy losses. Sometimes I have to tame and tame the Agincourt within me.

Ahab was a wicked king who married Jezebel and she encouraged him to idolatry. Ahab stands for wickedness. The military weapons made by humanity sound their doom as Ahab.


There is a mention of Xerxes in the Old Testament having been betrothed to Esther. Esther pleaded with him to free the Jews from the conspiratorial plans hatched by Haman. Esther stands for persuasion and negotiation. The World Democracies are an Esther of participation.

Ahriman is Satan in the religion of Zoroastrianism. Some people pay homage in the form of idolatry to Ahriman.

Aladdin’s Cave

Aladdin’s Cave is a well known Arabian Night’s Story. Aladdin’s cave stands for affluence and riches. Who would not want an Aladdin’s Cave in their lives?

Alamo is used for a rallying cry. I utter Alamo to remove all negative thoughts and fill my mind with Alamo of positivity.

Aalstor is a supernatural figure who avenges a crime. The Supreme Court of India became an Alastor committing all offenders of rape to death.

Albion is a poetic name for Great Britain. Oh Albion, I revere you for bequeathing me the English Language.

Alcibiades was an Athenian General known for his debauchery. I have no panacea for the Alcibiades in me.

Alexander is a political mogul who had vast stretch of Empire. Alexander can mean a vast empire. The British was an Alexander having its colonies in Asia, Africa and South America.

Horatio Alger

Horatio Alger is an author who wrote rags to riches stories. In my life I wish to be a Horatio Alger.

Mohammad Ali
Mohammed Ali is a well known boxer who won the world title for boxing many years. Catchy is his phrase: ‘I am the Greatest’. It is better to be humble and modest rather than being a Mohammad Ali.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is an all familiar story and it means a life of fun and fantasy. All of us have a subjective mytho- poetic Alice in Wonderland self.


Alibaba is an all too familiar Arabian Night’s story. Alibaba overhears the password to open the cave where thieves had hidden their loot and he became famous and wealthy. Alibaba stands for wealth and fortune and fame. I hope 2020 will be an Alibaba for me.

Amalakites were a nomadic tribe who were constantly bickering with Israel. Amalakites stands for treachery and hostility. India and its various political parties ignored the Amalakite syndrome while fighting the corona virus.

Amazon refers to a warrior woman. The lady, the boss in Mind Your Language acted as an Amazon.

Ambrosia is the nectar of the gods. The belief that if we drink Ambrosia and get eternal life is a fallacy.

Idi Amin
Idi Amin the Ugandan dictator stands for a ruthless tryrant. Behind democratic gardens, Modi is an Idi Amin when it comes to persecuting minorities. Hitler was an Idi Amin of his times.

Anak was the son of Anakim a gigantic race. The US basketball players are Anaks.

Ananias in the New Testament is the husband of Sapphiria who kept back some money to be given as an offering to God. For that he was punished by God and died. Ananias can be used to describe a cheat. Many a time in my life, I have been an Ananias.

The Rime of an Ancient Mariner

The Rime of an Ancient Mariner is a leitmotif in Coleridge’s poem. The albatross a talisman of Good Luck is shot down by the mariner and a curse falls on him. The Rime of an Ancient Mariner stands for a curse. No one in the world would wish to have the Rime of an Ancient Mariner.

Hans Christian Anderson

Hans Christian Anderson can be alluded to a master teller of fairy tales. Tales of today don’t reach the quintessential art of Hans Christian Anderson.

Angel of Death
Angel of Death has the symbolism of a skeleton. I prefer to have an angel of life than an angel of death. Angel of death is a leitmotif for tragic stories. Angel of Death is capturing many afflicted with the Corona Virus.

Aphrodite is the well known Greek Goddess of Beauty. Oh bards, how melodiously you exalt Aphrodite.

Apocalypse refers to the last book of the Bible: revelation. It talks of the final day, the judgment and redemption. Apocalyptic literature shows the sign of end times.


Apollo stands for the SUN and also Music. Nietzsche has said that art is formed when the Apollonian (melody) and the Dionysian (rhythm, beat) elements merge.

Two Idioms and an Epiphany

Rain an Epiphany
The clouds are bloated and grey; rain is pouring now, a melancholic hymn; thunder bellows now a bell-canto voice; pink streaks across the sky as a poem of art; rain is a loud muse pouring pitter patter on the roof; it is a pulchritude to hear the rhythm and melody of the rain.

Serpent on a Flagpole

Serpent on a Flagpole is taken from the Old Testament. The Israelites in their sojourn in the wilderness became whiners and grumblers. God became displeased with them and send down serpents to exterminate them. They pleaded with Moses to rescue them. Moses held concordance with God and God asked him to put a serpent carved out of metal on a flagpole and whoever looks at it will be saved. The Serpent on a Flagpole as an Idiom means solving a problem using an apt solution. Will the Corona Virus have a Serpent on a Flagpole? The pancreatic cancer that he had became a serpent on a flagpole.

Balaam’s Ass
Balaam’s Ass is an Old Testament story. Balaam had the power to curse or bless, a gift ordained by God. Balaam was asked by the enemies of Israel to curse them. As he was riding on his donkey, the donkey saw an angel blocking the way and it veered off into a ditch. Balaam began to beat in without any mercy. God spoke through the donkey: ‘I have been faithful to you all these years and yet you persecute me’. Balaam realized his mistake and asked God for forgiveness. Balaam’s Ass as an idiom means being accused of a problem that one did not create or it means making a scapegoat of someone. In my professional career I have for no faults of mine became a Balaam’s Ass. I became a Balaam’s Ass when my lover rejected me.